Taylor Swift: Pizza Party For My Peeps!

Taylor Swift: Pizza Party For My Peeps!

Taylor Swift hands out free Domino’s pizza to the long lines of waiting fans outside her hotel in London on Friday night (August 21).

We can count at least ten boxes of pizza that the 19-year-old songstress brought out in the pics! Fan Rojan tweeted, “Taylor Swift bought me and other fans pizza for dinner….then she gave me cookies and milk XD haha. She is like epic. Iloveu.”

JJJ reader Claire wrote to us earlier in the day, “Today was literally ‘the best day.’ My friends and I met Taylor Swift on several occasions in London. Taylor, her mom (Andrea) and her band were the kindest and genuine people you will ever meet. We saw her at her Hotel, at TV studios, and a few people met her in Topshop.”

10+ pics inside of pizza pleasing Taylor Swift

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Credit: Simon Earl; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • vickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    first i think

    looks likes shes the pizza girl
    lol ;]
    get it


    shes soo nice

  • Chanel

    This is why I love her.

  • Andrea

    shes amazing. i love dominos. hahaha

  • sal

    this is why i love her too :]
    *pizza girl* cos of thet JONAS show

    i wish i met her :] x

  • gold baybay

    I’m not going to lie, I don’t like her music. But she is one of the most genuine celebrities out there.

  • ceci

    @Chanel: same. :)
    and it’s not like this is the first time she’s done this before. i would say that she can’t get any sweeter than this, but i know that soon she’ll do something even better. cause that’s how Tay is. and i find that amazing.. that’s one reason why she’s my role model. everything she does is so amazing.. and she’s always being so sweet to her fans. it’s unbelievable.

    i love her to death. <33

  • blah

    i could go for a pizza right now…

  • yarimar

    I love taylor is a sweet girl with her fans silk co0mo not adoral is charming … taylor hope someday I would love to come to Venezuela eres lo maximo TAYLOR: WELCOME TO VENEZUELA

  • cam


    I agree – This is one of the many reasons I love Taylor – she is the most genuine, considerate, generous, sweet, girl & add to that her amazing talent – awesome!

  • yarimar

    toooooooooo eat pizza from dominoooOOoooooOOo hahahaha…. xD. i love taylor. =D

  • amy

    @gold baybay:

    Well that is honest & not everyone likes the same music/singers – BUT you are right, Taylor is one of – if not the most genuine celebs out there.

  • Rojan

    haha wow thanks for using my tweet LMAO…tbh she is just the kindest and most amazing person ever….her band members are just the sweetest people you’ll ever meet…even her security! :)…her mum…dnt get me started on her she’s just soooooo down to earth just like taylor. :)

    All i have to say is wow…i still can’t believe all this has happened! XD

    i wonder why she calls London FUN-don XD…..

  • LOLA

    Joe fell in love with the pizza girl….now he eats pizza everyday….


  • angelica

    that was really nice of her

  • c

    “i fell in love with the pizaa girl”

    aha i love taylor swift<3333
    shes beauiful[[:

  • cameron246

    Love this cutie :)

  • m?

    Joe fell in love, with a pizza girl…..
    Taylor is really nice for doing that

  • leila

    she’s definetly one of the most genuine and nicest artist out there!! she always demonstrates her appreciation and gratefulnessto the fans!! i truly admire her

  • tlautnerlover

    taylor i want some pizza! she is awesome

  • Chanel

    @ceci: She’s done it before? I want to see!

  • Jamie

    She’s so cool…it seems like she’s genuinely grateful to her fans.

  • justme

    we want vanessa post!!!

  • sherika


  • pamela

    i love she’s hot

  • Taylor swift freak

    Om my gosh, i love her so much, she can’t get any better! I so wish i went to London yesterday i live quite far away tho, does anyone know when she is leaaving for the V-festival ??? x

  • ZzZ

    There’s nothing wrong about being chubby or fat, but when you look at this girl, I bet you just wanna stop eating to look just like her!!! She’s gorgeous!!!

  • Maria

    she’s just soooo sweet :)
    she doesn’t pretend she cares, because she genuinely cares.
    I love her and I wish I could be at the V fest! mcfly and taylor swift, my fav band and my fav singer! :(

  • Althea

    Aw, that’s nice of her to do that. Joe is stupid to let her go.

  • jessica

    ew, she is starting to like like an alien. what is up with all the heavy eyeliner and red lipstick? not feelin it.


    wow she is SOOOOOO nice!!! I LUV HER!!!!
    TAYLOR SWIFT ROX!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/simplyswift kristen

    Here is a video I found on youtube of Taylor handing out the pizza!


  • ceci

    @Chanel: yea, except instead of pizza it was sandwiches from Cosi.
    there are no pictures, but some of my friends who stayed after the concert and stood by her bus told me about it. remedy that time when Tay tweeted about going to Cosi and buying lots of sandwiches.. well, later that night when the concert was over, she went outside of her bus and gave everyone who was standing there one of her sandwiches, and she talked with some of them and signed things too. :)
    and once she let some people in her bus because it was cold outside. that was like maybe one or two years ago. :)

  • ceci

    @Taylor swift freak: well, i know she has a meet and greet at 4:30, so she’s probably leaving at about 3 or 4.

  • Jasmine

    That’s soo sweet of her!

  • yeahriiiiight

    I love this girl she’s genuine and approachable. She’s cute too and talented. She’s the real American Girl.Hopefully she”ll widen her repertoire of music. I hate country music.

  • Kat

    I work for domino’s!!!! lmao!
    The girl rocks for eating our pizzas lmao!!

  • chelsea

    @Chanel: to chanel #2: agreed.

  • chelsea

    @sherika: Feeding fans has been a display of affection towards fans that have been done a dozen times over. For you to say that she stole this idea is, quite frankly, idiotic and immature.

  • hugemileyfan

    @sherika: well maybe talyor swift was just tring to do something nice for once and probably not copy anne Hathaway

  • xoxo,M


    anyways, I love taylor to death, she’s the most amazing person ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/meutiasalsabila livegossips

    Taylor Swift woooooooooooooooow I just love ya!

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