Robert Rave: Zac Efron Is The Perfect Taylor Green

Robert Rave: Zac Efron Is The Perfect Taylor Green

“Spin” author Robert Rave is really raving — his book is making Hollywood buzz.

Robert caught up with MTV to chat about his brand-new novel getting the Hollywood treatment. He shared, “To be honest with you, as corny as it’s going to sound, I thought Zac Efron would be perfect for Taylor. When I completed the novel, I even said to the producer who’s working on it, I said Zac would be at the top of my list if this ever gets made.”

But Robert knows that nothing is set in stone. “My ultimate goal is that ['Spin' is] a book first and people really just enjoy it as a book and really just kind of have fun with it … because really nowadays, my thing is they all kind of merge together: books, movies, televisions, web series. I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, but until [the film is] actually a reality that’s crazy for me to even speculate that it’s even happening. I’m very much in the camp that there’s a signed deal, until there’s a done deal, there’s nothing set in stone.”

“Spin” tells the tale of Taylor Green, a recent college grad from the Midwest who works for one of New York City’s most wretched publicists. Taylor finds himself mixed up in shady dealings involving lots of sex, drugs and lies.

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  • nikki


  • swac fan


  • mar

    zac you rock!!

  • Jordan

    I hope Zac passes on this one. I wouldn’t want to see him play anyone sleezy

  • Katty


    They’ll change things from the book to the movie. I don’t think he’ll do all the sleazy things, if many.
    Still, I’m not totally on board with this, but I trust Zac’s intutition on seeing if this movie will be good for his career or not. He hasn’t let us down yet.
    I want some ZV pix from Vancouver.

  • http://hhy peace95

    i would love to see zac playing taylor.:) he is really talented and so far i like all of what he’s done.

  • nicci

    @Jordan: at first i wanted zac to do this role but know i do not want zac to do this movie anymore. plus zac picke at it role i hope he do not do it.

  • Jackie

    @Jordan: i agree! its just… wierd

  • i love vanessa

    @nicci: yeah, i totally agree with you !
    I hope we get more Zanessa pic from Vancouver :)

  • jazmin

    attaching his book to Zac’s name so he can sell more books…it’s all publicity….just my opinion.

  • birdie

    Good way to sell your book.

  • Jordan

    @jazmin: I agree..It pops up all over any google searchs for Zac. There way of getting some buzz going about it

  • katie

    There’s nothing wrong with playing a sleaze (if that’s what he is; I have no idea what this book is about)…. It doesn’t turn you into one! It’s just a role!

  • gaby

    i dont mind whether he does it or not.
    i know whatever movie he does, he’ll be great in.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I kind of have a feeling this movie would help Zac’s Career. But then I also feel this movie could ruin his career. But Zac has Never lat us down before.

    Besides sometime Hollywood don’t follow by Books They Change thing to make The movie better. Just like Burr did with CSC. Beisdes Zac’s People know what movies Zac wants to do.

  • Jordan

    I haven’t even see anything that says Zac is considering the part and they already have his face on the books picture. ( Not on the real cover )…..Plus I really wouldn’t want Zac doing a gay scene in a movie. That would just stir up all those rumors again.

    I’m sure he would be good in anything he does and I hope he passes on this one

  • amy

    im unsure of whther or not i think zacshould do this role, if he did im sure he’d be amazing but im postiive he’ll make the right choice!

  • pink sugar

    This author is really sleazy. He is using Zac’s name in hope of getting a movie deal. Zac probably never read the book or heard of this guy.

  • nicci

    @Jordan: i have to agree you again 110% about the gay part of the movie, but people are stir up those rumors again. and plus i do not think zac is ready for that role.@jazmin: i agree with you too the man just want zac name to attaching his book to so he can sell more book,it’s all publicity. i agree with you 110%

  • nicci

    @i love vanessa: me too i rlly hope that jjj can put more pic of zaness

  • zashnessa

    who carse bout movie
    care bout zanessa

  • Jordan

    @nicci: I think we all hope that LOL but I would be surprised if we get many at least until the week-end. They have gotten very good at keeping thier lives together pretty quiet.

  • yourmomsuckaa

    I think it would be great if he would take this role.
    you guys just say
    because there is a sex scene in it
    I am a huge fan of zac.
    And he is gonna be BIG like
    johnny depp brad pitt blablabla
    And this role could of sorta help him ;)

  • Trina

    Now I know how to promote a book if I ever write one. I’ll say Zac Efon is “interested” in playing the lead role. This dude–whatever his name is–is a marketing genius.

    No actor shows “interest” in playing a role without first seeing the script.

    Wonder how Zac feels about his name being used to sell a book?

  • Aly

    Im really skeptical about this. Im a big zac fan, but it seems like this guy is name dropping. I don’t know…
    We’re not even sure if Zac is in talks for this.

  • nicci

    @yourmomsuckaa: if zac do this role he will have to do a gay scene and then people are going to stir up about zac how he is gay agian. and plus i think zac is going in a great driection, i do not want zac to turn a different driection. and you can clearly see this man is use zac efron so he can make money for is book, for cry out loud.this author think he is very very very very sleazy.

  • Trina

    It doesn’t get more flattering than Zac Efron’s people taking a look at a movie treatment based on your debut novel the day it is released.

    That simply means they SENT them the treatment to Zac’s agency. It doesn’t mean they will actually look at it or that Zac will ever be interested in it.

    Marketing gimmick 101.

  • troy

    I see a lot of people jumping to conclusions about the plot of this book. Nowhere does it say that the main character is sleazy, just that he gets caught up in something. Secondly I think the hostility being directed at the author is warrented and the more I see things like that the more I hope Zac DOES the movie if he is in fact interested and I have no reason to believe he isn’t. A move like this could do more for his career then a safe innocuous movie like “Jonny Quest” ever would.

  • troy

    Correction to the above post: I meant to say the hostility being directed at the author of “Spin” in unwarrented.

  • istar

    hmm… im not really sure that this role sounds all that appealing. but if zac is in it, i’ll watch it….. That’s if zac agrees.

  • Jaded

    I seriously doubt he would consider it. It sounds like fluff..not exactly the kind of role he would seek out.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I beileve this guy is just trying to use Zac’s name to sell this book.

  • nikki

    all i know is if zac efron is naked IM THERE<3 :)

  • duuumm

    Hmmmmm, this seems interesting, but I really don’t know if i want to see Zac playing some guy on drugs. That’s my main concern.

  • Katty


    If he does a scene for a movie, it doesn’t mean he is gay. Sean Penn was a gay in a movie, and and he’s not. Plus, the only person who really thinks Zac is gay, is Perez, and he doesn’t think it, he hopes for it even though Perez really needs to get his own life.
    Like some of the things in it or not, it could help make him be seen as a more of a serious actor. Plus, Zac hasn’t said he’s in talks, mentioned it, or anything like that.
    This may be publicity, or it may be the truth, it’s all just hearsay until then, so don’t worry about it.

  • mrsefron.

    Zac’s name just got used to sell a book.

    clever…. : /

    but seriouslyy bet you this isnt even gonna be a movie.

    & yeah i know this gimmick and im being sucked in.

    I’ll prob read it because Zac is in ‘talks’ for itttt.

  • mrsefron.

    @nikki — haha alll i know if zac’s naked im there tooo ! ;)

  • kim

    Sounds to me like Robert Rave is trying to sell his book. He knows if he mentions his book and Zac’s name more people will hear about his book and hopefully sell more copys. Ugh!

  • Karen


    Totally agree with you. NOWHERE has this author said Zac is interested in doing a movie based on this book. HE SAYS that he thinks Zac would be perfect for the role IF it does get made into a movie.

    It sounds like a edgy book BUT the main character which Zac would be playing is basically a good upright guy—just graduated from college with high hopes and lofty dreams for his future. Many are facing that situation and many of us have been there and done that. It sounds like a story where a person who is a good person and who wants to make it big in the world and suddenly finds himself in too deep and way over his head. Some of you may be too young to understand this or are forgetting when those things happened to you. I think it could be a very interesting role for Zac and show the pitfalls of life especially in this day and age.

    Zac cannot and should not continue to do roles like he did in 17 Again. He needs to grow and show he can do mature roles. IT IS, after all a CHARACTER he is playing, not what he is. That is what acting is all about. People should quit trying to pigeonhole him—directors and producers do enough of that in Hollywood. He is 21 right now—old enough to do whatever he wants in this world—and by the time he would do this movie or it would be released he could very well be 23 or 24 years old! Do you people want him to be playing high school age characters forever? Even in MAOW his character is 18 and he is in school. Let him grow up and be able to do those type roles that DiCaprio and Depp were doing by that age.

    It will bring up the gay issue again? It hasn’t completely gone away. There are those who still want to use that tired story and will for as long as he goes on most likely. They say that about George Clooney! They STILL say it about John Travolta. When people don’t know what else to say to insult—a guy particularly in Hollywood—the say he is gay. Yes, Zac wouldn’t agree to this role if he hasn’t read the script. SO, if he agrees to it then maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. He should not be afraid to do a role because he is afraid somebody won’t like it. Then people will star saying he is afraid to take risk or to lose his fans, etc. People didn’t want Rob Pattinson to get the role in Twilight but once the fans of the book saw him in the role, they all ate their angry words. Since we don’t see scripts before a movie is made most of the time we have no idea if we will like it or not so we have to trust that one who is better informed than we are—in this case it would be Zac—to make a movie that is interesting for the moviegoers.

  • zanessafanforever

    hey, from what i read, zac says ‘NO’ to sex scenes!

  • pink sugar


    I don’t people are upset with the character. They don’t like the fact the author is using Zac’s name to create buzz for a movie deal for himself at Zac expense. I think I reminds people of a certain person who used to drop Zac name to the entertainment shows so they would interview her.

  • keltu
  • Karen

    pink sugar:

    I know what you mean but after reading several things about this book it does seem that there is serious talk concerning making it into a movie. The author is not making that up. When that happens names are usually thrown around as to whom the author would like to see in the title character. In this case it is Zac. There is nothing unusual about that. Before Interview With a Vampire was done all kinds of people were talked about and the author did NOT want Tom Cruise. I’ve read other books that got buzz when it came to possibly a movie deal and those authors would say how they would love to have Johnny Depp. Sometimes those books became movies, sometimes they didn’t. Many times there were completely different people who got the role other than who the author had wanted.

    We heard buzz about Zac being in the next Pirates of the Caribbean and we’ve heard he was going to do Jonny Quest—and there has been no script. So, are we to get upset with this as if these people are using Zac’s name to promote their next movie? The biggest reason most people are taking offense to this guy using Zac’s name is because they don’t want the golden boy to play a part that might not show him a complete gentleman or completely moral. But as Zac goes on people will need to accept that he will do characters that are completely different than what we have seen him do in the past. He will not always be the clean cut kid with good intentions. He will need to show characters that put him in moral dilemmas where he has to make powerful choices. He will have roles where he crashes and burns. He may not always be the hero in all aspect. He may have a role where in the end he has learned some very hard facts of life. I look back on things and wish I had not done many of the things I did but I learned from those things. And I can tell you a lot of the worse things happened once I got out of college. So, people should think about a lot of aspects before passing judgment on Zac, the possible movie, or this author. Really I do not see this man doing the same as that someone who is desperately trying to stay in the pubic eye.

  • Karen

    BTW, I think we are going to see Zac in a little different light with his choice of character and his acting once CSC premieres. He is going to be more mature and act accordingly. And just like CSC we will see a totally different Vanessa—much more mature—when Sucker Punch comes out. Vanessa gets so much unfair criticism for things that is so unbelievable to me. I don’t understand why she is insulted so much for certain things. I feel the same about Zac when people get so upset with the thought he may do a role that is not the upstanding hero or the perfect romantic boyfriend or the clean cut boy-next-door type. Have you seen the latest thread on Corbin? NOBODY is tearing him apart for posing n*de or simulating n*dity for his new role. Everyone is oooh and aaah about it. But Zac got tore up over a naked model saying he was trying to go in a certain direction too fast and he was using s*x to do it, etc. Vanessa has a picture released that was taken in the privacy of her own home and was not meant to be seen by the public and she people are ready to burn her at the stake. Why should either Zac or Vanessa be judged so much more harshly than Corbin? Actually I know the answer to this but I’m trying to point out the inconsistencies to others. Zac and Vanessa are grown up—not that they do not have a lot to learn yet—-and they have been involved in very adult things for some time. Some of you may be too young to understand and that is fine but know that when you are their age you will understand a lot better what I am saying. Also, those who criticize who ARE older should remember what they were doing at Zac and Vanessa’s age. I bet it wasn’t much different.

  • kgg

    My beef with this whole book to movie project is that the author is a sleazy PR person who is trying to sell his book by attaching Zac’s name to it. I understand what you’re saying Karen, but I doubt that Zac’s camp knew anything about this book or the author who is trying to get a movie deal out of it. He knows that Zac is hot right now and will strike a lot of interest in the book/possible movie. He’s crossing his fingers, hoping that Zac bites on the deal, but he doesn’t know if he is. It’s all a gamble and he knows it….wishing isn’t going to make it so. I would prefer Zac to be in an action movie and not some sleazy, flimsy story like this one. But all of this is up to Zac and his people.

  • kgg

    OK, here’s a tweet from this author that should settle some things:

    So many rumors! Just to be clear once again there is no deal with Zac Efron for a SPIN movie.

  • kgg

    OK, here’s a tweet from this author that should settle some things:

    So many rumors! Just to be clear once again there is no deal with Zac Efron for a SPIN movie.

  • Karen


    I understand what you are saying but as troy was saying in his #28 comment—and I agree—I would like to see him do something more adult like this which could do more for his career than something rather childish like ” Jonny Quest”. I have a whole lot more problem with him doing that movie over something like “Spin”. I’m not saying I would like to see Zac doing certain type scenes but I am anxious to see him doing something more dramatic and adult. He’s got the chops to do it. I think doing something like JQ with “The Rock” would only only keep him at the “kid’s table”. He has aspirations to go the route of DiCaprio and Depp. And I really don’t find this guy doing anything others haven’t done in the past with well known actors. I can’t say much for his “book” and its contents and I would not read it—but if it was adapted to the screen and casted Zac in the title role I would see the movie.

  • Anne

    i dont mind whether he does it or not.
    i know whatever movie he does, he’ll be great in.

  • Annie

    OMG! cool <3 he’s amazing :D

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