Corbin Bleu Leads A Naked 'Beautiful Life'

Corbin Bleu Leads A Naked 'Beautiful Life'

A NAKED Corbin Bleu shows off his super-fit physique in this promo pic for his new TV show.

The 20-year-old actor may have played squeaky clean Chad Danforth in the High School Musical franchise but he’s spicing things up as hunky Isaac Taylor for his new model-centric series on The CW called The Beautiful Life: TBL.

Also pictured in the buff below: co-stars Sara Paxton (Raina Marinelli), Ben Hollingsworth (Chris Andrews) and Ashley Madekwe (Marissa Delfina).

The Beautiful Life:TBL will air Wednesdays @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

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  • rissa

    whoa…corbin got pretty fit. lolz. i bet he’s wearing a speedo or something. if not, wow…daring.

  • rissa

    whoa wait…the legs don’t match up… o_0 what?

  • CBF

    Go Corbin! :)

  • katie

    Well hellooooo! He’s looking good ;D

  • Ine

    oh wow. imet this guy. weird seeing him like that. hahahah xD

  • fernanda Dias

    Morri!! x_x’

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Whoa..Corbin’s really grown since HSM. And so has Sara Paxton. Can’t wait to see the show. It sounds interesting. Plus, Isaac’s such a sexy name. XD

  • dcsinger

    ewww- they shaved him like they did that ugly white guy. How sad. Still sexy, but disappointing!

  • nuria.

    corbin is SO HOT! <3

  • Zia

    I like it! Looking good Corbin! He always was cute (just bit overshadowed by you know who) my favorite used to be “Zeke” the dessert guy, but he’s a football player in real life so too buff for me! Hope the acting is as good on this show as their physiques!

  • roxana

    he should be shirtless more often :)

  • yay!!!!

    wow. mkay it seems all the HSM stars are pulling away from disney :P
    but he looks good.

  • sallyjo

    holy smokes. I think I just died and went to heaven. As always, Corbin is gorgeous, but WOW…

  • =)=)=)

    WoW didnt see that coming !!!! but i dont think he was naked i realy dont think he would do something like that !! and ya the legs dont match !! but i still want 2 see the beautiful life ! cant wait !

  • pink sugar

    Damn!!!! Corbin is hot.

  • Katie G!

    well hi haha he’s kinda hot.
    @zanessa/scashley/ashnessa: oooh i agreee i love that nameee kinda makes me swoon

  • hhh-babe

    Hooooly Moooooly :o Corbin is the hottest ! :) He should be shirtless more often like someone already said. Like, seriously.

  • niki

    where is micha barton?o.o

  • amy

    almost as hot as zac! Almost… ;)

  • sabrina


  • cry no more

    hummm….no….in this pic i think hes hotter than zac ! sorry but in other pics zac is hotter ! and yet again sorry !

  • pink sugar

    @cry no more:

    I say Corbin and Zac are about even.

  • niki

    corbin has a hottier body. zac needs more exercise:P:D

  • jazmin

    Just my opinion….I do like Corbin more than Zac….don’t hate. Zac is also hot but if I do have to choose it will be Corbin.

    There was a time where I had wished V was with Corbin..thought they would make a lovely couple….but Zanessa is cute.

  • Dedra

    OMG! Corbin iz sooo smexxii. woo! cnt w8 til the show cumz on

  • istar

    wow… and why havent we seen corbin shirtless more?! :P

  • Just Interested

    ;O woah

  • MissFAye_xo

    Corbin iis HOT HOT And HOT …

  • abby

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW hello Corbin!!!! I’ve always loved him and damn he’s hot lol. He sure did grow up a lot since his HSM days. All the cast has and it’s nice to see they have all moved on from disney and proven their more then a one hit wonder. Corbin really doesn’t get enough credit. He seems like such an amazing guy and so darn cute.

    LOVE your Corbin!!!

  • rissa


    are you serious? have you SEEN zac recently?

  • jackeline

    corbin u so perfect..a dream ….
    eternal loveeeeeeeeee

  • Faith

    Oh God! That’s gross

  • DJ

    Oh, my gosh… I am in heaven. Corbin has always looked better than Zac. This just proves it.

  • Iggles

    He is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DUcky

    Dreams really do come true! :D :D :D

  • Aaliyahakacbsgirl

    *to rissa* Yea we have…ewww!! But yea ppl those ARE his legs. as much as those legs have been shown before fans recognize them from anywhere. lol

  • Karen

    Well, it certainly seems that Corbin has found a “breakout” role! LOL

    Anyway, I find it curious how people were ready to burn Zac at the stake when the Interview magazine pics came out of him with a naked model—Zac was fully clothed—and people was SOOOO disappointed in Zac saying he was using nudity to promote his career. They said he was trying to push things too quickly… Well, it that’s the case then it looks like Corbin is doing some pushing on his own and he isn’t as old as Zac.

    BTW, this is in no way me trying to judge this decision of Corbin’s. I’m just tying to point out how everyone on this thread is all oooh and aah for Corbin but judged Zac so harshly and it probably was due to the fact he was perceived to have done something to hurt Vanessa. And that’s another story how Corbin does this and gets no negative comment but Vanessa gets ripped to death for something she did in her private time in the privacy of her home which nobody was suppose to see… Face it, Zac and Vanessa are two people who are expected to do exactly the right thing all the time in the eyes of their fans and the public or the get judged a lot more harshly.

    Well, just like Zac and Vanessa, Corbin is growing up—obviously!! LOL

  • athena

    In case anyway noticed, Corbin has always had his muscular build…at least since the past two HSM’s….To see him pose as this model character he’ll be playing is a great leap towards breaking the mold…I think it’s cool…way to go Corbin.

  • http://none jasmine

    wow i always thought he was fugly but he is almost as sexi as zac but zac is always number 1!

  • M

    Karen, why are you mentioning Zsc and Vanessa in this thread for?? This is about Corbin.

  • jojo

    It’s great to see Corbin shining on his own. He looks fabs and becoming a very handsom young man. My oh my he’s growing up. I’m also anxious to see this series, I think Corbin is a good actor and given the chance I can see good things for him, he’s smart and wise.
    I think he should lay off the music for awhile and build his resume on acting skills, he has alot to offer.

  • cry no more

    Karen, nobody judged Zac so harshly !! we only said in this pic corbin is hotter than ZAC …that is soooo not harsh ! and nobody is hatin on him 2 ! and believe me if it was zac in tht pic u would say hes hotter thn corbin…would that be harsh??? NO!!! cuz there is nothing wrong why cuz its opinions and there is nothing wrong with sharing them !

    and ya dont bring zac and vanessa into thins its realy not about them !

  • ni

    move the box thingy

  • Karen

    cry no more:

    You totally misunderstood my comments. No, Corbin looks good and I wish him the best. Just because people were saying he looked good or even better than Zac was no problem for me and I did not take that as any harsh judgment against Zac. Nothing was meant against Corbin whatsoever.

    My point was, why has everyone been so supportive of Corbin doing a picture like this—he is obviously showing that he is grown up and can take on more mature roles—-and yet when Zac did a photoshoot with a naked model people were criticizing him for using n&dity to further his career and saying he was pushing for a change in how people perceived him too fast. It was an observation and nothing else. I was not speaking bad of Zac or Corbin or trying to cause trouble between them. It was just a mind-probing question. Sorry you can’t understand that. And the same was meant for Vanessa too. She was unduly criticized also. I was trying to point out some things seem to be OK for Corbin—or even the other cast from HSM but not for the likes of Zac and Vanessa. I just want to say all of them should be given the same chance and viewed in the same way.

  • Qwerty

    I am done with HSM, Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman, and Lucas Grabeel are the only cast mates who HAVEN’T gone nude yet! Even the Sharpay wannabe had a photo scandal! I am sick of this, they, especially Vanessa Hudgens, are not talented enough to make up for how bad role models they make.

  • rock

    @Qwerty #45
    I don’t the THEY, the HSM people you are referring, really need YOU!
    So why don’t you go and turn on Disney Channel and eat some ice cream!

  • debora


  • tiffanyblair

    I hope he doesn’t get to out of his “clean” image.
    Thats one thing I respect about him.

  • Qwerty

    @rock: Wow, aren’t you a piece of work? First off, moron, I was reffering to their LACK OF ACTUAL TALENT, if they provided real substance in their work, this would be fine, but considering all they do is flash smiles and have Disney do all the work, they are not good at all. Their puppets, and they haven’t done a good job at all at being role models. Second, by proclaiming my distaste in the entire HSM cast (except Ashley Tisdale), what would actually make you think I would go watch Disney Channel to cure my sorrows, when these are the people on the TV. Whatever, agree to disagree, but you have to admit, Disney has a horrific double standard. The newest Vanessa Hudgens photos were when she was underage, and all her fans and Disney still defend, while if Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus ever dropped the ball for a second (by the way, they wouldn’t pose nude or topless like that broad), they would be crucified. So, I am sick of these stars using nudity for publicity, hoping it will make up for a lack of talent, but more so, them getting away with being horrible role models for children.

  • rock

    How much talent do you have? Very easy to blog about people with no talent when they are the ones doing something and gaining the fans that appreciate them. Come back and talk to me when you a sold A record, acted in on tv or in movie, wrote a book that at least one person has bought, or just draw a stupid picture for that matter. I usually find that it’s the least talented people that blog about people with no talent, who are actually getting paid for using their talents and have the guts to follow their dreams.
    So tell us Qwerty, what is YOUR talent?

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