Zac Efron: Claire Danes Intimidated Me

Zac Efron: Claire Danes Intimidated Me

Zac Efron was in way over his head when he heard that Claire Danes would be playing his love interest in Richard Linklater‘s Me & Orson Welles.

The 21-year-old actor dishes to Blackbook mag, “I was intimidated, even just the name Claire Danes carries such weight with it. I needed to be a worthy love interest in the film and I didn’t know that I had any of the qualities necessary to woo a girl like her.”

Zac continued, “Claire and I were trapped on an island together with nowhere to go for four weeks, like a reality show. My character was supposed to fall in love, but she was also supposed to be out of his league. After meeting Claire, that was definitely the way it was supposed to be.”

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  • svenja**

    “Claire and I were trapped on an island together with nowhere to go for four weeks, like a reality show. My character was supposed to fall in love, but she was also supposed to be out of his league. After meeting Claire, that was definitely the way it was supposed to be.”

  • i love vanessa

    Aww, poor zac =P
    I bet he did amazing anyway,
    cant wait for this film x

  • louise

    Claire and I were trapped on an island together with nowhere to go for four weeks, like a reality show. My character was supposed to fall in love, but she was also supposed to be out of his league. After meeting Claire, that was definitely the way it was supposed to be.”

    - i think hes on about isle of man

  • duuumm

    Haha, Zac’s always so modest. He doesn’t give himself enough credit. xP

  • zanessa4life

    Yay, Zac News :)
    I love how V and him are the #1 Celebrities :)
    I so cant wait for MAOW, I hope it will be released in germany BEFORE January so that it doesn’t drown in all that damn New Moon stuff.
    Not that I wont go see it… But MAOW is such a great film and it should get full attention!


  • nikki

    zac needs to be with a real girl like that! one day when him and WhatsHerFace call it quits he will : )

    and obsessive fan children – relax because it’s going to happen! agrue now but you’ll see!! lol

  • Z&V Fan

    Wow, he is one of the hottest stars around and he said she is out of his league. He is so unbelievably normal for a big star. No wonders all the girls are crazy him.

  • istar

    @Z&V Fan: i’m totally agreeing with you.

    im soo excited for MAOW!!

  • Althea


    I agree with you. I watched twilight and it’s not that good for me 17 again is much better. This film is coming here in December so it going to be my family outting day for sure.

    Oh and Zac looks hot in that photo.

  • Anne

    He’s cute.
    Can’t wait for the movie!

  • Anne


  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    Zac looks so hotin any photo ;)

    I love his interviews, he’s so modest and real, kinda like Vanessa is.
    Love him!

  • zanessa4life
  • maichi


    I love him. :D

  • Blah

    way to spell the title wrong… intiminated is not a word haha

  • maichi

    Jared, you spelt intimidated wrong in the title… lol

  • http://hhy peace95

    i can’t wait for the movie. the trailer is awesome and zac is totally amazing.:)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks good can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Bradley Bobst

    It is going to be great to see Zac in a more grown up role.

  • pink sugar

    Love Him!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    @nikki: People have been saying that for 4 years now LOL. Sounds like you got a bit of a jealous streek in you……I think you and your vibrator should just shut up put Zac’s pictures on slide show and use up a new set of batteries. Thats as close as you’ll ever get to him

  • Katty

    He underestimates himself. He’s an amazing actor, with lots of raw talent.
    Can’t wait to see this movie. It looks great.

  • nikki

    aaawwwww dont be scared!!! :)

  • Abi

    I totally agree – he doesn’t give himself enough credit. He’s show us all that he can play different roles – and it looks like he did very well in this film. I really can’t wait to see it – it comes out December 4th in the UK! :D

    And @ nikki – if you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • drez

    he looks really cute

  • fairycake

    He always say nice things about his co-stars, bless….

  • kim

    I cannot wait for the release of this movie! The preview looks wonderful.

    I love how Zac is always so generous with praise for his co-stars. :)

  • yeahriiiiight

    Sorry I hate to admit it but that hobag he’s been paired too is schooled in the countries most prestigious acting school. The Lee Strasberg acting school where Marlon Brando and other A- list actors and actresses where train to get their Oscars. Zac should feel intimidated because that bitch knows what real acting is. If your a cliche your acting skills will be showcased prominently when your paired with a professional. I think if the director was truly motivated in doing a real serious high quality film they could had chosen a much better trained actor than Zac. I guess they want to appeal to box office too. Either that or they just want to highlight more about the films theme.

  • kgg

    LOL…Zac might have been intimidated by Claire’s large boyfriend who visited the set. Claire has some talent, but a lot of her movies do no do so well at the box office. The older and more experiences Zac gets, the more he will be able to hold his own against anyone in the business…IMO.

  • samantha


    i agreed but i can’t wait to see this film

  • tasie123

    love him!! hee soo talented and he can take on any role!!! love zanessa!!!!

  • Katie G!

    @nikki: go back to Perez Hilton. People theyre are all jealous wh*res too.

  • Katie G!

    there* sorry.

  • amanada

    Zac is humble as always. Truly an awesome guy. I love what he said about Claire, and also what she said about him in her Time piece. Can’t wait to see MAOW. Zac is truly perfect Richard.

  • leslie

    Sometimes those feelings of jealousy come over me too, and I want to dislike Vanessa. But when I snap out of it, and come back to the real world, I know two things.
    1. There’s no way in hell that I would ever have a chance with Zefron.
    2. He and Vanessa are obviously very much in love. They make a beautiful couple and look incredibly happy together.

    MAOW – November 25 in the US!!!! Can’t wait.

  • http://- Carol

    Agogo !! Zac , Hope u can reply my mail…

  • Karen

    I got to say that I am rarely surprised by anthing people say, feel, or do, etc, but one thing that never ceases to amaze me is why anyone would feel jealousy towards a person for being with someone when it is a celebrity. I know I keep hearing how some of the haters on Vanessa’s threads are just jealous that she is dating Zac and/or Zac is in love with her. But can anyone that is in a normal life situation truly feel if someone like Vanessa was not involved with Zac then they would have the slightest chance to have him? I always wonder about people in real life being jealous of a girl who happens to get the guy they want but when it comes to celebrities that is beyond me. Are people that void of reasoning?

    BTW, leslie, my comment is by no means pointing the finger at you but your comment DID bring up a situation that many refer to on Vanessa’s theads in replies to haters and it confirmed that there are actually people who do get jealous of her even though you, leslie, avow that you get a grip before that emotion gets out of control. I couldn’t resist making a comment about how odd that idea strikes me so many times.

  • Karen

    BTW, Zac looks so good in this trailer. It is also nice to read all the flattering things Claire Danes says about Zac in this movie. She should know how good he is since she has been around the business for some time. Also, Christian McKay has nothing but glowing comments about Zac too. Roger Ebert gave the movie a thumbs up.

  • HMM

    Karen – yes, it is strange isn’t it.
    The movie preview is awesome, I can’t wait to see the whole thing. It’s nice to finally get some real news on it after waiting for so long. Sure it’ll be worth the wait though. And most importantly this might be the role that has Zac taken more seriously as a true talent.

  • yets

    Awesome guy!!!

  • angiee

    She acts with the hottest actors! Leo, jared leto, and now zac! Lucky woman!

  • leslie

    Hey, Karen. Yes, I completely agree with you. It makes no logical sense that people would hate V out of jealousy because she has Zac. I guess it’s that Zac is just so super hot and sexy, that every girl in the world wants him. And they know that they cannot compare to Vanessa, so they are jealous. I try to look at it this way – this is obviously what Zac wants. She makes him happy. So, if I like Zac and wish him well, then I should want him to be happy and in love. Not that any of this is our business of course. LOL

  • b

    @nikki: hahahaha, “whatsherface” i 100% agree, he´s too good for her, she is fake

  • jenny

    he looks funny LOL!!!!! ♡ zanessa forever!!!!!

  • Eleanore

    he’s such a sweetheart! i love him!

  • Karen


    See, it is comments like yours and nikki’s that prove jealousy is the cause for many slams against Vanessa—nothing that is actually FACTUAL or TRUE. Perhaps you and nikki need to get a little more confidence and self-esteem and then you wouldn’t be so quick to feel jealous. After all jealousy stems many times from being insecure about yourself in some way. You see Vanessa and then you see yourselves and feel that you cannot ever compete with someone like her in getting someone like Zac so you have to find fault with that one—Vanessa in this case— you view as your “competition”. And all the time that stuff stuff makes YOU look pathetic or bad in some way, not Vanessa. Truly, if you were more confidence in yourself and what you have to offer to the world or in a relationship there would be no reason to make stupid comments like “she’s fake” about anyone else. Vanessa makes you feel less in some way, that is why you find fault.

    AND btw, don’t go with the “I’m better than she is because I don’t do such’nsuch because that just makes you look defensive and once again you are trying to put the other person down to PROVE you are better. And actually you are trying to prove it to yourself not to anyone else. That’s why it is insecurity—-jealousy. If it wasn’t jealousy you could hold your head up high without resorting to saying bad things about someone else no matter what that person did or didn’t do because you would be mature enough to know there are things in everyone’s life that is not perfect so you’d know not to try to bring someone else down. You would know you are a worthy person in this world with something to offer. You could be happy for others who seem happy which would make you a happier person. If you were a happier person you would draw better things to yourself which would make you even happier.

    Zac’s family taught him well…people say bad things about you because you have something they want….in this case so many say ugly things about Vanessa because she has Zac and that’s what they want or she seems to have something they don’t have but want whether it be her looks, clothes, fame, money, the list goes on and on. You people make yourselves look foolish. I just wish you could understand that concept.

  • lilli

    he underestimates himself…i’m sure over it,cuz i saw 17 again ( just since that moment i’m a fan,that movie convinced me)..
    and at nikki : he’s 21 and i think it was normal if sooner or later that realationship would end…^^ this is normal and has nothng to do with themselves or with your great “predictions”..but there are also some couples since highschool,so we’ll see what future brings ..
    @ zanessa 4 life : hey,germany too !! yes,you’re right -.- great movies doesn’t get that attention they deserve cuz of this twilight bullshit..i love the books,but the movies are embarassing…

  • Annie

    i can’t wait to see MAOW ! it’s looks amazing :D I love Claire and of course , I love Zac :D he’s the best

  • Em

    If Zac is too good for Vanessa, he’d break up with her. They may or may not last, who knows. Neither will have problems finding someone after though. But if Zac is such a great guy, he’d be honest to himself and he wouldn’t be with someone who he didn’t care about or wasn’t good for him. Obviously Vanessa does something for Zac. The person he has turned into over the last four years- Vanessa had to have a major influence on. He has no reason to stay with her. In fact apparently many of his fans would like it if he did break up with her. Many for some reason feel he’d date them instead. I don’t know. If you’ve been with someone for four years, and you can have any one you want, but you chose this one person- there is a serious reason for that.
    Instead of hating on the people Zac cares for why not appreciate them? Vanessa is who Zac wants to be with. You don’t have to like her. But i’m sure Zac would want you to respect her. If your are a real Zac Efron fan you’d want him to be happy, and he is clearly happy with her. Remember the Zac we all know since HSM, a great part of who he is since then is Vanessa. Weather you like it or not. The person you are with holds and attributes a great part of your personality and the way you are. And it’s safe to say, many people like Zac’s charming, down to earth personality.
    Anyway. What he said about Claire is very sweet. He is definitely a charmer.

  • Karen

    Although I have never cared much for Claire Danes she certainly has been widely respected in the business and has been working for several years. Zac is charming as well as mannerly and would never say something bad about someone he is working with. So, in this case he would be respectful of Claire for her as a person and as an actress who has proven herself. But I find it much more telling that a person like Claire in the position she is to have given Zac such complimentary reports. Sometimes when older actors work with the new “upstarts” they tend to sound like they are complimenting them but are somewhat demeaning if you ask me. Nobody that Zac has worked with has done that. Here we have Adam Shankman who had to be convinced by his sister and work partner just to look at Zac for his role in Hairspray. Once Adam did that he was so taken with him that he immediately developed 17 Again for him. After Burr Steers directed him in 17 Again he was instantly onboard to direct him in CSC. That says something about an actor when directors and producers are anxious to have them for another project. Richard Linkletter(sp?) has also had nothing but good things to say about Zac during the filming of MAOW and was so sold on the movie with Zac that he is distributing it himself in North America.

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