Selena Gomez: Falling Down Premieres In Two Days!

Selena Gomez: Falling Down Premieres In Two Days!

Check out Selena Gomez‘s new Wizards of Waverly Place promo pics!

The 17-year-old actress/singer tweeted early this morning, saying, “Kind of feel sick this morning. New episode today, Alex’s may be getting a boyfriend soon. Trouble. Ha.”

What do you want to see in season three of Wizards?

Remember to tune into Radio Disney on Friday, August 21st to hear Sel‘s new single, “Falling Down!”

10+ pics inside of Selena Gomez as Alex Russo…

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selena gomez falling down two days 01
selena gomez falling down two days 02
selena gomez falling down two days 03
selena gomez falling down two days 04
selena gomez falling down two days 05
selena gomez falling down two days 06
selena gomez falling down two days 07
selena gomez falling down two days 08
selena gomez falling down two days 09
selena gomez falling down two days 10

Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • Anna

    No offense,
    but ‘Falling Down’ sucks :/

  • kc

    What are you talkin about??? Falling Down is actually pretty good…well, from the 30 secs of it that I have heard.

    And it’s amazing how Alex Russo’s look has changed so much since season 1. Actually, pretty much everybody on the show has a new look for season 3.

  • daniela

    i reallyyyyyyyy dont like her new hair style it makes her look wayyy older than wat she really is…… she looks better with longer hair!

  • claire

    i liked her hair longer!! but shes still sooo pretty!!! I LOVE HER!!! and i really hope her album is good

  • Faith

    Awww I hope she feels better! I don’t know why you people don’t like her new haircut, I love it! I think it’s way better then the long hair. Although, I liked her either way….. Haha, I can’t make up my mind

  • lindsay

    she looks like she’s 5

  • liz

    i’m so excited.
    i loved the 30 second preview.
    ahh i can’t wait for her album.
    i love selena so much (: <3


  • liz

    ps. her outfits look amazing (:
    i love wizards.

  • yessica

    really beautiful
    love her

  • Paul

    Selena is drop dead gorgeous and I think she will always be beautiful on the outside and inside no matter what she does.

  • kelly

    OMG She is sooo beautiful! And i LOVE her hair long and short either way she looks AMAZING! And i can’t wait until ‘Falling Down’ I LOVE the preview and i know i’m gonna LOVE the song!!

  • Katie

    these pictures I don’t like that much. I personally think that she looked much better with long hair. She looks a little weird in some of these pictures. Defintally not my favorite photo shoot of her.

  • lala

    obviously alex’s style became a bit girlier in quenceanera alex wouldn’t even dare wear a dress and heels

  • Whitney

    Yeah, these pictures make me not like her new hair so much. I don’t know why, but I don’t really like these pictures. The only picture I kind of like is the 6th one, because she looks more real. But she looks sophisticated

  • http://deleted Hermionexhaibara

    sorry but she looks way too older than her age,,,

  • gold baybay


    Well…it just so happens that she doesn’t like it and you do.

  • voteforselena!!!


  • debbieruns

    @Anna: Oh please, you only heard 30 seconds of the song, you still don’t know if it sucks or not. people shouldn’t even judge it yet. besides, there’s still about 12 more songs that we need to hear from her album!

  • koolkat

    The only reason why some of you people don’t like her short hair is because you’re so used to seeing other Disney stars with long hair. Selena looks cute with that hairstyle, especially when it’s a little curly.

  • Nana

    ela esta muito bonita com esse visual novo , má confesso que prefiro o cabelo grande ! , quando vi que estva piqueno quase tive um treco :OO AOPKSOPKSO!

  • koolkat

    @Anna: you only heard 30 seconds of the song, you’re so dumb.

  • Flyaway

    Alex Russo has the most coolest outfits on Disney Channel!
    I’m so serious right now, that girl can dress!!

  • taylorswifttaylorswift

    Selena looks great and original with her new haircut..and I’m sure her album will be a success, just as every other project she has work on.

  • yay!!!!

    I’m not too excited for more wizards.
    I just dont like all that magic stuff…just not for ME.
    I like her hair she needed to look older. With her other hair she looked like a little kid and (sorry if it offends) but it always made me mad…
    but w/e i like it now.

  • jbr

    i love wizards of waverly place ! its a great show
    and selena is really pretty =)

  • kim

    from the preview i really cant judge.. i have to hear all of it to judge so i hope im not dissapointed. Like the hair but i rather want her hair longer!


    ahh hope she feels better….love you sely… I want to see nick jonas ?with alex or all the jonas brothers,,,,,,how exciting

  • emilie

    i like Selena Gomez but i really dont like her short hair
    it makes her look too old :s

  • #1Selenagomezfan


  • emmy

    I think her new hair looks good, but I honestly prefer her long hair.

  • Darya Armani

    she seems like a sweet girl, but she CAN NOT sing.
    no a fence but she’s good at acting

  • leah

    Can’t wait till falling down. I just want to see some great original plots for the new show. I agree the short hair doesn’t fit in with her character Alex and I like her short hair if she does it like on Jimmy Fallon or curls it like with that little black dress she wore. She’s still beautiful in whatever though:)

  • Katie

    i love selenas new haircut but her longer hair was better. I can’t wait to hear ‘Falling Down’ bcuz from the 30 seconds it didnt really sound that offense. Her hair is gorgeous though when its curled in that pic above nut she looks different in the other pics i guess older but the camera & retouching makes her look kinda bigger and selena is very thin. also, i dont really like alex’s clothes in those pics but im sure they’ll be cute as always on the show.

  • Daisy

    she’s.. so sweet. it kills me.

  • Michie

    I can’t wait for “Falling Down” to premiere…It sounds really good…Hope her album succeeds!

    She looks pretty either way…I love her
    She’s amazing and very talented!
    Love Wizards too,it’s really funny =)

  • cc27

    i miss alex wearing converse O_O.. but she still looks absolutely gorgeous in those outfits xD

  • gladys

    i love here. fav disney girl.

  • gladys

    BUT the clothes for this photoshoot make her look realy older.

  • nikki

    @emilie: yeah i agree she is still pretty though but her longer hair was realy pretty on her

  • cry no more

    i think she looks good in brown short hair..but if it was black short hair it would look better ..but long black hair is the best…. but whatever she does she looks pretty so whatever !

  • Lucy

    tbh, i like her new hair, she’s always had long hair, and she needed a change- i think it suits her. it doesn’t make her less attractive, although i don’t particularly think she’s that pretty, i think she’s kinda plain. no, i don’t think singing’s the right path for her, but good on her for giving it a go- she’s just trying out new things, whether it’s her hair or shoes ;D

  • sarah

    She is so cute ;)
    I think the short hair looks really good on her…She has one of those faces that will look good with either short or long hair! But I like the short hair better…It makes her look different =P

  • sarah

    oh and i like the short hair but not when it is all straight and curled in like in the 2nd pic with the blue shirt!

  • sarah

    i like the short hair but i don’t like it when she makes it all straight like in the 2nd pic with the blue shirt…it looks cute curled though!

  • Anna

    I want to see in season 3 : Jarper !!^^

  • nuria.

    I lovee her styleee! I really like the outfits! I LOVE U SELENA <3

  • cam


    I agree! good for Selena for being original & not needing to look like the cookie cutter image of all the other Disney Girls – Selena looks beautiful with her new hair cut. Looking forward to her new music.

  • Lauren

    this girl can do no wrong….she always seems to look beautiful….whatever hairstyle…whatever clothes….shes an amazing actress an i bet she’ll be a even better singer..cannot wait for whatever shes got in store for her fans with the new album

  • Lauren

    oh && is season three just being filmed or is it already on disney channel over in america yet?

  • keltu
>>>>>>> staging1