David Henrie: Wizards Movie Premiere Is A No-Go

David Henrie: Wizards Movie Premiere Is A No-Go

After much hype and excitement, David Henrie just announced on his Twitter that his Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premiere is not happening.

The 20-year-old actor shared, “Okay so look… here’s the deal. Bad news. My charity premier idea generated traffic, a lot of traffic, which is a security issue. I’m going to have to cancel it because I can’t hire a small military in the amount of time I have to make sure it’s safe. Plus a venue seating a couple hundred would mean thousands would be turned down. I don’t want any1 upset, so I’m going to have to bow out of this. I wish it could have happened, woulda been dope!”

David continued, “When you have hundreds of thousands of followers then tens out thonsands are going to show and I don’t want any1 hurt…rrrrggggg. I hope every1 still watches the movie and gets excited for it none the less. It’s a blessing to know that so many of u were excited to come.”

Be sure to watch the Wizards Movie THIS Friday, August 28th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel

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  • http://www.abv.bg Veselka

    he looks cute.

  • http://justjaredjr.com jamie.

    awww. he’s so adorable. :)
    and i love how he cares for everyone. he didn’t want anyone to be hurt. that’s so sweet. :)
    he is honestly one of the sweetest guys ever. i love him. alot.
    and i can’t wait for the wizards movie. <3 all of his true fans (including me) will understand. besides, I couldn’t have gone anyway since it was in CA. hahahaha.
    anyhoo, i love you david. always will. xoxo

  • Sarah

    This sucks .. he lied to all of us :(

  • nnnn

    who cares

  • Flyaway

    Aww, and I was so looking forward to it. :(
    oh well, I love David and I’m definitely gonna watch the Wizards movie!!

  • BlaireB

    he has VERY pretty eyes.
    it’s OK david, I still love you! <3
    things don’t always work out the way you want it to.

  • tayla

    i pretty much predicted that.
    oh well, he’s such a cutie

  • lover


  • Jenny

    Guys he’s one of the NICEST guys you could meet. I met him this summer and he was AMAZINGLY nice. So what a secerity problem at least he told us the truth……. He’s AMAZING!

  • Jon

    See, this is why the movie should’ve been in theaters. Poor David.Why doesn’t Disney help him out and let them have a bigger theater for the premiere?

  • redspider

    @Sarah: what? David didn’t lie. did you even read it?!

  • Charlie Johnson

    Fuck u Jared! Post my shit!

  • Karen

    @Sarah: he didn’t lie! he’s APOLOGIZING. do you know how much he tried to let people come to the premiere like that? at least he tried to set this up, do you know any other disney movie star that has tried to set it up?

  • http://selenaweb.org POWER RANGER

    I LOVE Selena and WOWP, but they need to get better writers for the show. Sometimes the storylines are kind of dumb. I watch the show because she’s a great actress. She makes the show funny!!

  • Abby

    Aww… too bad thats a shame… I can’t wait until the movie to see him jake and selena. Now that i mention selena…..


    IF YOU SUPPORT SELENA GO GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abby

    P.S Get Selenas Single Falling Down while its still 99 cents on Itunes. I hate it when they make popular songs $1.29.
    xoxo ;)

  • http://zanessasmagictrip.ning.com zanessar2gether4ever


    he didnt lie !!!
    he said the truth!!
    it better than deleting the premiere without anybody knowing !
    he cares for his fans , thats one of the reasons he deleted the premiere !!!
    he didnt lie !! he wanted to do the premiere but couldnt !!

  • gold baybay


    Don’t be dense people. She’s talking about how he lied about having the premiere.

  • redspider

    @gold baybay: David didn’t lie to anybody! people need to stop accusing him, theres too much drama already!

  • caroline

    @gold baybay: When plans fall through, that isn’t lying?

  • caroline

    @Jon: I sort of feel like it should have been in theaters, too, because Lizzie McGuire was (that was smaller-scale than Hannah Montana) . . . but for one reason or another they didn’t. Maybe they didn’t think it would get this big… but I think the interest is smaller than what they are making us believe…too small for theaters.

  • dash

    I really doubt tens of thousands would show up. Maybe tens, but not tens of thousands.

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