Emily Osment: All The Way Up Official Music Video

Emily Osment: All The Way Up Official Music Video

Emily Osment keeps on rocking after the roof and walls have crumbled in her official music video for “All The Way Up.”

The 17-year-old actress/singer dished about the video, telling Radio Disney host Ernie D all about it.

Emily shared, “The video was so fun, Push Play plays my band — we’re buddies. It was really fun we shot it in a mock apartment where you could see whats going on in every room. I’m playing music upstairs and you can see how it’s effecting all the rooms below.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Emily’s new video?

Emily Osment – “All The Way Up” Official Music Video
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  • =)

    I’m speechless! Congrats Emily!
    Keep on rockin’! =)
    LoveYou! XXXX

  • http://www.editedandblended.blogspot.com Carla

    Gr8 video : )

  • http://www.editedandblended.blogspot.com Carla

    Gr8 video : )

  • Lexy


    i love emily osment.
    and push play is lookin mighty sexy

  • Emily

    omgg! i loveeeee this video!
    i cant wait for her album! sooo buying it!

  • http://selenaweb.org MAYNARD

    She looks Smokin’ HOT!! I Will definitely buy her album.

  • emily

    luvin it!!!!!

  • dominique

    that song was awesome and the video rocked the house ‘literally’ i love it i can’t wait for your album

  • niki

    its a really cool song:)

  • Anne

    Pretty awesome…. I must admit it, and it’s not too Disney! Good job!

  • madison

    I don’t really like Emily Osment but I love the song! And the music video is amazing!

  • mil

    that is actually SO much better than i expected it to be….i like it better than selenas song….and i like selena! haha

  • jamie

    its pretty cool.
    Looks like she’s trying to be Ashley Tisdale though.
    Eerything looks exactly like “it’s alright, It’s ok”

    that my opinion though

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/jujusien sien

    love it
    great job

  • Emmaxo

    This is actually good! :)
    Keep on rocking emily!

  • Sarah

    *ugh* too much Disney!
    Don’t like the song and don’t like the video…
    The only thing I like about this is the fact she used push play!
    But other then that, very dissapointing.

  • nuria.

    really cool! I luv the song ‘nd the video!
    I’m in love with her eyes make-up! <3

  • A!

    I don’t think she’s trying to be Ashley Tisdale, the video is too diferent.
    AMAZING <3

  • Rj

    luv the video cant wait to get it on iTunes…Push Play r lookin mighty fine, btw!!! Emily totally rocks

  • durrr

    better than Selena Gomez’s new single haha

  • Just Jill

    Emily is not on Hollywood Records label, fyi. She’s with Wind Up, in case you didn’t know

  • lalle

    so much better than selena’s single!!!!!
    love the video and the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haley

    this is actually growing on me! I didn’t like it when I first heard it.

  • caro

    cool but she sounds a lot like miley!!!!

  • lisa

    AWESOME!!!!! :)

  • Noa

    This Is So Much Better Than Selena’s Single!

  • Minime

    I think she try too hard to look like a pro in this video… it´s not like she has worked the way herself… maybe she is tallented, but to become a real rocker you have to work hard and earn your title. it smells disney a long way

  • Flyaway

    if you some of you people think Emily sings better than Selena or think that her single is better, then you’re all crazy.

    First of all, they computerize Emily’s voice 10 times more than what they do to Selena’s.

    Second of all, Emily’s voice is very squeaky, whiny and chipmunk-ish, while Selena has a light, soft voice with a husky edge to it. They’re both average singers, but Selena is better.

    Third of all, this song sounds like every other Disney Pop songs out there. Heck I think I’ve heard this song before. At least Selena is doing something different with her song. Falling Down is way more catchy and the lyrics are edgy.

    Overall: Selena >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Emily.

    I just find it SO funny how you bash Selena’s singing and you don’t say anything negative about Emily’s. Double standards much? They both have average, mediocre voices!!

  • http://selena-collection.gportal.hu fannii

    Wowww. amazing :)

  • gold baybay

    I’m agreeing with Flyaway. Emily’s voice annoys me to no end. And to be honest, if I was forced to listen to Emily or Selena’s whole cd, beginning to end, Selena wins my voice by a long shot. Emily quit pretending, you’re not a rocker.

  • gold baybay

    Kudos on looking pretty, I guess.

  • kc

    I’m sorry, I like Emily and all but this song is waaaaaaaay too Disney-ish for me. At least Selena’s single had a different non-Disney sound. But both girls are very pretty.

  • http://nick.com sam

    @caro: She sounds NOTHING like Miley lmao. Miley has a husky man voice. Emily is way on the other side of the spectrum with a high-pitched chipmunk voice. Both are quite annoying singers actually. I prefer Demi and Selena, at least they’re listenable. But all Disney singers are crap in general.

  • ZekeMASTER

    @Flyaway: I agree about there being a double-standard. But I think it’s just because Selena is MUCH more famous than Emily and will get more scrutiny. In my opinion, if both girls were at the same level in fame I would most definitely pick Selena over Emily. Selena’s voice is less edited than Emily and I find “Falling Down” much more memorable.

  • Jerry#1

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!! She calls this INDIE-ROCK?? WoW, what a dumba$$ xD

  • http://nick.com sONY

    WORST song I ever herd! Disney, stop it. Just stop with Miley, the Jonas Brothers, Selena, and Demi as your top 6. Don’t let any other Disney star sing. Please.

    the video looks good tho.

  • http://twitter.com/Nazeefa Nazeefa

    The song is totally awesome! Love the video!!

  • marta

    emily i really love you!
    i can’t wait for your album!
    come to spain please!
    love u,marta=)

  • Nileyfan

    Awesomeee ! ! !

    Go Emily <3

  • http://twitter.com/loliver_0123 emily


  • Caroline

    @Flyaway: Right because Selena’s voice in Falling Down wasn’t edited. *dies laughing* Yep…*snicker* She was going completely natural.

    Anywho, why is it that Emily and Selena have to be better or worse than the other one? I love Emily’s new song. And I think the music video is amazing and oh so far from what Disney would allow…Kid’s practicing music so loudly they annoy they’re parents and break down the house? Uh, yeah, right. The thing I don’t get is why Selena’s music should effect my opinion of that.

    Oh…right…IT DOESN’T.

  • kristenfans

    I don’t know I like both!In my opinion both songs are edited,so…anyways I like Selena and Emily.

  • Flyaway

    @Caroline: Did I say that Selena’s voice wasn’t edited in Falling Down? NO, I did not. I’m just saying that Emily sounds way more computerized than Selena does.

    And the music video is not so far from what Disney would allow. kids playing music too loud? didn’t that happen in Freaky Friday when Lindsay’s character and her band was playing the song way too loud that annoyed Jamie Lee’s character? Didn’t Disney air that movie on their channel? Yes, they did.

    and breaking down the house? Didn’t something similar like that happened in a Sonny with a Chance episode? and in a That’s So Raven episode? or in a Wizards of Waverly Place episode? oh and in the Hannah Montana episode, jackson and miley were in a car in which is about to fall off of a cliff.

    Emily might as well been stuck with Hollywood Records. this song is SO typical Disney Pop.

  • nina caplan

    the vido is cool but the song is booring, so typical

  • TV

    THis song is TRASH. It’s an exact carbon copy of “Hero in Me”, which is another one of Emily’s annoying songs. ugh

  • mohamedashry

    the song is cool but the music video is AWESOME!!!!! she rocked it

  • sid

    the song is good, i like her outfit but her voice doesn’t fit the rock style

  • hellohello

    LOVED THE MV!!!! I thought it was so original when the ceiling fell down!

  • =)=)=)

    i loved the song that she did with m.m ! i dont know whats it called though ! i realy didnt hear selenas’ song i dont know why i just dont want 2 ! but emily made me listen 2 it ! but at the end i think both songs r cool !

  • Alexis

    I like Emily and the song and all, but I really don’t like how she’s trying so hard to be all “rocker-chick”.

>>>>>>> staging1