Kay Panabaker: Remember My Name

Kay Panabaker: Remember My Name

Kay Panabaker and Asher Book get to know each other a little better in this behind-the-scenes look of their upcoming flick, Fame.

The 19-year-old actress shared in a featurette about how she relates to her character, Jenny. “Jenny and I (both) think about things from different angles and really investigate things and are cautious about the decisions we make. However, Jenny is much more reserved than I am. She does not want to make a fool of herself, where as I will make an idiot of myself and bow at the end and say ‘Thank you very much,’” Kay said.

Check out Kay, Asher and Kristy Flores‘s featurettes below!

Fame hits theaters on Friday, September 25.

“Fame” Featurette – Kay Panabaker

“Fame” Featurette – Kristy Flores

“Fame” Featurette – Asher Book
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  • http://noahcyrus.skyrock.com noemie

    Kay ♥

  • Anne

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  • Mark Maguire

    You can find the Kay Panabaker feature here: http://www.totally-kay.org

    She is the reason I’m watching this movie. She’s gorgeous, talented and a little smarty pants. ;) The perfect combo!!

  • chi²

    She pwned in “Mental”.

  • Shani

    ha. i just really want to watch this movie cuz of Asher book. lol

    can’t wait!

  • trev

    This movie is gonna be HOT and better than HSM.

  • chelsea d

    Kay is awesome. i love her. cant wait for this movie. Asher and kay should be dating in real life i dont understand why they arent ;)

  • cutiepie33

    I love Asher and kay and that Kristy girl seems kool too!!!I cant wait for this movie!!!

  • 22251992

    @chelsea d: thank you!!! I have been searching forever for a person that agrees with me on that!!! :) lol

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