Miley Cyrus is a Car Tune

Miley Cyrus is a Car Tune

Miley Cyrus belts out a tune playing from the radio as she and momager Tish head over to a studio in Hollywood on Monday afternoon (August 24).

Maybe the 16-year-old starlet was singing because she found her lucky bracelet? Miley tweeted, “Omg! I found my lucky bracelet! It was in the CUP HOLDER in my car! I don’t know and don’t care how it got in there! DOO DA DOO Life’s good.”

Over the weekend, Miley reunited with big sis Brandi, pal Kirsten and Tish by having a girls day out.

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • Emma :)

    First ?


    CONGRATULATIONZ MILEY!!! on finding your lucky bracelet! and yes, life IS good!!!! hahahaa.

  • http://hhy peace95

    she looks awesome and i love finding precious things like that, too!:)

  • lol

    seems to be trying too hard to prove she is happy. IDK – just looks a bit put on. it’s is only a bracelet – with her cash she could buy a chain of jewelry stores. I’ve lost a bracelet & a ring & I can not afford to, but it is not the end of the world. Oh well the “cameras” just happened to be there to catch the joyous moment..

  • mileyfan17

    miley is awesome:) hope she is making a new full length album!!!!!

  • jo

    Hahaha i love this girl. Doesnt get more real then this.

  • Bella


    So basically Miley has to refrain from doing everyday normal things like singing in the car because there are cameras around. Let her be!

  • DemiFan

    Finally this girl is back in Sunny Los Angeles! Now we will see more of her!

  • l_ireystwigh

    miley is the best!!!!!!!!no matter what

  • the fame

    hands in the steering wheel pls

  • mwuahahaha

    i love seeing her being “normal.” ♥

  • yourlover
  • MissMileysFan1

    Miley is the funniest girl ever! I love her!

  • heather

    @the fame:

    i think the car is parked lol

  • Heather

    am i the only one to notice this..
    Who is driving the car?!

  • xoxogossipgirl

    this girl is SUCH a freaking attention seeker. its so blatant that its becoming ridiculous.

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    i love that girl !! and LOL miley is always happy and thats just her thats why shes called SMILEY MILEY !! and the girl is happy b/c she found a thing that she loved do u want her 2 cry ? let her be happy whats the big deal ?

  • miley’s 1st fan

    Miley’s BACK in L.A.

    and I am BACK on JustJaredJr. lol the only reason i go on JJJr or on Perez.. is Miley !

    She looks so Happy ! i’m kinda sure that she was happy hearing Party In the USA on the radio..

  • katie

    @xoxogossipgirl: …for riding in her car? jeez. y’all are ridiculous. just because some of you are shut-ins doesn’t mean that she should be. ;) she looks like she’s having fun. maybe you should try it!

  • jessica

    lol she looks so happy! Love Miley but do your hair before you go out you need conditioner. This is said with love.

  • Langlgrl

    @xoxogossipgirl: how is she an attention seeker?, shes just singing in the car, until the paps came along

  • amy

    she ain’t the prettiest girl in the world but i think it’s nice that she doesn’t cake herself with makeup 24/7… looks like she’s having a good time.

  • amy

    also i just heard her song ‘party in the usa’ for the first time and i really like it.

  • ashytisdalefan

    she is beautiful and I’m glad shes back home :)

  • bella

    Miley is the best.

  • disney rks!

    awww i love her she is so down to earth glad she is back i want more hannah montana episodes
    lol she looks so happy!!
    haters get lost !

  • bella

    She IS the prettiest girl in the world!!

  • flashmob

    Watching her appearance on The View, this morning, Miley’s dancer’s legs looked like a million dollars. They looked so fabulous, one of the gals from The View, (refuse to say who :P), actually could not refrain from touching them, (yeah, those are obviously real).

    Except for Miley’s still soft-enunciation and her peppering her speech with the stereotypical-teen frequent use of the word “like”, it was hard to remember she is a teenager, and not an old soul.

    She talked about her autobiography, Miles to Go, and about deleting her sister’s MySpace account, saying that the Internet poses risks to young girls.( A star in her own right, Noah Cyrus has created it again.)

    I wonder what Miley would do to better the Internet experience for young girls.

    Kudos to JJJ for consistent posts with upbeat headlines and articles that lend themselves more to fans than haters.

  • lalala

    does work or is it just my computer. haha miley

  • wow

    @the fame:

    Yeah and she NEVER wears a seat belt either. Guess when you are a celeb, the rules don’t apply to you. (& yes all pictures the paps take of her in cars never show her with a seat belt on)

  • Yo!

    love the fact that she is finally back in L.A, teen hollywood isn’t the same without Miley (:
    and she looks pretty

  • hsajdhsjhdsasaaa

    people that say that she is the prettest person in the world get real have u even see the world prettest girls … btw she is beautiful

  • Chau

    Her hair looks fried. Oh well. XD

  • Ange

    Love her

  • flashmob

    Oh no no no no no no no!

    Miley just tweeted:

    I am so over taking pictures. I am NOT made to be a “model”

    I don’t know what to even comment on her again, unless/until she reconsiders. :(

  • Jenn


    Where did you get your laser eye vision? Or were you just born with it? Either way, glad to know some people can see through cars.

    She’s so low down, you can’t even tell.

  • liz

    does she sing like that on stage?

  • zanessa-for-life-fan

    I dont really like Mileys mom, she just idk, ehh…. :/

  • nivea

    @flashmob: she wasn’t talking about this site, she was talking about the people on the -other- teen gossip site (y’all know which one i mean). they were all calling her fat yesterday, in those pics with the orange dress). it’s really messed up that so many young girls consider everyone above a size two to be “fat” in my opinion… she’s a perfectly healthy girl. i wish she’d stop going on that site and reading the comments, it’s full of jealous preteens. :( jjj is so much better.

    anyway it’s nice to see her have fun!

  • lol


    Where did you get your laser eye vision? Or were you just born with it? Either way, glad to know some people can see through cars.

    She’s so low down, you can’t even tell.
    It does not take laser eye vison – seatbelts in current model cars, which is all she & her family drive – have a part that goes over the shoulder – (just in case you are from po dunk too) – you would see it. Also she has been riding in this car before & the pictures the paps took were fron view & she did not have her seatbelt on. & anytime she was photographed riding either in her car or Justin’s – the paps got front view pics – also with NO seatbelt.

  • nivea

    @lol: sigh. if it wasn’t obvious enough by the fact that no one is driving the car in these pictures, the car is not moving here. please go find something else to whine about.

  • Vicki

    Driving at 16? wtf? Spoilt brat.

  • m?
  • Amber

    well honestly that bracelet as she previously stated was “lucky” and probably meant a lot to her and she can’t just buy a new one with that kind of meaning. and secondly the paparazzi is everywhere she is, so she probably didn’t call them. she is the most famous teen in america and elsewhere.

  • keltu
  • Jannii

    It seems like she is trying to be happy…
    Looks a bit put on!!
    And *lol* I really can’t see her anymore..
    Don’t like her that much…

  • delsy

    @lol: its lucky it has obviously got sentimental value

  • mcf

    miley luved that why go buy a new 1 ? and what do u want her 2 do cry cuz the paps r taking pics of her ?? get a life loser ! anyways luv u smiley miley and 4ever ! u go girl

  • Rachel

    and a brittany song was on and a brittiany song was on and a brittany song was on

  • chrisbrownluver4ever

    So I put my hands up
    They’re playing my song,
    And the butterflys fly away
    Noddin’ my head like yea
    Movin my hips like yea
    I got my hands up,
    They’re playin my song
    I know im gonna be ok
    Yea, It’s a party in the USA
    Yea, It’s a party in the USA