Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone: Home Is Where Our Hearts Are

Selena Gomez & Jennifer Stone: Home Is Where Our Hearts Are

BFFs Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone recently caught up with Texas newspaper Star Telegram to chat about their upcoming TV movie, their friendship and music. Check out what they had to say:

Jennifer on her friendship with Demi Lovato and Selena: “We have cohesive personalities, so that helps with any friendship. But also, when you’re that far away from home, you want to be around something that reminds you of the place that you miss. So whenever I’m around Selena, we always talk about home, and it’s nice to be with somebody that gets that.”

Selena on her upcoming album, Kiss & Tell: “I wanted to make sure that my music was going to be fun, and that my kid audience and my teen audience and even their parents could enjoy listening to it. I’m no Christina Aguilera or Kelly Clarkson, and I know that, so I just wanted to make sure my music was fun.”

Both on Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie: We got to go hiking in the rain forest. We had amazing food, they have a great beach, we went Jet Skiing. It was really beautiful. It was really nice just soaking up the culture. We tried to go to beach-side dinners as much as possible, because we’re both huge beach people.”

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premieres THIS Friday, August 28th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Photos: Peter Stone/Disney Channel
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  • delsy

    cool i like Jennifer selena..not so much

  • rachel

    awesome!!!!!!!!! can’t wait 4 the movie……….

  • Nazeefa

    Awww they’re both so sweet!! I can’t wait for the movie! It look awesome.

  • nickie

    sel is so sweet… gosh i love her, shes so talented, gorgeous and so down to earth…. definitely shes the best disney girl…

  • sarah

    love you baby girl!!! selly is so pretty and so nice…..

  • ashley

    yayyy cant wait for her movie and cd…. team selenita forever!!!

  • RYAN

    I think Selena and Jennifer are truly good friends, unlike Miley & Emily. I don’t HATE Miley or Emily. You can tell they’re not good friends. They never hangout together.

  • Vhudsupporter

    Jessica I bet you’re the fail! Stop bashing!

    I can’t wait for everything Selena. She Rocks! I think she is to coolest !

  • Vhudsupporter

    Oh and I love Jen too shes soooo funny :)

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    miley and emily hang out many times with eachother they go shopping and the other girly stuff ! and they r good friends they even hang out at the tca !

    and guys stop it selena and jen r both beautiful girls so no need 4 the rude comments just stop hating disney stars !

  • carlyn

    yeah stop the hate!
    selena, demi, emily, miley and so on all rock. :)
    dont be a hater, be an appreciater.

  • jessica


    I appreciate talent and beauty inside and out (Miley, Emily, Demi, Kelly, Jordan, Christina, Fergie, Britney..) Wish we could see them all on the same stage.

  • jessica

    If you look at costars they picked an ugly one next to Sel to make her look better. But, Emily and Tiffany are really pretty but don’t come close to outshining Miley or Demi…….Disney did not have to worry about those stars losing their shimmer but with Sel they had to pick someone ugly who could not outshine anyone.

  • jena

    @jessica: gosh…..jennifer looks different in different people’s eyes! you think tiffany is pretty, but i don’t!!! so just shut up!!! they chose jennifer to be Alex’s friend cause obviously she fit in that part!!

  • none

    I love Jennifer Stone. I want to be her boyfriend and date her. She is so beautiful.

  • Bella

    Both Selena and Jennifer are gorgeous in their own right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in mine, they’re awesome :)

  • Sarah

    Not really, They just had an idea of how Harper would look like and when they saw Jennifer’s audition, they chose her. And not to be rude or anything but it’s a fact Selena’s prettier then Demi.

  • ashley

    sel is so pretty!!! she and jen are really good friends….

  • ashley

    yayyy 2 days till friday… finally wowp is comming…. yayyy!!!

  • nicky

    that pic is so sweet….. sel is such a good role model…. in every pic sel looks just stunning!!! cant wait for wowp movie…

  • danielle

    both looks gorgeous ans so cute in that pic ;)

  • alison

    i saw the movie on fios disney on demand :D it was sooo good. much better than i expected.

  • nuria.

    I love theem <3

  • Stephany

    wow like all you haters look like megan fox or angelina jolie everyone is beautiful in their own way and plus selena is gorgeous and so is jennifer i love them so much and to let you all know when wizards first started people has mixed feelings for harper not because of her looks but because of how her character was and now look everyone loves her and her outifits
    Both are beautiful gosh boo you haters

  • Jason

    @Sarah: Demi is a fugface.

  • kc

    @jessica: You did not just say Emily. lmao

  • Jerry#1

    @jessica: You are the stupidest piece of sh*t ever! lol Demi is not even considered up to the level of Christina, Kelly, Jordin, etc. and you decide to put Emily next to them? :D So autotune is now considered talent? haha dumba$$

  • Meagan

    @jessica: Emily and Miley are both pretty. Selena is prettier than Harper. But Demi is no where near as pretty as Tiffany…

  • a.m./p.m.

    @jessica: ARE YOU RETARDED? you did not just put Emily Osment next to the legendary Christina Aguilera!

  • La La

    @jessica: B*tch stfu! How are you sure you look any better than Jennifer. and Emily Osment is not talented. SHe’s sorta a good actress but she can’t sing fo sh*t.

  • Nick#40

    @jessica: <<<dumbass alert

  • Nick#40

    @jessica: Demi looks like a horse. Tiffany is 10x more gorgeous. Selena is 10x more gorgeous than Jennifer.

  • patty

    @jessica: Oh PUH-LEASE. Dem can’t act AT ALL. That big-azz mouth of hers annoys the f#ck out of me on that Sonny with NO chance show.

  • sAm

    Stop fighting over if Demi is prettier or Selena is prettier. We all know that Selena is much prettier than Demi.

  • billygoat:)

    I HATE Demi. She’s the most stuck up Disney star ever. people need to stop bringing her up.


    Omg only 1 more day for the wizards movie yay”"”" can’t wait…….WIZARDS ROCKS TOMORROW AT DISNEY CHANNEL AND SELENA WILL PREMIER HER MUSIC VIDEO FALLING DOWN>>>>yay

  • b

    now that Selena admited her limitations i will give her album a try. She´s not an Ashley Tisdale or a Vanexxa Hudgens (who think they can really sing)

  • jaylynne

    selena is amazing!!!!! and I wish her luck in everything she does. I know she will be successful and people will be happy with what she does not matter what she does.

  • okin

    i dont think so demi is gorgeous, personality and all. she has a hot body and a pretty face she, is unique.

  • okin

    do you know her why your talking sh*t. demi is gorgeous selena is gorgeous, nobody looks the same and thats wat makes them beautiful. and i love the fact that selena admits she aint a great singer.

  • Julia

    @jessica: You.. did NOT just couple Emily No-talent Osment with the voice of our generation, Christina Aguilera. Emily sounds like a squirrel on crack and you’re coupling her with one of the most legendary voices in music?!

    Lol, and some of you guys need to stfu and learn to appreciate other peoples’ looks. Selena is gorgeous. Demi is gorgeous. Jennifer is gorgeous. Tiffany is gorgeous. Everyone is beautiful in their own right, so shut up.

>>>>>>> staging1