Nick Jonas: No Date For Kevin & Danielle...Yet

Nick Jonas: No Date For Kevin & Danielle...Yet

Newly engaged couple Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa couldn’t be more busy, but wedding plans between the two are still happening.

Kevin‘s lil bro Nick told ABC News Radio on Monday (August 24) that a date is impending. He shared, “They have not set a date yet, but I think that it’ll be sometime around the end of the year, beginning of the year — something like that.”

It was recently rumored that Kevin and Danielle were scoping out The Bahamas for their nuptials, where they first met.

TELL JJJ: When do you think Kevin and Danielle should tie the knot?

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  • Emmaxo

    Go Kanielle !! :)

  • http://jjj Michelle :)

    Aww how cute :)

  • Hailey

    This worls has some rude butts. Leave Kevin alone, he’s just as amazing. No, I would not buy a CD if it was just Joe and Nick, because the band is JOE, NICK, AND KEVIN. I’m happy for Kanielle, and I think for the Bahamas it should be a summer wedding. But it’s up to them.

  • chrisbrownluver4ever

    DONT tell me u 2 will mary nick !?!
    and just 4 what u said about kevin FUK nick ! kevin is sooooooooo better than nick ! he knows what a real relationship means ! not like that idiot !

  • Nikki

    Yay for Kanielle! They are so cute together!

  • shaked shneider

    On my birthday! January 1st!

  • manny archujonas

    bahamas?! ok thats awsome but why not here in NJ ?! i would totes go and just pass by and hopefully see nick in a tuxedo! hahahah

  • L Jonas

    yeees. I love that couple- they seem SOOO happy ^^ LOL

  • Zoe


  • anonymus

    in about 5 years, in new jersey.




    GO KANIELLE!!! <3


  • Nazeefa

    I love Kevin & Danielle!! Seriously!
    And I hope they get married whenever they feel like it an all but right now they seem kind of busy. Maybe after they’re done touring so next year.
    But I LOVE them!!!

  • Vicki

    @jessica: Shut up! What does Nick being more mature have to do with you wanting Kevin to leave the band. The Jonas Brothers wouldn’t have been as successful as they are with Kevin. If it was just Nick and Joe like a guy duo or something it wouldn’t work. Kevin is just as important. So if you want Kevin to leave the band, you can say goodbye to the Jonas Brothers and their success. You’re obviously not a true fan.

  • emma

    kevin is the only reason i like the jonas brother !

    3.nick is….. (no i dont like his curly fries !)
    kevin is the best 1 of them the band would suck without him ! but only if they date stars then thats another story !

  • chrisbrownluver4ever

    WHAT does my name have 2 do with it ???
    and what does it say about my character please tell me !

  • @rafaeloliveira0

    you know… in my opinion they’re all kinda fake… i doubt really hard that they’re like this for real… it can’t be! you knw… they just do it for the fame,i think… nobody is this naturally silly ! but at least they’re good singers (and actors/ haha)
    and i do think they’re great role models tho !
    i hope they will get out of this disney thing and become a better band … they would be more real !
    but until then : go jonass!

  • chrisbrownluver4ever

    jessicas’ comments got deleted ! good move jjjr ! love 4 that !

  • mrsefron.

    New Jersey for sureee!!!!!!

  • jamie linn

    Aw these 2 are so cute together and I think they should get married in the summer this yr because that way they will have quit a bit of time to plan and pay and they could have a really nice summer weeding. And a big after party but outside in a big big big mar key that will be so cute x i cant see these 2 getting married though but I hope they do because they are so cute together x

  • Taliya

    Look people! Just Jared is not for fighting! It’s a place for everyone to read about celebrities! So everyone stop using these fighting words! Now tell me something,if your mother came on here and saw this would you be happy so just STOP!

  • hilzj

    uhhh…..i dont think they should get married at alll

  • ayay

    hailey #2- How would you even tell if he’s on it or not…they could just hire a bassist and you wouldn’t even realize the difference.

  • kay

    Wow she is REALLY unfortunate looking, fitting for Kevin.

  • Yvonne

    They are such a gorgeous couple. I love Kevin to death, but Danielle seems so sweet that it hurts a lot less to think of them together. GO KANIELLE! :)

  • Vicki

    shes ugly

  • DanieJx

    They should get married in London … and i’ll watch them come out of the church, and “The Queen” should come, considering they meet her alot ^o)
    I think they should get married term(semester in America i think?) time or something, or they might get fans on holiday tryin’ to interrupt or something. & It shouldn’t be released where its going to happen exactly ,before the wedding. (:

  • michelle

    i think they should not cause i am very upset about this

  • Maia

    I think they should tie their knot in the bahamas where they first met so it would be much much more romantic But tto bad they already had their beautiful wedding in NYC Merry Christ and Happy new year :)