Miley Cyrus is a Burbank Beauty

Miley Cyrus is a Burbank Beauty

Miley Cyrus sports a cheetah spotted hat as she arrives at a studio to prepare for her upcoming tour on Tuesday morning (August 25) in Burbank, Calif.

The 16-year-old starlet got up early this morning to take a jog around her neighborhood. Miley tweeted, “Last night a cleaning demon took over me and I cleaned from 11- 4. Went to sleep at 4:30 and now I am up at 8 to go running. So the whole ‘running’ thing will actually probably never happen. I’m gonna start out with a ‘light jog.’ Let tour training begin!!!”

Miley and big bro Trace and his band Metro Station are set to take the nation by storm starting September 14. Check out all of Miley‘s tour dates to see if she’s coming to a city near you!

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Credit: LA; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • sam

    miley is so beautiful. any guy would be lucky to have her she gorgeous even in casual shorts. great body miley she the sexiest disney star as of yet.

  • she’s so cute :D
    i’m loving the hat

  • =)=)=)

    miley is such a beautiful girl ! and i agree with SAM ! luv u miley so much cant wait 4 your tour ! u go girl

  • Delilah_Marie

    aww! This is the Miley I’m use to! :D So glad she’s back in LA. <3 I’m so exited for the tour! :D October 20th is my date. :]

  • mcf

    miley your awesome ! luv your hat ! i love every hat u wear! but wha i luv the most is u ! your so beautiful even with no makeup u look soooo beautiful !!!!! love u 4ever ! i want 2 Go 2 your tour sooo BAD but i cant ( tear ) but anyway make knew albums cuz your albums r just amazing there the best ever ! peace !

  • jenna

    could her shorts be any shorter.. jeez.

  • liz

    i don’t dig the hat.
    miley max shirt & hat ?
    i like the shirt :D

  • claudia

    shes so groos, ewww… i cant even describe her, shes very nasty, her hairs is just horrible, and she have and extremly fat face is vey ugly, and always she looks super greasy, my gosh and look at those legs with cellulitis hahahahaha she looks so fat….. and one more time i proved that all the stupid and pathetic fans always gonna say gosh shes so gorgeous, shes so perfect and blah blah even ehen definitely she look terrible, just like in this pic….. hahahaha

  • Toya

    Miley you are so beutiful girl and I hope you have a great time on tour.

    God bless you girl in all your success.

  • Kiki

    Thats mileys hat from her clothing line :)
    i got the same hat

  • lauren

    @claudia: LOL is so funny how haters waste your time seeing someone you dont like. Come on everybody knows that you’re jealous, and she isn’t fat, you only wish to have her legs or her fame.

  • lauren

    @claudia: Oh and, she is not ugly :) , shes is beatiful in all the sense of the word.

  • cass

    i agree. like jeeze. her shorts are short enough. ugh, i hate her so much and noo i’m jelous of her. she just trys to hard to look ‘grown up’.

  • mILDA

    claudia ->> im totally agree .wDDD she is the biggest bich in whole world and in these pic she looks horrible without make-up.

  • sarah


  • Jenn

    Miley looks AMAZING as always. I only wish I could be as thin as her.

    FYI; If you hate her so much, stop wasting your life looking at her pictures and leaving comments that don’t need to be said. You may not be jealous, but you’re a bitter person who, has no life. [Obviously if you like to spend your time commenting on posts about people you hate, your social life is non-existent.]

  • megan

    omgg im sooo stoked for the tour!!! im going november 7th and 18th! miley is sooo amazing…and btw i love her hat!!!

  • megan

    @Jenn: thankyou.

  • jailine

    @mILDA: thats what i said

  • victoria

    i love you miley and i think you are amazing!
    all of you being disrespectful, please leave, or just don’t say anything at all!
    kthanksbye :)

  • tasha

    I want that hat sooo bad!
    She looks stunning, as per :)
    And I’m seeing her 14th December in London :D
    Soo stoked!

  • Sa5m

    she look so beautiful
    love you miley <3

  • Mitchels-biggest-fan

    Wow this is so fascinating, I love Miley [don't get me wrong...] but I just don’t think its really nessicary to report it.

  • Charlie Johnson

    @claudia: Just wondering, instead of sitting on the computer, why dont you go back to school and learn how to write out a sentence that makes sense because no one can understand what you are trying to say

  • jimmy

    Actually people like claudia (above) is more than happy if you’re replying to her. It shows how concern you are on what she wrote.
    Just ignore her…

  • Natalie


    You can’t call a 16 year old fat, she probably has enough self esteem problems to worry about, without you saying all that shit. Plus I know her legs look kind of stumpy but she still has lot’s of growing to do! Go to friggen oceanup that’s where all the miley haters reunite.

  • Natalie


    Just because you hate miley cyrus doesn’t mean you don’t have a social life. That was a really idiotic thing to say.

  • Jenn


    Did I say that if you hate Miley, you have no social life? NOPE. I said if you hate someone, and you spend your time posting rude comments, putting them down, and saying how much you hate them, THEN you probably have no social life. Personally, if I hate someone, I try to stay away from them. I don’t look at their posts, and don’t feel the need to put unnecessary things. Simple as that.

  • Amanda


    No but the fact that you replied to this and checked back on the comments means that YOU probably have no social life

  • fffff

    beautiful? …okkkkkk…i wnt comment on tht,
    but wht is his chicks obsession w/ short shorts? not cute sweetie sry

  • Abby

    Once again Miley doesnt dissapoint when looking like a slut…… Geez can her shorts be any shorter? In other news……….

    The prettier, classier, Selena Gomez’s Single Falling Down is avaliable on ITUNES TODAY! if you support Sel GO GET IT!!!!


  • Abby

    @sam: Sexy? really now? shes SIXTEEN last time i checked SIXTEEN YEAR OLDS shouldn’t be sexy funny how miley is the youngest disney star yet is considered the sexiest…. HA

  • omg!!

    she maybe the youngest but she was born in the same year as them!! she will be 17 in a few months ! and realy i see nothing wrong with her and i think shes sooo not fat ! and soo not boney like other disney stars that have no meat on just bones ! and 4 the people who say ” can those shorts get any shorter ” YES they can ! and who r u 2 judge ? i think she looks amazing and realy like her hat ! luv u miley!

  • Abby

    @omg!!: I didnt say Cyrus was fat and what disney stars are you talking about that are boney?! like who!? Demi isnt and selena isnt so idk what u r talking about…. Oh yea and those shorts can be shorter you’re right but they would give her a MAJOR friggin wedgie is they were any shorter might as well be in boy shorts or her underwear.. but then again miley doesnt have any problem being in her underwear especially when taking pictures

  • redeyes

    It’s so great to see people defending Miley, haters please leave, no one cares of what you comment, we love Miley, she’s awesome and beautiful.

  • redeyes

    @Jenn: i could not agree with you more, yayyy Miley, she rocks !

  • omg!!!!

    who said i was talking 2 u about her being fat or not ? who said i was talking 2 u about the shorts ? i was talking 2 u about the age thing nothing else !!!

    ps demi and selena aren’t the only female disney stars !! loser !

  • so what !

    miley rocks!!!! shes the best disney girl ever well 4 me !!!! luv u miley!

  • so what !

    #8 : الكل يرى الناس بعين طبعة
    please if some1 understands this please explain this 2 her !

  • ally

    Miley looks fantastic! I can’t wait for her tour in September, loads of my friends are going to see her, and so am I! I can’t wait to see you Miley! I am with you all the way.

  • drez

    awesome!!! very sexy look

  • Ashlee

    she has gained some major weight