Miley Cyrus: Time Of Our Lives Preview!

Miley Cyrus: Time Of Our Lives Preview!

Check out the preview of Miley Cyrus‘s new EP — The Time Of Our Lives.

The 16-year-old actress/singer is set to release the studio EP on Monday, August 31st. Songs on the mini-record include “Before The Storm” (duet with Nick Jonas), “Party In The USA,” and “When I Look at You,” which will also be featured on The Last Song soundtrack.

Miley should really be having a “Party In The USA”: it debuted at number two spot on the Billboard Hot 100 today, sold over 225,000 units, & has spent three consecutive weeks at the number one spot on Top 40 Radio.

Click inside for the full tracklisting…

Miley Cyrus – “The Time Of Our Lives” Preview

Miley Cyrus – The Time Of Our Lives

1. Kicking And Screaming
2. Party In The USA
3. When I Look At You
4. Time Of Our Lives
5. Talk Is Cheap
6. Obsessed
7. Before The Storm (Live)

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  • maichi


  • Anna

    it’s AMAZING !
    i lovee it!

  • Maddison

    Hate it so much
    dont flame me
    personal opinion

    i dont like her Ashlee Simpson cover
    i dont like how shes trying to be hardcore
    i just cant stand her anymore
    shes trying to shove herself down our throats

  • Alex

    Love it. Love the time of our lives!

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    I agree with number one :)

  • Toya

    Great Job Miley you are so awesome continue to be as sweet as you are.

    God bless you.

  • maddie

    umm its good, but some songs it sounds like shes screaming. especially during “kicking and screaming” lol

  • selene

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo :s I love miley but I hate it

  • jane

    can’t wait
    it’s amazing when i look at you!

  • maxene

    love her

  • Andrea

    dont like the first one, sounds like shes trying to sound like ashlee

  • selena gomez

    ur so great miley!
    im jealous…

  • team tizz

    She is sooooooooo talanted.
    I’m happy that Party In The Usa Debuted High!

  • Yazmin

    I really dont know what to say, because when i hear party in tha usa for the first time i didnt like it and know i do !!!! I think that dont hate it until you hear the complete songs !!!! I love miley!! I know that this is another step in her carrier and i hope we support her!!!
    Miley mexico loves you!!!!! I liked when i look at you!!

  • Lic_Merry


    i love YouR music :)


  • Lic_Merry

    Miley me encanta tu musica!!!
    deberias venir a Mèxico u.u

    jaja eres la mejor q letras awWch! :)

  • carlyn

    To be honest, I don’t like her voice AT ALL.
    But, the songs are just so amazing <3333

  • jojo

    loooooooooove it
    can wait
    miley (L)

  • jo

    Shes had SO many hits- kudos to her. She makes really fun music.

    I like what im hearing so far!

    Btw… whats an ep? It’s not a full out record right?

  • Emily

    not her usual song choice. But i guess since she is getting older her music is changing. not my favorite of hers. but i still like it.

  • jo

    Seriously. Party in the USA is the catchiest song in a while. Love everything about it.

  • Whitney

    It seems like her voice can’t handle the high notes. It just seems like she doesn’t have a very high at all. I LOVE almost all of her songs, but in some of these, when her voice gets higher, it kind of sounds like she’s whining. It might just be my ears or something, but I’m just observing. It doesn’t surprise me though, since her voice is lower than most people’s. Other than that, I think she has a pretty great voice! I love “Party in The USA”!!

  • Nelly

    I love it and her too

  • Yazmin

    Ok i really like this album!!! Specialy when i look at you!!!!! But its true she made another abum or what because recent she was in the record studio a lot!!! Mmmm… Maybe later this year …. Someone know what about that album or its the same???
    Someone can explain me ???

  • melena

    loove when i look at u but some people r saying that its an ep dont know what that means

    haters whats ur problem ??

    love u miley <3

  • Lindsey

    wow this is horrible and its like 7 songs ones a copy and the other is a live verison of a song and the rest sound bad the only good one is party in the usa and its already out

  • jimmy

    I don’t know.Some sounds good but some sounds really bad, especially the first song.
    The good one is Time of Our Lives itself.

  • idkmybffjILL

    idk why everyone’s bagging on the first song (the cover); i LOVE the way she gets edgy. she’s being more dynamic…

  • rachel

    the first one is HORRIBLE…..i hate it when miley sings stuff like that, she should stick to country! I don’t like her or hate her….but she sounds like a man in some of these clips!!!

    But i wanted to know, what does EP mean

  • jena

    i was really waiting 4 this…….but it kinda sucks!

  • http://n/a That0neKid

    I love her i have all of her cd’s and my room is full of posters of u miley<3 cant wait for this to come out sooooo cool

  • sharon

    Go miley she has the best supportive fans ever. Miley fans are the most loyal legit defenders of miley. Will always keep our girl on top.
    Go miley we love ya! congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her album is the best this preview is great love it!
    i can’t wait to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miley is the best in every way nobody, but nobody will ever replaced her in our hearts. You hear Disney we want miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop trying to replace her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will not accept no imitations because miley is unique and 1 in a million!!!!!!!! take your fake other artist out! we want miley!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alyssa:)

    can’t judge till the full songs out yet except for party in the usa. it’s awesome!
    can’t wait.i love u miley<3

  • SmileyMiley11

    so great, I love Miley so much. Everysong is really really good

  • sam

    I liked When I Look At You and Obsessed, but I didn’t like her singing it. in fact, what is up with her voice in these tracks. They sound so stuffy and strained. I thought she got rid of that problem considering she sounded so good in some of her recent songs in the past couple of months.

  • joana

    the ballads are ok but i dont’l like the other songs sorry! she screams too much!

  • cluelessvine

    i love all the songs, except the 1st one.

  • sean84

    well i fink miley rote the song “obessed” 4 me cuz am obessed wiff her lol i cant wait 2 gett dis allbum bye the way lol

  • http://none miley fan

    Omg!Can`t wait for it!!!!You are amazing Miley!

  • Delsy

    cool i like most i hate kicking and screaming(btw she is freinds with ashlee simspon) and i don’t like talk is cheap except from from those i like the others especially time of our live and when i look at you

  • Carla


    agree with u. I really love Miley Cyrus but… dont kno. i dont like any of those songs :S her voice sounds weird. xD
    Guess i prefer breakout … simple song… the climb…

  • jezette

    perfect!! can’t wait for its release!!!! =)
    selena’s song sucks though I love her.

  • peťa

    amazing songs.I love miley

  • lisa

    @Maddison: do u even know her so how can you talk about someone u don’t really even know

  • Jane

    waow the time when selena’s album out?pretty immuture.

  • Sarah

    I usually like everything Miley does…but I don’t like any of the songs…her voice sounds weird and she screams too much….
    I dont think I’ll be buying this since the only song i really like is Party in the Usa and I already have it…

  • nana *—*

    I Hate you miley!

  • b

    @rachel: so agree, she should stick to country, songs like “the climb” and “goodbye” are really good and suit her voice a lot better, the rest is crap, she should let the pop rock sound to Demi.

  • liz

    i only like when she sings pop :]
    the first song is a no no. i dont like her singing it.
    Party In the USA , i love (:

    miley please no more “rock” songs.

    her songs are becoming not that great…
    i used to love all her songs but this album isn’t all that.
    time of our lives sounds good too.

    her songs are getting worst.

  • Jenny

    Good songs some are catchy some have meaning so it is a perfect mix

>>>>>>> staging1