Demi Lovato Goes To Washington

Demi Lovato Goes To Washington
  • Demi Lovato goes to The White House
  • Alexis Bledel and Zach Gilford are Fuse Friends
  • Billy Ray Cyrus is ok with Miley‘s TCA Performance
  • Harry Potter Deathly Hallows split Revealed
  • AnnaLynne McCord is an Acne Action Hero
  • Taking a break from shooting her latest music video in Franklin, Tenn., Taylor Swift treated herself to some new clothes. The country singer stopped into Emmaline, a local boutique, and picked up an oatmeal-colored Rebecca Taylor “Indoor Outdoor” cardigan.
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Photos: Dirk Mai
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  • Missy

    You go Demi! Love ya :)

  • lena

    DEMI <3

    so beautiful!! LOVE her ALBUM.

  • sandy

    demi<3 so beautiful

  • demifan

    LOVE her!!

  • heey

    DEMI <3

  • liz

    i love demi (:
    & nobody cares about miley cyrus’ pappy.
    & Go taylor <3

  • zashnessa

    GO DEMI hehe
    take pictures lmao
    and biily should be ok
    cuz she just DANCED
    not anything nasty or whatever
    and btw” it called
    teens choice not kids choice

  • jojogirl

    Oh my, what else can pappi cyrus say but he approves his daughters performance I mean, he honestly lets her get away with anything because she is the bread winner in the household. It’s sad that the child controls the parents, so much for role model!

  • hun98

    Ok, you guys keep going on about her pole dancing and giving people a way worse image in their head than how the real thing was. They brought this ice cream cart over and she stood on it and held on the pole for support. Then she squatted down once (pictured in the article) People are thinking she went all out when I could barely call that “pole dancing”. There was no lifting of the leg or anything.

  • flashmob

    Google News, “Miley”, and what many are still talking about is her spectacular song-and-dance performance of Party in the USA. This discussion about Miley, still seems to be at the center of the universe right now. This storm developed here first, at JJJ, and built out from here. It represents the lag period between what people here know and then the general population perceives. Maybe that should come as no surprise, as the people here are among those most alive.

    What does that mean, “most alive”? When I first learned about Miley’s Party in the USA on JJJ, I wrote here that it gave me goose bumps. Turns out, I was not the only one. Mindhacks, writes about chills and goose bumps here, and then references Miley. This is a whole new branch of neuroscience that scientifically proves Miley’s extraordinary genius.

    Chills (goose bumps) have been repeatedly associated with positive emotional peaks. Chills seem to be related to distinct musical structures and the reward system in the brain.

    The other fascinating area of neuroscience that Miley demonstrates so well is her muscle memory. She makes those body gestures and funny faces to retrieve her more extreme and difficult music and notes. (I repeat that I think artists look their most beautiful at such moments.) More technically, this is known as “mirror neurons”. Very exciting work in the field of music and mirror neurons is currently being pioneered by neuroscientists V.S. Ramachandran and Aniruddh D. Patel. And consider the obvious:

    “We listen to music with our muscles.” ~~Friedrich Nietzsche

    For those “most alive”, the other evidence comes from the large “tween” element here at JJJ. Too often, in the general population, the label “tween” tends to get used in a disparaging and pejorative context. So I prefer to describe this group that evinces the “most alive”, as those that scream the loudest with enthusism, such as at concerts. For example, at Comic Con, it was reported that the screams from the (largely tween) fans was “deafening”, for the New Moon, Twilight saga, stars’ appearances. Similar descriptions abound about the Jonas Brothers’ appearances. With Miley, it is almost as if there is a direct connection to the fans’ feelings and emotions when she performs. Sadly, that direct access to those pure feelings and emotions wanes as people grow older. Feelings-wise, they become less alive. Through sociological conditioning, young people are taught to turn down and dull those pure emotions and feelings. That may in part, explain the adverse reaction by some to her performance. Such a shame, because consider Miley’s genius:

    “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” ~~Ludwig van Beethoven

    And to quote Amy Diamond:

    Heads high my young allies
    Make some noise now
    Raise your voice and scream

  • Andrea

    She looks beautiful as usual

  • the fame

    ew miley pole dancer LOL

  • flashmob

    It should be clear by now that the muscle memory involved in Miley’s evocative TCA song-and-dance, was integral to her performance. So for any remaining disbelievers, here is yet more scientific evidence of Miley’s pure genius:

    Music Perception as an embodied process:

    The study of how musical parameters such as syncopation can affect movements in the context of dancing is a first experimental step to understand how embodiment and physical constraints influence the perception of music. A few studies so far have investigated how the production of music is affected by physical laws, such as inertia, but none have considered music perception. Our main hypothesis is that many yet-unexplained aspects of music perception (syncopation, phrase grouping, intensity, “groove”, emotion…) result from an embodied perceptive process which can only be elucidated with motor control models. Key to this perspective is the notion that human knowledge is embodied knowledge, in the sense that information about the body is part and parcel of the concepts through which we organize our understanding of the world.

    *These notions have found recent support in the work e.g. of the psychologist Merlin Donald and the neurophysiologist Antonio Damasio ~~Jean-Julien Aucouturier

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