Miley Cyrus is Coffee Bean Cute

Miley Cyrus is Coffee Bean Cute

Miley Cyrus gives a cute wave as she picks up a cold frappuccino to go from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Thursday afternoon (August 27) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 16-year-old and lil bro Braison picked up some cool liquids for the road before heading off with mom Tish to Van Nuys Airport en route to a new city.

Miley will be kicking off her tour on September 15 in Portland, Oregon at the Rose Garden Arena.

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10+ pics inside of Coffee Bean cool Miley Cyrus

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Photos: Ginsburg/Spaly Inc.
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  • rachel

    she kinda looks weird looking, but that isn’t surprising……she’s just looking fatter each time there’s a photo of her

  • jena

    OH. MY. GOD!!!! i’m so shocked – blown away – miley actually didn’t wear her shorts to show her fat legs!! For once in her life, she actaully wore something decent, i applaud! :D

  • she looks so pretty :)

  • no-it-all

    i’m starting to hate miley!

  • what?

    she looks really bad in these photos

  • Erika

    She looks cute! and SHE IS NOT FAT!! Stop calling her fat!! She is at a healthy weight. Im sorry that she is not supermodel, toothpick, skinny. Its nice to see a celebrity once in a while that actually has some meat on their bones. The people who are calling her fat are the reason why so many girls have eating disorders. What people call fat nowadays is apalling. Anyways, end of rant, love Miley!

  • me

    The girl isn’t fat, ugh –’ If she’s fat half of the world is obese
    She’s so beautifull, and the outfit is awesome : )

  • Erika

    @jena: shut up loser, Miley’s legs are not fat, its called muscle. Your just jealous cuz Miley has killer legs that anyone would die for. Now go back to playing on the playground with all your kindergarten friends. buh bye!

  • ritii

    I love this girl
    Can’t wait to see her on the Today Show, I’m goiiiiiing!!! SO excited.
    And she looks amazing

  • Mandy

    omg she isnt fat! she is so beautiful i love her! i go to LA! to see her show! i cant wait I’m so excited ! I meet miley in 2007 and i went to BOBW tour and now BREAKOUT! i love ittttttt

  • Aylin
  • Bella

    Whoo hoo! Pants ftw :)

  • sophie cyrus

    A lot of great stuff to look forward to seeing can’t wait! Everyone twitter us @SOFIECYRUS from PRINCESS PET AKA CELEBRITY DOG BREEDER home of Miley Cyrus NAVY PRINCESS SOFIE CYRUS.

  • anna

    i can’t wait for her tour.
    miley is no where near fat, stupid haters with no life.

  • carlyn

    love, love love love her outfit <3 (:
    but i dont love her though. shes ok. :D

  • tisdalefan

    she looks so cute!
    and NOT fat at all.
    what are you haters blind?!

    I love her outfit
    and I cannot wait for her tour.
    I’m going to see her! :D

  • lo

    Like everyone else has said, she’s not fat. She just happen to gain some weight over the summer. Probably 5 to 10 pounds. Even with the weight gain, she is still considered to be of normal weight for her height and her BMI is in the normal range. She’s probably 120 to 125 pounds which is normal for a 16 year old girl. I think it’s nice that she is wearing something other than short shorts. But whether it’s skinny jeans or short shorts, people are still going to get on her case about her weight. She is either too skinny or too fat. Can she ever just be considered “normal” or “average”?

  • sophie cyrus

    OK Everyone let’s talk more on TWITTER @SOFIECYRUS MILEY IS GORGEOUS get a T-shirt $10 yes only $10 that tells how u fell WE can customize & personalize it to fit and say what u want it to say! We are the NAVY FAMILY that Miley’s dog Navy Princess SOFIE RAY came from. SOFIE is now one! HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SOFIE RAY!

  • kay

    sup fatface!

  • gaby

    she’s not fat!!
    she’s so pretty and awesome!!
    I agree with @Erika!

  • http://iloveselena katie


  • http://iloveselena katie

    her brother is even uglier than she is
    and her skin is so ugly

  • nivea

    she is getting a little thick around the cheek and arm areas, but she’s hardly a “fatso”. jeez. she just needs to excercise a bit more and/or learn how to dress her body, because some of the stuff she’s wearing now really isn’t made for anyone above a size 2 lol.

    but anyway i just listened to her new album and it’s GREAT. can’t wait for it to come on itunes on the 31st. :D

  • mileyfan17

    love her!! she looks beautiful and i cannot wait for her tour!!:)

  • jocyrusfan


    I so agree that she normal weight know, she looks so healthy know ! and she not a little girl any more, she a young woman.

  • mileyfan!

    she looks amazing and is NOT FAT! i cannot wait for her tour!

  • meee.

    @rachel: hun, just cause she has something called a BODY, doesn’t mean she’s fat

  • Jobrolover

    her concert in portland is on the 14th not the 15th and im so hoping i can go!!

  • Lili

    I’m not gonna lie, she’s gotten kinda chubby over the past 2 months or so, but I love her anyways. It probably wouldn’t even be noticeable if she didn’t wear such tight/overly short clothes. Plus she’ll probably burn a lot of those calories on tour. And I have 100-level seats to her Hartford show at the XL Center. (:

  • amanda

    i just want to know how she is wearing jeans and boots in 90 degree weather. crazyyyy

  • liz

    she decided to wear jeans.

  • jo

    Chubby!?!?!? Wow. You guys are insane. She is most definitely skinny. Shes got agreat figure- im SO glad she is not a stick.

  • Minime

    she must love frappuccino ;)

  • miley support Brazil

    get a lifeeeeeeee!

  • MILEYbr


  • amy

    lookin kinda rough, miley :\ hopefully she gets a bit more toned on tour. and her brother LOL what a mess. love her tho. not seeing her on tour unfortunately (i’m poor! D:) but i’m gettin her new album this weekend :)

    also this wowp advertisement background is really annoying, jj. -_-

  • kevin

    wow honestly i don’t know
    why you guys bother arguing with immature 5 year olds.
    i personally don’t give a sh*t what they think, cause they’re
    just little kids on there computer complaining bout a phenomenal
    money-making musician. i LOVE miley. and i know shes in good shape.
    so to all the immature losers, WHATEVER.

    anyway. i went to walmart yesterday and i saw her EP
    already on sale. i went NUTS !!! cause i thought it was suppose to be out next monday, but they put it on stand early !! and its so freakin cheap, it cost like $8. so i decided to buy 6 copys to support her ^_^
    and im glad i did. its a kickass EP !!!!

    who else is buying her new EP !?
    TRUST ME, its worth it.

  • kevin

    @amy: i agree on the wizards background. CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE IT OFF JJ !!!! ITS ANOYING

  • lucy

    why does she always wear black anyways she will lose weight on her tour so she probubly doesnt care what she eats right now so shut up haters if u dont have anything nice to say don’t say it but Miley stop wearing black and almost poledancing on little ice cream carts thats all i ask

  • Megan

    yayayy!!! miley’s coming to new york!! o yeaaa…. and she looks amazinggg i love her hair<33

  • clary

    hahahaha my gosh this ugly bitch are so fat and every day she look more and more fat, look are her legs ewwwwww hahahaha she looks just terrible in this pics, her nose and her skin in general are so nasty, ewww shes super disgusting….. fat fat fat and wannabe britney hahahahahahahaha….

  • lala

    BEAUTIFUL! :) Inside n out!

    miley is amazing!

  • =)=)=)

    ya i agree shes beautiful inside & out ! doesnt cameras add 10 puonds ! the way i see it shes not what u losers call fat i think shes healthy and is full in a good way ! anyways love miley and she looks cute ! cant wait 4 the tour ! please guys go buy her ep and albums ! her songs r amzing i love ” when i look at u ” it made me cry !! it just touched my heart ! so amazing ! luv u miley 4ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mcfan

    Shut up haters !!!! Miley looks soooo pretty and she not FAT . look at her picture number 3 and 10 she totally skinny and pretty .
    I wish I had body like her .
    I love miley so much <33333

  • cry no more

    miley looks gr8 ! luv u miley and shes sooooooooooo not fat !

  • cry no more

    and i luv her hair like that !

  • suzan

    ARE U f****** KIDDING ME

  • Jasmine

    this background is obnoxious, anyways miley is awesome:]

  • Minime

    Guys, are you crazy? Mily is not overweight at all… I´m sure she is one of the 20 % thinnest persons in the US, or so. The only important things are that she is healthy and pleased with her self. OK?



    good for you… now why are you telling us ?