Robert Rave: Zac Efron Is The Perfect Taylor Green

Robert Rave: Zac Efron Is The Perfect Taylor Green

“Spin” author Robert Rave is really raving — his book is making Hollywood buzz.

Robert caught up with MTV to chat about his brand-new novel getting the Hollywood treatment. He shared, “To be honest with you, as corny as it’s going to sound, I thought Zac Efron would be perfect for Taylor. When I completed the novel, I even said to the producer who’s working on it, I said Zac would be at the top of my list if this ever gets made.”

But Robert knows that nothing is set in stone. “My ultimate goal is that ['Spin' is] a book first and people really just enjoy it as a book and really just kind of have fun with it … because really nowadays, my thing is they all kind of merge together: books, movies, televisions, web series. I don’t mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, but until [the film is] actually a reality that’s crazy for me to even speculate that it’s even happening. I’m very much in the camp that there’s a signed deal, until there’s a done deal, there’s nothing set in stone.”

“Spin” tells the tale of Taylor Green, a recent college grad from the Midwest who works for one of New York City’s most wretched publicists. Taylor finds himself mixed up in shady dealings involving lots of sex, drugs and lies.

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nikki @ 1:07 pm on 08/19/2009


swac fan @ 1:12 pm on 08/19/2009


mar @ 1:13 pm on 08/19/2009

zac you rock!!

Jordan @ 1:14 pm on 08/19/2009

I hope Zac passes on this one. I wouldn’t want to see him play anyone sleezy

Katty @ 1:18 pm on 08/19/2009


They’ll change things from the book to the movie. I don’t think he’ll do all the sleazy things, if many.
Still, I’m not totally on board with this, but I trust Zac’s intutition on seeing if this movie will be good for his career or not. He hasn’t let us down yet.
I want some ZV pix from Vancouver.

peace95 @ 1:20 pm on 08/19/2009

i would love to see zac playing taylor.:) he is really talented and so far i like all of what he’s done.

nicci @ 1:20 pm on 08/19/2009

@Jordan: at first i wanted zac to do this role but know i do not want zac to do this movie anymore. plus zac picke at it role i hope he do not do it.

Jackie @ 1:21 pm on 08/19/2009

@Jordan: i agree! its just… wierd

i love vanessa @ 1:21 pm on 08/19/2009

@nicci: yeah, i totally agree with you !
I hope we get more Zanessa pic from Vancouver :)

jazmin @ 1:25 pm on 08/19/2009

attaching his book to Zac’s name so he can sell more books…it’s all publicity….just my opinion.

birdie @ 1:26 pm on 08/19/2009

Good way to sell your book.

Jordan @ 1:27 pm on 08/19/2009

@jazmin: I agree..It pops up all over any google searchs for Zac. There way of getting some buzz going about it

katie @ 1:27 pm on 08/19/2009

There’s nothing wrong with playing a sleaze (if that’s what he is; I have no idea what this book is about)…. It doesn’t turn you into one! It’s just a role!

gaby @ 1:27 pm on 08/19/2009

i dont mind whether he does it or not.
i know whatever movie he does, he’ll be great in.

Bradley Bobst @ 1:28 pm on 08/19/2009

I kind of have a feeling this movie would help Zac’s Career. But then I also feel this movie could ruin his career. But Zac has Never lat us down before.

Besides sometime Hollywood don’t follow by Books They Change thing to make The movie better. Just like Burr did with CSC. Beisdes Zac’s People know what movies Zac wants to do.

Jordan @ 1:32 pm on 08/19/2009

I haven’t even see anything that says Zac is considering the part and they already have his face on the books picture. ( Not on the real cover )…..Plus I really wouldn’t want Zac doing a gay scene in a movie. That would just stir up all those rumors again.

I’m sure he would be good in anything he does and I hope he passes on this one

amy @ 1:34 pm on 08/19/2009

im unsure of whther or not i think zacshould do this role, if he did im sure he’d be amazing but im postiive he’ll make the right choice!

pink sugar @ 1:39 pm on 08/19/2009

This author is really sleazy. He is using Zac’s name in hope of getting a movie deal. Zac probably never read the book or heard of this guy.

nicci @ 1:42 pm on 08/19/2009

@Jordan: i have to agree you again 110% about the gay part of the movie, but people are stir up those rumors again. and plus i do not think zac is ready for that role.@jazmin: i agree with you too the man just want zac name to attaching his book to so he can sell more book,it’s all publicity. i agree with you 110%

nicci @ 1:44 pm on 08/19/2009

@i love vanessa: me too i rlly hope that jjj can put more pic of zaness

zashnessa @ 1:45 pm on 08/19/2009

who carse bout movie
care bout zanessa

Jordan @ 1:47 pm on 08/19/2009

@nicci: I think we all hope that LOL but I would be surprised if we get many at least until the week-end. They have gotten very good at keeping thier lives together pretty quiet.

yourmomsuckaa @ 1:55 pm on 08/19/2009

I think it would be great if he would take this role.
you guys just say
because there is a sex scene in it
I am a huge fan of zac.
And he is gonna be BIG like
johnny depp brad pitt blablabla
And this role could of sorta help him ;)

Trina @ 1:58 pm on 08/19/2009

Now I know how to promote a book if I ever write one. I’ll say Zac Efon is “interested” in playing the lead role. This dude–whatever his name is–is a marketing genius.

No actor shows “interest” in playing a role without first seeing the script.

Wonder how Zac feels about his name being used to sell a book?

Aly @ 2:03 pm on 08/19/2009

Im really skeptical about this. Im a big zac fan, but it seems like this guy is name dropping. I don’t know…
We’re not even sure if Zac is in talks for this.

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