Miley Cyrus: Video Shoot With Dr. Luke!

Miley Cyrus: Video Shoot With Dr. Luke!

Miley Cyrus follows up a phone call in the back seat of a SUV after a long video shoot in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (August 25).

The 16-year-old starlet tweeted about her day, “Doing a video shoot and then possibly doing dinner with @claudekelly @thedoctorluke. Having sushiii wiff @thedoctorluke and @thebrandicyrus Such a great ending to such a great day!”

Rumor has it, the shoot was for an upcoming Walmart commercial to promote her new clothing line, Miley Cyrus & Max Azria, but either way security was tight. The production company installed 10-foot curtains to make sure no paparazzi could see inside.

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Credit: Hot Shots Worldwide; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • niley



  • kevin

    it’s not for a walmart commercial. it’s for a music video. she filmed 2 music videos this month !

    one for the official music video for “the last song” called when i look at you. and two (which is the one she filmed today) is for her new EP. rumor has it, that its for party in the USA or time of our lives.

  • cc27

    Miley looks GORGEOUS! xD

  • emily

    Love Her!!! :D

  • Bella


    I thought there wasn’t going to be a “Party In The USA” video. I was thinking maybe the video shoot was for her tour. You know how they have opening videos or an intro to the next song. I think it could be for that.

  • sophie cyrus

    Wow she really looks so BEAUTIFUL! Everyone follow us on TWITTER @SOFIECYRUS. We Love & Support Miley & Sofie Ray 200%
    Much Love and God Bless,

  • Ashley

    Ashlee Nino one of Miley’s dancers tweeted about being at the shoot. she said “On my way to a commercial shoot! Yeaayyy! Shake ..shake.. Sha sha sha shake it!!!” i think its a commercial doubling as a music video like christina aguilera did with her keeps gettin better video for target.

  • daniela

    miley is so biutiful !
    miley rocks ªªª!

  • sophie cyrus

    Be sure to get your ‘MILEY PUPPY” from Princess Pet AKA Celebrity Dog Breeder

  • naomi

    those pant’s are too short!!

  • victoria

    ha i honestly dont care what its for, im just excited for new stuff lol! love ya miley, and cant wait to see you sept. 20th :)
    and i dont get why people say her shorts are too short! last i checked, they were named ‘shorts’ because they are short. idk it just bugs me, and because they think they are short, they use that as an excuse to HATE her, like really?! do you have to be that extreme!
    love ya miles, and always will <3

  • swe3t2

    @victoria you going to the san jose concert….me tooo

  • swe3t2


    yayy you going to the san jose, ca tour date.

    i am going too!!!!!
    i got pretty good seats u?

  • Anna

    She looks GORGEOUS !!
    I hope she does a music video for PARTY IN THE USA!

  • is it just me or is her hair darker?
    like the 2nd pic??

  • kevin

    @Bella: possibly, but E news was on TV and they said it was her second music video shoot this month. and it also ties into tour clips and a commercial. so i gyess its for 3 tthings. but who cares, shes HOT and AWESOME !!!!!!!!!

    and isnt it amazing that her song “party in the USA” has been #1 on iTunes for 2 weeks. LETS KEEP IT UP GUYS !!! and beat black eyed peas !!! blahh im personally getting tired of “i gotta feeling”

  • kevin

    @kevin: CORRECTION: my bad. sorry guys, i almost forgot how phenomanal miley cyrus was, PARTY IN THE USA has been #1 ON ITUNES for … 3 WEEKS !!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH. and HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE currently remains the #1 spot for the second week in a row. KEEP IT UP GUYS :D :D !!!!!!

  • jessica

    Love Miley! /lots of security guards around. Nick said in d.c. he wants a normal girl like Kevin. Miley needs someone normal too…like Liam!

  • mILDA

    fucing bich.

  • 007

    love miley

  • Mcfan

    Liam is not normal guy!!! Miley should needs to get back with Nick and Nick should needs to get back with Miley.
    Miley and nick are meant to be.They belong 2gether.
    Miley looks so pretty =) I love her sooooo much >3333
    U rock miley :D

  • zuppa


    yes you are;)

  • meee

    she looks gorgeous (:

  • carlyn

    did she change her hair color?
    either way, she looks greaat (:

  • =)=)=)

    #19 its nice 2 see that people realy know them selfs inside and out !

    i wish i could download all her songs from itunes but every time i try it just doesnt work ! HELP ME ! but other than that i love listening 2 her songs on the radio ! luv u miley 4ever and u look gr8 !

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    #19-mILDA : this is not about u its about miley !

    and miley u look gorgeous luv u ! your songs r amazing and every song u make just rock my world ! GO miley !

  • drez

    nice look
    love that girl

  • secret

    it was actually a videoshoot for her brothers music video, “Shake It”