Shawn Johnson Celebrates Her Gold Medal

Shawn Johnson Celebrates Her Gold Medal
  • Shawn Johnson celebrates grabbing the gold
  • The 411 on Twilight Conventions
  • Jenna Dewan heads to Melrose Place
  • Jon Hamm hooks up with Emily Browning and Vanessa Hudgens in Sucker Punch
  • Twilight gets graphic
  • Jennifer Stone is taking over WZAP Radio TONIGHT starting at at 5:15PM PT/8:15 ET! She tweeted, “You can call 347-826-9140 and ask me anything!”
  • Stephenie Meyer digs Bandslam. She posted on her official website, “Admittedly, I went to see the New Moon trailer on the big screen (yes, I’m a total dork. Who cares? It was worth it). But then I stayed to see Bandslam because the reviews were so good, and I was glad I did. With my hopeless love of music coupled with my total lack of musical ability, I really dug Will. He’s my hero right now. It had a good soundtrack, as one might expect, a lot of very quotable one-liners, and it turned upside down some of those lame female-interaction stereotypes.”
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  • Katie

    Omg I love shawn! She is awesome! I also really want to see bandslam…but to be honest I don’t really care about seeing the new moon trailer.


  • lslsharon

    Bandslam is really awesome.It’s sad that it didn’t do well in BO.Marketing is much important than the film itself sometimes.But with so many great reviews and recognition,the director and the cast should be proud of their performance.

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Ok so I totally bashed Bandslam because it looks like every other movie -but I read reviews and decided to give it a chance. Turns out it’s really good. Vanessa isn’t in it that much, and at first she’s a little painful to watch but she gets better. The male lead is phenominal and Aly is great in it too.

    This movie was totally marketed wrong. They aimed it towards the young Disney audience when in fact the movie is much deeper than that. It’s filmed like an indie film, and is kind of dark. Truth be told – a lot of younger Vanessa fans probably won’t fully understand the movie. I really quite enjoyed it, and I actually love Vanessa as a darker character.

    Too bad the way this movie was marketed it’s completely bombing in theaters… It could have made so much money if it wasn’t called bandslam and if they had portrayed the movie trailer more like the movie really is. The actual battle of the bands part I’d like the last ten minutes of the movie – and has really nothing to do with the point of the movie at all. It’s the build up to make the band and all the inbetween that makes this movie good.

  • seriously

    screw Bandslam…ok maybe not cause its a GREAT movie…..BUT FRIKIN JON HAMM???!!! LIKE DON DRAPER ON MAD MEN EMMY WINNING SEXINESS JON HAMM!!!!
    sorry im gonna go pass out

  • teamhudgens

    i can’t wait for sucker puch..!

  • the fame

    bandslam was great, if only summit promoted it more.. and btw cant wait to see sucker punch

  • Dee

    lol This coming from Stephanie Meyer a mediocre author

  • lslsharon

    Bandslam deserves to be a success.