Logan Lerman is the Gamer

Logan Lerman is the Gamer

Logan Lerman lays on the floor, playing a video game in this exclusive clip of his new action flick, Gamer.

The 17-year-old actor plays Simon in the sci-fi thriller, a young gamer with rock star status who continues to defy all odds by guiding death row prisoner, Kable (Gerard Butler), to victory each week in the first-person shooter game “Slayers,” a game that allows millions to act out their most savage fantasies online in front of a global audience, using real prisoners as avatars with whom they fight to the death.

Logan shared about one scene shared with Gerard, saying, “It was just so overwhelming. I give a lot of credit to Gerard to be able to focus with explosions going off and people getting shot right in front of him. It’s crazy stuff. I felt more at home in the studio.

Gamer hits theaters Friday, September 4th.

Logan Lerman – “The Gamer” Exclusive Clip #1

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Credit: Lionsgate
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  • riyana

    Ahhhh!!! Adorable. :D :D

  • Mamic

    omg more logan!!!! love love love him… just not sure i’m ready for him to be “FAMOUS”. =/

  • lisa

    LOGAN LERMAN <3 I love uuuuuu!!!!! xD

  • diana

    his voice is deeper than i expected, but he is a cutie patootie! (:

  • layla

    Logan<3 *melt*

  • lmao “I do feel you my giant brotha”

  • mandy

    he’s hot!

  • jacky

    omg i’m in love xD

    love his voice.. sexy and hot xD

  • Keisha :)

    @Mamic: dude, i know exactly what you’re saying! i don’t want all these girls drooling over him. ugh, FML, he’s mine! :(

  • Keisha :)

    Ps – holy shat, his voice is so low! >:O he’s grown up so much from the BE! (butterfly effect) and Jack and Bobby! Ugh, although hopefully I can meet him … or date him jk! Going to LA in spring break to meet him! :) yaaay!

  • Mamic

    @Keisha :): yeah, it’s like HEY I LOOVED HIM WAAAAY BEFORE ALL THIS PERCY JACKSON CRAZINESS!!!… Logan is a good kid though, he won’t let all this fame get to his head.

  • xoxogg

    i’ve been waiting for another Logan L. posttt
    god i love him.
    and theres just something so sexy when he swears..
    he would make a good bad boy in a movie.
    hahahh ohh logan <3

  • xoxogg

    @Mamic: but hey! cmon.. u gottta share him with the rest of the world! ;)
    his charming good looks and amazing acting needs to be appreciated by more people!

  • Mamic

    @xoxogg: haha i know that.. it’s just weird seeing him everywhere. though iam very proud of him and he’s just an amazing young actor and he does deserve it.

  • abby

    @Mamic: yeah, i can’t really imagine him getting all this attention now either. he’s getting sooo popular. he’s miiine! haha, kiddinggg. but yeah, it’s the life of any amazing celeb!

  • jessica

    Logan, sei stupendo…è incredibile quanto mi fai impazzire..sei bravissimo..continua così.. <3

  • jena

    @abby: SAME HERE!!! like i really loved Robert Pattinson before he was even in twilight but now i hate the fact that he’s famous…and i don’t want that happening to Logan, i loved him ever since Hoot

  • rachel

    @jena: yeah!!! i loved him ever since “Jack and Bobby”

  • lola

    god…..what happened to his voice……its WAY deeper that i thought!!! i just had his “jack and bobby” voice in my head….its nothing like this. aww….he grew up so fast!!! love him!

  • lovesgosling182

    Hey he was in Hoot!!!!! His voice got really deep!!! He’s actually hot.

  • Bella

    I agree with those saying it’s going to be hard sharing him with a bunch of new fans drooling over him. I’m one of the original LL fans since Butterfly Effect. I love him. Well not literally, but he’s my favorite young actor. =]

  • cjmasserant

    Arrr! I cannot wait for this movie. It’s going to be so fantastic and action packed! Not to mention Logan’s in it. :) He’s simply genius.

  • Sheryl

    I use to think that Logan was sooooo cute but now with the super sexy deep voice and all, now he’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You Logan!!!!!!!!! and you’re ganna make such a hot Percy Jackson!!!!!!!!

  • cynthia

    i love you logan lerman
    percy jackson
    i love you

>>>>>>> staging1