David Archuleta: Solo Shows Are More Personal

David Archuleta: Solo Shows Are More Personal

David Archuleta reaches out to the crowd as he performs at the Qwest Center on Saturday (August 15) in Omaha, Nebraska.

The 18-year-old American Idol alum recently caught up with MLive.com to chat about his recent TCA wins, solo shows and his upcoming Christmas album. Check it:

On his upcoming holiday record: “I’m really excited about the Christmas album, because it will show a side of music that I connected to on the show, but not so much with the pop music. It’s all about those emotional and heartfelt songs.”

On loving his solo shows: “I love doing my own shows. Everyone who comes out to the show actually paid to come watch you perform, which is a strange thought if you really think about it — haha. The crowd feels a lot more intimate, and I feel like I’m at a more personal level at my own shows. There’s just a great vibe that I feel from the audience, and it only makes me want to put on a better show.”

On the shock of his recent Teen Choice Award wins: “I think the breakout artist (award) was the most surprising and exciting for me, because it feels like I’ve been able to keep myself moving forward and continuing after American Idol.”

David Archuleta – My Voice Is Back!
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  • karly

    david is so adorable, i love it. hahah,

  • http://disneychannel.com kc

    LMAO I heard David overshadowed Demi so much on HER tour that he gets his own shows.

  • Jessica

    I’m going to see David Archuleta tomorrow! I can’t wait!!

  • Inga

    David has been having his solo shows since winter. There were 25 solo shows in US- all sold out within minutes. He was on tour in UK with McFly in spring. People who came to see McFly cried their eyes out when David sang. He was in Manila Philippines and performed with David Cook to 100,000 sold out crown. Still really unclear why in the world he decided to tour with Lovato.

  • carola

    archuleta es el mas lindo y su sonrrisa me mata

  • imrose

    David Archuleta has had a great summer tour and to say that I am ecstatic at the prospect of the Christmas album is putting it mildly. October can’t get here soon enough!

  • siena

    David is soooo fantastic live and his solo shows are thousand times better. Don’t understand why he opens for someone who sells less CD/itunes downloads than him!

    YAY for Xmas CD!

  • gabby

    i love him soo much! he is the best! PLUS is he HOTTTTTT

  • gloria

    gosh he is LOOKING hotter everyday! the VEST is sooo cute!!
    aww his VLOG soooooooooooo sweety <3

  • angelofdja

    Nothin’ betta’ than SOLO Archuleta!

  • grace

    I went to his / Demi’s show and my family left when Demi kept shouting songs after songs. David is touring with Demi to gain more younger fans, which makes sense for a teenager. I think he is gaining fans from Disney, but I don’t know if his management tries to keep that way after this tour. He is too good for Disney.

  • Masbonita

    LOVE YOU DAVID !!!! Great shows

  • Gengen

    I’ve been to 4 David’s solo concerts in the spring and I had a blast!!!! He is not only a great singer but the way he truly enjoys and loves his fans makes being his fans and being his concerts super super rewarding!!

  • Me!

    I went to see David Archuleta three times in a row in Florida this summer. Too bad they were not solo shows. He is incredibly amazing on stage! what an amazing talented young man and the nicest person on the planet! There is not doubt he is going to have a very successful music career; so his future tours will be only solo shows at bigger venues. I can’t wait to see him again. He i simply the best!



  • Kaitie

    Love David! I’ve been to a solo show and that experience was unforgettable. Can’t wait until the next opportunity, and the Christmas album!

  • sv18

    oh ILH so much

  • Megan

    He is sooooooo good. My dad is going to drive me and my sister to see David in Atlantic City this Saturday but I just read that the show might be cancelled. I am so worried. I have been waiting for the concert all summer.

  • tiffany

    That is not in Omaha! I was at the Omaha show and that is not what he was wearing! Also, the Omaha meet and greet wristbands were BLUE, and a girl in one of the pictures is wearing a YELLOW meet and greet wristband. Plus, Omaha wasn’t a solo show, he was with Demi and Jordan. Wow, way to go.

  • judieann

    Tiffany…you’re right…not Omaha….he wore a shirt and skinny tie in Omaha…

  • Jess

    i loooooooove himmmm! :D

  • lindy

    i have been to 6 david concerts, a meet and greet, and touched his hand!!!! he is the most inspirational singer evr!! ♥ YOU ROK DAVID!!!!!!! glad his beautiful voice is rested and bak to normal ;D ♫

  • Karen

    i just love him.
    seriously, he’s such a genniunely sweet guy.
    i haven’t heard anyone say a bad thing about him.

    and please people, don’t diss demi on these comments.
    demi is amazingly talented.

    but, back to david, he is so adorable! :)
    i can’t look at him without smiling. xD
    and this is gonna be an amazing Christmas,
    with david archuleta singing the soundtrack
    to day after day this winter. xD <3

  • http://JustJaredjr. Diana

    Oh how I love this boy so! He is so amazing and is growing up so fast. Did I mention he is getting hotter and hotter everyday? Wow watch out R-Patz!

  • babda

    David’s solo concerts are the BEST! David is gorgeous and gifted and a joy to watch (and hear, of course!). He exceeds all expectations at his solo concerts because he gives so much to his fans. David would never hurt his fans by canceling tour dates at the last minute like Demi just did.
    Love David to death!

  • Patya

    Im so glad…You’re voice is back

    “Love Archie”

    Thai Fans

  • carla

    i’m his big fan 4444444444444ever :)

    He is Amazing

  • cry no more

    i love the song david did with miley cyrus well hannah montana ! and i love him and so love demi 2 there both gr8!

  • Bookaholic

    David is fantastic in concert!! I went to two of his solo shows, and they were sooo good!! His voice is rich and strong with a touch of soul. He is the best there is, imho. He’s gonna be HUGE!

    David is also a VERY endearing person with tons of integrity. He does a LOT of charity work and is as sweet and gorgeous a guy as you’ll ever find. No wonder his fans are cRaZy about him. It’s impossible NOT to love him.

  • Sarah

    Oh David!
    I love him :)
    I remember his audition from American Idol. Look how far he’s come. I’m so glad though. He seems like an amazing person. Plus he’s adorable which isn’t a bad asset. I wish I could see one of concerts, I bet it would be brilliant. Well, I wish him continued success!!

  • Jasmine

    Adorable! I’m so proud of him of coming so far. He deserves every golden opportunity that is being passed to him now that American Idol is done with. :)

  • Duyen

    I love David. I don’t think he needs Demi

  • jade mark

    david actually is having a christmas album with chares pempengco….oh..such a lucky girl….hahhahha