Vanessa Hudgens is Aritzia Amazing

Vanessa Hudgens is Aritzia Amazing

Vanessa Hudgens lets out a cute laugh as she leaves out of Aritzia boutique on Friday afternoon (August 21) in Vancouver.

JJJ reader Jessica was lucky enough to met the 20-year-old actress as well as her Sucker Punch cast mates. Jessica writes, “Today, my friend and I went shopping in downtown Vancouver and the very first store we went to was Urban Outfitters. Five minutes of browsing, I saw Emily Browning. Then, I realized Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser and Jamie Chung were with her! A second after that, I saw Vanessa and Ashley Greene! They were just hanging out in the middle of the store. Other girls only recognized Vanessa and got pictures with her, but I guess no on else noticed the Twilight actresses were with her.”

She continued, “It was so cool to see the two different casts that are filming in Vancouver come together and just hang out and go shopping. I was super scared to disturb them and ask for a picture, but I eventually asked Vanessa, Emily and Nikki. They were all super nice, especially Nikki!”

10+ pics inside of Vanessa, Nikki, Jamie and Emily browsing Aritzia…

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  • Susie

    Vanessa is really telling the true about her being a shopaholic!

  • marisol

    Vanessa is the best,I love her

  • HsmZanessaFansite

    omg, she was so lucky to meet her..ahh..I want to meet Vanessa..
    I don’t really care for Twilight, but its cool how all the girls are hanging out with each other…
    now, we need the guys to hang out

  • vanessa hudgens faan!

    she looks amazing just like always(L)


  • nuria.

    Hudgenss is really beautiful! I love heer <3

  • selly

    V is amazing!

  • i love vanessa

    she was so lucky to meet Vanessa, i want to meet Vaessa.
    And she does like shopping alot, she look fab x

  • the fame

    im loving they are hanging out:) keep the sightings pls vanessa!

  • kay

    pretty but what happened to v’s style??

  • Ava

    She’s one lucky girl. Vanessa looks gorgeous! (:

  • http://YAHOO.COM Vanessa fan

    What is Vanessa wearing these days?
    I mean i am one of her BIGGEST fans but her outfits are getting kind of odd….
    I mean she can pull it off but if someone else wore that they wouldn’t look as good as her!
    I love her hair though and i can’t wait until sucker punch comes out!

  • anna

    ugh, emily browning looks TERRIBLE as a blonde. why did she go blonde?!!
    i don’t really care for vanessa’s outfit but her hair looks SO GOOD. she still looks amazing.<3

  • Jordan

    OK thats it I want to move to Vancouver. Vanessa’s smile makes my day

    @Kay: Her style goes all over the place, Thats what makes it her style. Funny how all the back to school clothes commercials look like they are copying Vanessa :) She is influencing everyone young and old

  • delsy

    @Susie: DUH lol how much do you think she spend a day???

  • kelly

    omg , she is soo LUCKKKYY.
    vanessa looks gorgeous.
    she pulls the outfit off , and lookking
    gorgeous as always.

  • itzel

    vanessa it’s beautiful i love her, and her hair look amazing!

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa looks beautiful. She is still wearing her ring.

  • Kaitlin

    I like Vanessa but WHAT is she wearing lol!

  • ant00nija

    i like her style… is so casual and chick…

  • http://justjaredjr zanessalover

    i love her so much! she’s awesome…. does anyone know if her and zac are going to have 4 or 5 years next month? because that’s what i heard. anyways she doesn’t look bad. she looks good no matter what she wears. and i still love her style!!! <3333

  • vancrazed

    OOO… Van with the SP girls and Nikki. Vancouver is gonna be full of fun for the next few months. I love seeing her with her friends.

  • lslsharon

    Awwwww!!!Vanessa looks so gorgeous!!!I am happy she has a good time while filming there!!

  • peggy

    Emily hair is for the part she’s in a insane asylum she’s not supposed to look but so good.

    As for V’s clothes I think sometimes she’s had training that day how good is she supposed ot look and btw she looks fine.

  • laura daniela

    I actually like Vanessa’s outfit.
    It’s amazing how friendly and outgoing this young woman is. She’s been busy training but still has time to spend with friends.

  • Jordan

    @laura daniela: I’m with you on liking her outfit :) But she can pull off looks most people can’t

  • lslsharon

    But where’s AshG??

  • isaac


  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    She’s so pretty! I love her!!!

  • Susie


    Well, I saw 1 bag today so it’s not so bad plus her closet must be too full of clothes by now!

  • mj

    It’s nice to see young people just being young …no drama here. Just girls hanging with friends.

  • Jordan

    @Susie: She lives by herself in a 6 bedroom house..I’m sure she has plenty of space :)

  • paris h

    I actually like Vanessa’s outfit so Comfortable and simple .

    and she’s looks totally beautiful <3

  • Charlotte

    I’m sorry, but I don’t really see what the big deal is : vanessa isn’t that pretty. She’s attractive, but I wouldn’t say there is anything “special” about her. She’s pretty average looking to me, no way in hell is she beautiful.

  • zanessahsmxoxo


  • joanne

    i can’t wait for sucker punch and new moon

  • Jordan

    @Charlotte: Your entitled to your opinion. But why would you find nessesary to post it here, where you know almost all of us are her fans. You could not think she’s pretty and not post…..But would you post us a picture of you so we can see what “TRUE BEAUTY” looks like

  • xoxogossipgirl

    that dress….no. this is not a flattering or attractive outfit. usually she looks so good. today? not so much. her hair looks nice though. guess thats something

  • Danielle

    That girl is so lucky to find Vanessa and friends

  • zanessa4life

    Yay, Vanessa sighting :)
    She looks very cute in … whatever that is :D


  • http://zanessa nathalia

    because for min vanessa is beautiful
    has a perfect face
    contagious smile

  • jazmin

    love her V…. she does love shopping but which girl does not. SP and Twilight girls out man I wish I was there.

    They all look amazing…I do agree don’t like the blond on Emily but she still looks cute.

    Thanks for posting jjjr

  • teamhudgens

    She’s beautiful as always <3

  • ashley

    She looks cute. Big deal she is wearing something that is comfortable 4 her….well at least it looks comfy too me!

  • love

    vanessa looks absolutly beautiful. i love her

  • istar

    i love that vanessa’s style is risky… thats what i call an awesome fashion icon :D
    why did i have to be in the UK?! i wanna move to Vancouver…. NOW!!!! it would be ah-mazin if i could meet vanessa :D

  • jazmin


    I do like her outfit and do agree she can pull off anything.

  • Katty

    God, why is everyone bashing all over her. Yes, she has good style. Yes, she usually wears something fashionable, and looks beautiful (which, by the way, I like that she is wearing today). She is not allowed one day to just throw something comfortable on, and go shopping with her friends, and costars?
    Geez. I don’t think Emily looks good with blond hair, but it’s probably blond for the part. Either way, I’m glad all the girls are getting along, and hanging out together, that will make the movie awesome if you can tell they are not forced friends.
    I want some ZV pix! I know he is busy, and all, but I still want some pix!

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    V looksso gorgeous, I love her outfit :)

    Id love to meet her one day, she’s my role model!

  • Carol

    I love Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missy

    Nice dress :) Love Vanessa ;]

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