Kristen Stewart: I Love What I Do

Kristen Stewart: I Love What I Do

Kristen Stewart hides behind an Nikon camera in this new pic from the September 2009 in Dazed and Confused magazine.

The 19-year-old actress sounds off on playing Joan Jett, her future in show business and her other projects. Check it:

On playing Joan Jett in The Runaways: “It’s so much fun. She’s the ultimate badass. She was the first woman to start her own record label. Everybody threw her out after the Runaways and was like, ‘Sorry girl, your shticks over’, she was like ‘No, the message stays the same people still want to hear it.’ Who the **** did that before her? The music industry is brutal. Once there’s one wave, one explosion of a type of music, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and tries to emulate that, so there’s a bunch of shitty versions of other bands. So there’s like shitty versions of everybody!”

On how the paparazzi finds her: “They find out where I am from the Internet – from Twitter, man! Anyone who wants to know where I am at any given time just has to go on Twitter, it’s so ridiculous!”

On expanding beyond acting: “I know that will just naturally become other things, other than just acting in movies. I don’t know what the **** I’m going to do. I write shit or whatever. I am going to make my own movies with my friends, absolutely, and I might not only act in them. But really? I love this, I love what I do, I am definitely going to keep doing it if I feel this way about it. That could stop, but until then, I’m just going to just write, make movies, play music.”

On her role in Welcome To The Rileys: “I’ve gotten to do a lot of great roles recently. I just made a film in New Orleans — and its going to sound funny because I play a 16 year old street kid prostitute stripper — but it’s the one film so far I mostly identify with. I play such a child, like she has the emotional stability of a 5 year old; she’s in her own little world that she had to close off at a certain point. She’s at that point where she’s not quite over the edge like a lot of those people, and I met a lot of them in New Orleans, talking to people who had done the job for so long.”

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Photos: David Benjamin Sherry
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  • Maria

    She is beautiful

  • Sophiazoey

    She seems so intelligent and down to earth… I don’t get why she bothered doing Twilight, she could act in so many more artistic, great movies.

  • saudia

    interesting photoshoot .. she is pretty

  • K

    Kris is beautiful. I Love ….

  • Maggie

    why does she always have to curse so much??
    doesn’t she know she has younger fans? gah!

  • Laura

    I love this girl. So beautiful, so intelligent, so not superficial. Just real. and not to mention, incredibly talented

  • kristenfans

    Maggie,because she doesn’t care!I don’t either who the f–k doesn’t say that so…if you don’t like it don’t read anything about her :)

  • Diana

    Maggie – why does Kristen have to change for you? Do people want her to be herself, or to be fake?

    I <3 Kristen.

  • Lorena

    i love her

  • Vivian

    So beautiful!!!

  • Maggie

    Kristen is not classy, mature, or well-mannered, her parents raised her to do drugs, she curses a lot and she looks like a total druggie. I’ve NEVER liked her as Bella, because of her, I freakin’ hate everything about Twilight now.

    You think saying bad words is “cool” or something? Ha! Oh please.

    She doesn’t care about her fans, she doesn’t care that she’s a role model for her younger fans. that’s why she says those disgusting words and drinks and do drugs. She’s horrible.

  • Daliya

    I don’t like Kristen being rude, but I do love her for her talent and her Bella. So… we have to deal with that.)

  • Jasmine

    Kstew is so fierce! Such a fan. Awesome gorgeous photos, and the interview is even better when you read the whole thing and not just excerpts. You know everyone always battles between team edward and team jacob, me: im team Kristen Stewart!

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    She is great, and she cares abaut her fans, Maggie because she makes good movies, that is for her fans!!
    Other things like that she smoke, it is not good, but it is her private life! And so what, a lot people do hundred times worst things,
    I love her bescause she is real, inteligent, doesnt care what people think of her because she likes who she is!


  • Vanessa

    Love her! Haters will always hate, but Kristen is real, intelligent and doesn’t sugar coat anything. I like that she doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. She’s different and it’s weird people hate against anything that’s not in the “norm”.

  • naree uk.

    I love Kristen, She is great, but I don’t like Kristen smoke, It’s not good, but her private life! I sew Kristen first time in the movie “Twilight”.. I love her so much. and always love her..

  • me

    can she please not look like a druggie atleast once?

  • Kris

    @Maggie: oh maggie
    go spread your hate to someone else , it’s totally unhealthy for your well being..

    Kristen is totally mature for her age and you can see that in the way she answers her questions their in depth .. she think about them it’s not like she’s saying what every other celebrity is saying which is the cliche stuff that we hear all the time in interviews ‘ it was a blast making this movie’ ..’such a dream come true.’ .. ‘i’m so blessed.’ ! i mean oh my god. think of something original to say not what the studio wants you to say .. She’s like the polar opposite of the disney kids which i love, she’s smart and talented and so young and she’ll definitley make it far.. the roles she’s taking are really cut edge and challenging.

    and to the people saying she always looks like she’s on drug.
    oh my god. get over it.. there was like one picture of her smoking weed and if she still does who gives a crap.. that’s her life not ours.. she doesn’t always look drugged up people just assume she always is.. people never actually think ‘ oh hey maybe she’s just tired considerinig she’s shooting back to back movies’ .. you guys are ridiculous. It’s not like she’s going out to clubs and partying and drinking and making a fool of herself.

    and if she’s not your version of bella.. that sucks for you, clearly stephanie liked her and so do a lot of people.. she’ll be bella for the next 3 movies so get over it.

  • ange

    Love her but i don’t like her as bella, she isnt the bella i have on my mind while i was reading the books, so…
    I dont care a shit how she talks that’s her problem…

  • Hanya

    I love her! She looks beautiful in all those pics!

  • lAURA

    Kristen Stewart is an amazing young lady, very intelligent, very together and it seems very in charge of her life. She’s also an amazing actress and is one of the best young actresses in her craft!!!
    Just an AWESOME person…

  • ava uk.

    I like Kristen and love Kristen so much. She’s perfect Bella. Can’t see anybody perfect bella like her.. ONLY KRISTEN…

  • Bella

    I also find it hilarious that when I put the word “sh-t” in my previous post, it was censored…. but it was displayed in all of its glory in the interview. Oh the irony.

  • Please!

    I really REALLY loved her ever since she did Panic Room, I thought she was down to Earth, intelligent, extremely talented and very beautiful. Then Twilight came and it only made me love her even more, she was really nice, shy, smart and beautiful. But that was until the Runaways came, now she thinks she is a badas*s, she thinks she is a rebel, a bad girl or something. I hate her interviews now because all she says is :”look at me I’m different, I’m tough and I can curse, I’m so bad”. PEASE!!!!!! We could all tell she was different and special, she didn’t need to say anything and now she brags about it and is so annoying, in all the Comic-Con interviews she was always mocking Robert Pattinson and interrupting him and begin so stupid. She thinks she is Joan Jett, such a wannabe…it’s like reading and seeing Megan Fox’s interviews…. ugh.

    I really am not a hater; I just don’t like people that pretend to be something they are not. I think she is really confused right now, because she doesn’t seem natural, she tries too hard.

    If anyone is replying with a “piss off” or whatever, please tell me why or why not you disagree with me, like I said I used to really love her…

  • b

    In reality she got photographed smoking pot. All that means is she was the unlucky actor with younger fans that unfortunately got caught. GET REAL it’s their life and sooner or later they all lose their “image” if that what you want to call it. I like that she got photographed and that was that -her life and she’s not changing for anyone. Good for her for not contriving. She may curse but if you go beyond that her answers are complex and honest. I like her and I hope she is around for a while.

  • Divine Goddess

    SO WHAT if she curses? OMG she is HUMAN not an angel. give her a FUCKIN break. shes 19 she can do what she wants. i like that she is herself, cool and blunt. she is an ACTRESS not a damn mother. parents should be role models to their kids, not teen girls.

  • Maggie

    Kristen is a HUGE POTHEAD!

  • jess

    ya is true, Joan was the first woman to start her own record label. i love her for keep going with the music… I admire her so much. And Kristen, to be honest she is perfect to be the next Jona Jett (inside the movie). Great picture

  • Koree

    I love and admire Kristen for always being herself despite that she is famous and in the spotlight.

  • Jordan

    If you don’t like Kristen Stewart then don’t read about her or anything Twilight…. She is way beyond her years I always forget she’s only 19. She is very talanted as an actress, musican , and I’m sure a writer. Who cares what she does in her personal life…smoking whatever…nobody is putting BRAD PITT down for admitting he smoked weed the first years of his life in Hollywood. Quit drinking your hatorade!!!!

  • I am Me

    “I love what I do”

    Of course she does, she can’t do anything else than acting. She hasn’t even finished high school for christ sake!!! God she’s so annoying.

  • nathalia

    why does she always have to curse so much??
    and it seems like she doesn’t care about her fans..
    but i really love her and she’s beautiful

  • K

    People who hate Kristen…
    Have you met her ?
    Have you talk to her ?
    How can you hate someone you don’t know?
    I met Kristen in person, she’s great.
    She’s shy, polite and so sweet…
    That’s why we’re so happy they’re finally together.
    Because they match !!
    So, if you don’t like Kristen, don’t bother come here and leave these stupid comments.

  • mang keps

    She never claimed to be a role model.. That’s what parents are for.. to guide their kids. You think she maybe raised differently from the rest, coz she’s got freedom at a young age but at least she never hurt anyone, she doesn’t make funny jokes on other peoples behalf, neither does she insist herself to be in the limelight. She was fine being an actress on indie films.. she never expected Twilight to be THIS big. For her acting is something she is very passionate about.

    I will love her forever!!! <3

  • krysta

    kristen is such a beutiful actress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she’s not a bad person she’s just being careful to her career because she dont want to get involve to a story thats not even true,,,!!!!
    so maggie and other hates kristen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you jsut dont understand whats like to be a celebrity,,,, i know that her parents raise her in a good may and they dont teach her to take drugs,smoke or ti drink its her own decision!!!!!!!!!! and maybe she does look like she’s taken drugs but she stills beutiful!!!!!!! its just because of her makeup thats why she looks like she’s taken drugs!!!!!!!!!!! you just hate her because your jelouse of her!!!!!!!!!!!!! because she has a succesful career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by the way im krysta from philippines her # 1 fan…
    and for kristen keep rockin and cant wait to se your movie newmoon…………..
    love yah mwah mwah mwah!!!!!!!!!(^.^)

  • kara

    I don’t like her.. looks like a junky.

  • OMG

    OMG! she curses!! Big deal people. Dosen’t everyone curse?? c’mon people be realistic the first thing you always learn in a foreign country is always the bad words. So Stop beign such hipocrates.. like if none of of you all curse C’mon say it with me WE ALL CURSE!

  • alalalalalalalal!!
  • KristenRULES!!


  • eldina

    I agree with @maggie
    about everything don’t get mad at her for stating her mind and actually all she said was true.

  • alalalalalalalal!!

    I dont agree with Eldina or Maggie, I am not mad as you say Eldina but I diagree

  • sPEAK

    I think they are all bautiful and people who don’t like them should shut the fuck up cause no one wants to know what are you thinking. I f you like them that’s great if you don’t that’s ok just don’t be mean!! And she is not on drugs people are you crazy.

  • sPEAK

    @Kris: Thank you for saying that. Someone needs to explain the haters to just shut up and get over it. If someone doesn’t like her then just don’t read about her and don’t make coments.

  • aliza

    She is a drug addict… BAD example for teenage kids! And an awful actress (if you call stuttering & twitching acting)

  • Eugenia

    kristen is very beautiful and talented and i really hope that she will play as bella in breaking dawn.

>>>>>>> staging1