Selena Gomez & The Scene: CD Cover Revealed!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: CD Cover Revealed!

Check out Selena Gomez and The Scene‘s album cover!

The 17-year-old actress/singer tweeted the pic, saying, “Here it is!!! I can’t wait for you guys to hear it!”

You can hear Sel‘s first single, “Falling Down,” TOMORROW, August 21st on Radio Disney and the music video premieres NEXT FRIDAY, August 28th on Disney Channel.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Selena and The Scene’s CD cover?

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  • Aylin


  • Anna

    ehhh ;
    the heart on the lips makes it look weird :/
    but otherwise it’s cute.

  • katey

    I’m not going to lie… that look weird. I like selena and everything but what is up with the heart on her lips?

  • Lisa

    wtf? i hated it

  • lena

    it looks nice, but yet… not nice. i can’t say. it’s a little bit weird.

  • Lauma

    i love it! its awesome and that heart looks cute ;)

  • rachel

    no offence or anything.
    i dont think she sings too well.
    she should just stick to acting

  • Elsa

    I love it! That heart on the lips is so cute! I love the title ” Kiss an tell” So girly :D I really love it!

  • mari

    Selena is sweet girl

  • love-zanessa-selena

    I can’t wait to hear it :)
    love u SEL

  • mari


    selena is sweet girl

  • love-zanessa-selena

    I can’t wait to hear it :)
    love u SEL

  • jessica

    That is the first time I lol at a cd cover (it took 2 yrs for this?). Not buying it.

  • teamhudgens

    cute =D

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    I like the whole cd cover. I really like the heart. I’m sorry but Selena can’t sing. Sorry she just can’t.

  • Kristen

    I think the cover is pretty much a hit or miss.
    I really like it , but on the other hand, some people may hate it.

    it’s a cute idea thought :)
    I can’t wait !! :)

  • Jasmine

    She looks like a little boy:|

  • Blanca

    loves it!
    “originality is perfection”

  • vanessa

    this reminds me of lady gaga.

  • Anna

    @Blanca: what originality ?
    it’s a rip off version LADY GAGA.

  • marissa Hoffmann

    i love it!! i think its kinda of weird with the heart on the lips but i mean look at lady gaga and katy perry they are weird but people still love them! i think that weird is want she needs and i love it and her!

  • me

    awesome selena is awesome

  • Qwerty

    Wow, Lady Gaga? This is actually far more original, you know Lady Gaga ripped off the bubble dress from a designer, and another dress was called out by a designer for being a knock off. This is actually fresh, Gaga, who I am a fan of, can be trying so hard to be original, is desperate.

  • disneyfied

    People really need to stop saying that “she can’t sing” because she CAN. Sure, her voice is not strong or powerful, but she does have a sweet angel voice. I mean, her voice is soft, but it also has that little huskiness.

    Personally, I think Selena sings better than Hilary Duff. And I love the album cover, it looks very cute. The heart on her lips adds a sparkly touch.

  • TV

    She is like the disney-fied version of Lady Gaga lol. I love the cover.

  • jessica


    I agree! And this cover looks like some kind of p o r n o…..ew
    lmao it took two yrs to come up w/ this crap

  • BlaireB

    aww it’s a cute album cover.
    i’m so gonna buy her album!! :D

  • Jon

    Guys, the heart on the lips represents a kiss because the album is called KISS and tell…not that hard to figure out…

    Anyways, GREAT cover. It actually convinced me to actually buy her album.

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    I think the hearts a bit to much.

  • leah

    I really love it! it looks so cute can’t wait! By the way you can preorder the album from amazona nd buy like more copies when it comes out go to Walmart, Best Buy, Target and etc.!!

  • Michellee


    p r o n o wow your stupid
    how in the world ughh your just
    a hater get a life loser

  • jessica

    All SelenaGomez knows how to do is copy people…and not very well I might add. If you are buying this cd I have some Hilary Duff merch that I’ll sell to you. No dif really except Hil is pretty and can’t sing, but is still better than slezena.

  • joana

    loooooooove ittttttttt!

  • Chelsea

    So cute <3 I’m gonna buy 2 copy’s :D

  • Michellee

    Dude leave already your a hater and how is selena a copycat
    NO SHE ISNT her album cover is made by the producers stupid
    and FYI its origanl not copied were else r u gonna see something like this

  • B

    Selena CAN sing. But I don’t like the album cover, it just looks weird. :/

  • joana

    I’m gonna buy like the whole stock! what did u expect? a pic of her dancing around a pole?!?

  • jessica

    If Miley had a heart on her lips you would call it a p o r n o. If it looked like homez….she is nasty and cannot sing. Teen p o r n o gross

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @jessica: I agree. Sorry haters have rights too.

  • a.m./p.m.

    This is the weirdest and probably the most creative cd cover from Disney I’ve seen. I can’t stop staring at it. Fantastic job, Selena. I’m REALLY impressed

  • lucy

    not gonna lie here people. but, is she trying to be lady gaga or soemthing?! tbh, why can’t she just stick to acting and not be a singer, she is just trying to copy miley and demi. in my opinion she can’t sing. and if her band is called “selena gomez and the scene” then why is she the only one on the album cover?… ugh.

  • Mandy

    Okay, to be perfectly honest with you, the whole lip thing, is a little more Lady Gaga in Paparazzi than Selena. And haters, she isn’t copying, or stealing, it’s called a trend. You borrow the idea and re-create it so it fits you personality more. The lip thing may have just been inspired by Lady Gaga. Just like an old photoshoot of Selena’s was inspired by one of Vanessa Hudgens’, the one with the cut-out star & the ‘Take’ thing. It’s not stealing since Lady Gaga didn’t invent it, she was simply noticed for using it, so give it a rest already!

    Oh and I’m not too keen on the cover either, but it’s my opinion. And it certainly doesn’t mean Selena is a bad singer, OR isn’t pretty. She’s just trying something new, who doesn’t do that?

  • jessica


    Miley rocks! Miley has broken Billboard records and plays an instrument and currently has two number one albums in the top 10. Miley doesn’t need a scene she IS the scene and where it’s at. Miley is a billionaire and she didn’t get there w/o millions of fans worldwide who love everything about her. I wish Sel luck for sure, but she will never ever be in the same league as Miley Cyrus :D

  • joana
  • Michellee

    No I wouldnt have called it p r o n o.
    because i have better things to do then hate on
    people i know nothing about,people i have never meet,people who havent done anything to me!!!!!!!!!!

  • nuria.

    it’s a bit weird, but I realy in love with this cover. I love Selena <3

  • madison

    I love Selena Gomez but I don’t really like the cover. I’m excited to hear it though!

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    @jessica: OMG that’s so true. I couldn’t agree more :)

  • daniela

    wow XD
    i can’t wait until tomorrow to hear falling down and i really like the cd cover.
    i think she CAN sing. yes, maybe she doesn’t have a strong and powerful voice, but she’s really want to act. she doesn’t want to be only a singer, acting is her passion. there are so many singers with a soft voice and have a carrier in music. so why selena can’t?

  • ggggrrrrrt or ntttttt

    idk…. i think it is ok but she could have took a much better picture! her hair is covering half her face and the heart on her lips is a little weird. i liked her pic 4 her single falling down though!

>>>>>>> staging1