Selena Gomez Jams To Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez Jams To Miley Cyrus

Selena Gomez gets her groove on at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards as Miley Cyrus performs “Party In The USA” earlier this month.

The 17-year-old actress sat right behind High School Musical BFFs Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens at the award ceremony and all three were jamming to Miley‘s performance.

Check out the videos below and you can also see Mr. Corbin Bleu show Ash and Vanessa something on his phone. What do you think he’s showing them?

Selena, Vanessa & Ashley Jam to “Party In The USA”

Behind The Scenes at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards

Behind The Scenes at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards
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  • nathalia


  • Jordan

    I love seeing Ashley and Vanessa together. To bad thier careers keep them apart :) I wonder if Corbins showing them his pictures without the black bars on them :) If he is I wanta see too :)

  • delsy


  • listen to mayday parade

    so maybe people should stop hating on miley and selena since selena clearly doesnt have a problem with miley eh. plus the song is catchy. lol

  • svenja**

    @Jordan lol I wanna see that too :) Anyway I love ‘Party in the USA’ . Awesome song

  • Shannon

    Ha ha, Selena’s grooving is so cute… she obviously doesn’t realize the cameras on her :P

  • Deen

    Selena is great!! look al jake he is a hottie!!!

  • jena

    Selena always seem so sweet to Miley….but i don’t see it vice versa! Please don’t bash cause thats what I think. I recently saw a comment telling what miley had told on her twitter and everyone told it was for selena….and what she had told was pretty mean.

  • sooo
    follow me and ill follow you back!

  • LOL

    LOL, look at the look Jake T. Austin gives Selena while she’s jamming to the song. priceless

  • emily

    whocares! anyways love vanessa,miley,&ashely :D

  • Emily

    In the sec vid, when the JoBros walk by, I love how Selena’s kind of just.. sitting there, keeping a straight face. haha

    Hahaha,. I love Ellen. And Ash Tisdale. ahah. She looks so happy.

  • Jon

    Selena was more into the song than Ashley and Vanessa. Clearly, there’s no beef between the two talented girls. So stop making up stories about the so-called fued.

  • kc

    Selena’s jamming is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.


    haha this is classic. a lot of people are just saying she was putting on a show for the cameras. . . . . .but honestly that was sooo off beat but still cute, I think if she knew the cameras was on her. . . .. she would have tried to be alittle more on point. lol shes like in her own little world. super cute.

  • may

    vanessa (L)

    love her

  • Mariam

    I was actually here seatfilling, positioned as close as I could be to them in the pit the whole time. So I’ll share a cute moment with you all: V and Ashley are sitting next together because Zac left the seats after getting his award, and Vanessa didn’t want to sit alone (that is what she actually told the handlers). She got lonely without Zac. :)

    Selena was such a sweetie the whole time. I got a hug from her!

  • l_ireystwigh

    selena is such a great person !aww love her X:X:X FOLLOW ME:

  • Sa5m

    selena and miley are good friend..
    love them

  • masbonita


  • Karen

    LOL, this video doesn’t go long enough to show Corbin with the girls showing them something on his phone. But the actual video is cute and the girls are getting a big laugh.

  • Karen

    Sorry, when I posted my comment I wasn’t getting the last two videos—just the first one!

  • A!


  • DemiFan

    Hopefully this will show that the girls do NOT hate each other like their fans think so. PHEW! All girls are GF’s then!

  • emily

    wow she could still like the song & not like her but their is no fued between them their jus not close friends!

  • Elien

    Can someone read lips? :P

    They’re all so cute, I love them all. Selena is just an adorable girl!

  • ashytisdalefan

    Yeah, Sel and Miley seem to be really close and she loved the song.
    I LOVE ashnessa<3
    they are the cutest best friends :D

  • Jordan

    Selena is cute…but she’s off the beat LOL

  • Cbloss

    Nice vid! Totally enjoyed it! ^_^ I love all the actresses and singers in this vid. Selena in the beginning, I thought she could be really mean but I don’t think so so much anymore. I don’t think there’s anything between her and Miley anymore. There might of been some tension at the start though which is only natural.

  • shannz

    everyone not here but youtube and other places r like selena was mean for not say hi i think its unfair 2 say that its a 2 way street jb coulda greeted her 2 if they didn’t y should she?

  • Katie G!

    ashenssaa<3 with corbin! ahaha love itt

    and selena is adorable… obviously theyre freinds people she said it in her seventeen interview jeesh

  • nina caplan

    i love ASHLEY TISDALE <3

  • brad

    aaww zaccc<33 and zanessa

  • ana

    i love zanessa!!!=)

  • Pinky

    Emily I totally agree, she could like the song but not the singer….I know I would when your trying to stealing my best friend away and it’s working…but yet again I’m not my best friend’s mom so I can’t control who she hangout with either, so whatever to that,. I Love Selena though and I’m on her side….((GO Team Selena))… screw Miley and Demi friendship it’s all fake for media anyways

  • Carol

    WOWP The movie was sooo awesome you guys have to see it!!!

  • marie

    selena’s just adorable

  • teamhudgens

    Selena’s moves is so cute =)
    Vanessa is AMAZING!

  • istar

    aww… i love zanessa! i think corbin might be showing his shirtless beautiful life picture?? hmmm.

  • Amanda

    Oh Selena is in her world hahahahaha is really funny her dance hahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha i love demi, vanessa and taylor :D follow me :P

  • Sarah

    Why do people hate on Miley/Selena but never on the Jonas Brothers?!

  • sAm

    @Carol: You’ve seen it online huh? Was it really good. I’m gonna wait til Friday but I wanna hear some early reviews

  • jessica

    What was up with stepdad and Sel’s mom? Ash and Vanessa were being real and are Miley’s friends, they looked natural.

  • http://jjj marcy

    Vanessa is so beautiful as always

    Selena looks like an old lady….

  • cami

    Vanessa needs to chew gum with her mouth closed
    Anywaay, selena is too cute <3

  • http://jjj telma

    I just like Vanessa

  • Em

    Mariam you where there? Do you have any other cute or interesting stories to share?
    Anyway they all seem nice. And i like the interaction between everyone.

  • claire

    haha selena is adorable!!! this is why I LOVE HER!!! shes the best

  • hunny

    I was just focusing on all the cute Zanessa moments in the second video. Love them!


    selena gomez looks so cute …..selena rocks

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