Selena Gomez & The Scene: Falling Down Music Video!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: Falling Down Music Video!

The world starts spinning out
And you’re falling down

Check out the official music video of “Falling Down” from Selena Gomez and The Scene!

The 17-year-old starlet joked on her Twitter yesterday, saying, “So the band and I decided that the next album is strictly country. Cool. Maybe it would be smart to release this record first. Sept. 29!!!!!”

Be sure to check out Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie TOMORROW, August 28th @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

You’ll also see a higher quality and tagless video after the flick!

TELL JJJ: What do you think of Selena & The Scene’s music video?

Selena Gomez and The Scene – “Falling Down” Music Video
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  • asdfghjkl;

    UMM OKK?

  • prettypie

    i hate the song. but awesome music video

  • andrea

    i loved it!!

  • nathalia

    i love her.. she’s beautiful

  • clary

    just awsomee video… she looks stunning!!!!

  • Jayda

    im glad to know JJJ reads social butterflies, but sad to see somebody else host that video :/

  • Lucy

    ok, i’ve really tried to like this girl, honestly, i have. i’ve tried to be nice about her, bu, she’s awful!! i’m sorry if i’ve offended anyone, but she’s so crap at singing. what’s wih the forceful voice she puts on? next album? you’ll have no voice by then love!! the music video was stupid, with her loving herself. urgh! she get’s on my nerves so badly!! sorry if there are an selena fans, but it’s just my opinion.

    it was dreadful, sorry xx

  • RUMI

    GO GIRL!

  • niki

    she kinda sounds like ashlee simpson in a girly way

  • sara


  • claire

    i love her!!!!!! although her voice isnt the best, i still think its fine that shes releasing an album. she has lots of fans and they would love to see her do something different. and if she loves to sing, then why shouldnt she? and this video was alright… she does a lot of the same hand movements and it would be nice if they showed more clips of the rest of the band since she has stated that she wants “the scene” to be like paramore- revolving around the band as a whole and not the indiv. lead artist. anyways i LOVE SELENA!!!! and i saw her movie on my verizon fios and it is SO GOOD!! its funny, sweet, and i cried a little!! haha

  • Jordan

    Love Selena as an actress. Love the songs in Cinderella. Love the video. But to me this song doesn’t really fit her voice to well. Its not bad but I was hoping for a little more from her.

  • kc

    Now THIS is what I call a music video

  • iluvrobpattz

    ha. she thinks she has a chance releasing her album Sept. 29. thats when PARAMORE releases Brand New Eyes. hahaha it just makes me laugh to think that she has a chance to compete with them. hahaha lolz. seriously. =D

  • Stephany

    i dont get why people say her voice is forced her voice is not forced no ones voice is forced
    okay she has the same kinda of sound voice that Emily osment and ashley tisdle has
    everyone just hates on her thinking that she is trying to be the next miley cyrus like anyone would want that this girl is incredibly sweet and youd see that by any live chat video and say now stuff she does she is a sweetheart its kinda of unfair how people expect her to have this great singing voice or not even try to sing guys everyone in disney sings okay get used to it stop haiting on it.
    Demi sings miley sings emily sings mitchel sings tiffany sings raven sings hilary sings that girl that was in even stevens sang (yes im going old school) ashley sings vanessa sings corbin sings everyone who has worked in disney sings gosh get over your love for miley or demi(who is her best friend) and just realize that its a free country and if people wanna sing they can

    she sings awesome and like she said in an interview “she aint no christina aguilera) plus this song is so catchy and you wanna dance to it

  • Stephany

    and to iluvrobpattz
    yeah she does because unlike anything else like movies and all that is you like both selena and paramore youd buy both so yeah i think any fan of selena would buy her new album even if they like paramore they could buy both gosh people need to stop playing god

  • LOL

    Wow, this video is actually better than any of Demi’s or Miley’s videos. I’m impressed.

  • Jordan

    I don’t think she meant she was going to compete with Paramore. She has always said they were her favorite band. I think she just meant that she wanted to be in a band rather than a solo artist.

  • G.G.

    Love the video. I still like her better as an actress though…

  • miley fan

    Selena is more of a actress the vid is pretty nice and the song beat is great but lyrics could be better! Good job Sel!

  • Meagan

    kay I gotta admit, that was the coolest video i’ve seen on DIsney Channel in a long time

  • zekemaster

    Really good video. better than I expected

  • jany

    i like selena but i don’t think she is a good singer

  • lol

    all her songs ive heard doesnt seem to sound like her…
    SHE CAN’T SING !!!! :/
    sry don’t like the song.. hmm
    sorry but it’s true xD

  • fernanda

    She’s my life! i love her sooooooooooo much ♥

  • Yo!

    i don’t get what the big deal is, she’s just singing around.
    like there is no story behind it.
    not that great of a musci video.

  • mareen

    Love Selena G. soo much.
    The song rocks the world!
    and the video is just ah.mazing <33

  • nancy

    i thought it was awesome :D
    love the music video!

  • amy

    Ignore the haters Sel! Your gorgeous!

  • meee.

    looking foward to Miley’s “When i look at you” vid.
    after hearing the song, i can’t wait for the movie.

  • alba

    i think ive heard this song before

  • hey

    either the timing of the video and the song is not right or she is REALLY bad at lip singing. Couldnt watch the whole music video got bored, there was nothing too special to keep my attention but the bright lights…

  • MissAmericatpa

    Selena seems to be a wonderful girl. I’ve personally had the chance to connect with some of her family, and if she is anything like them, she is a terrific, warm, person.

    I think what the problem is, is she is in the lime light. She asked to be an actress, to be a singer, to be able to do the artistic things we do in our communities. However, when its on a level she is doing it, everyone wants to put their two sense in, everyone wants to judge, gossip and more.

    She is putting the music out she wants to, and doing her thing. Let her live, let her love her life, and either support her, or don’t. She signed up for doing what she loves, not being a role model or under the microscope. Having said that, she does embrace it and does it well, even if it is society that forces them to be “perfect” and slams them when they behave like an actual human, let alone teenager.

    The video is a great video for a first video. I’m sure the industry didn’t go all out because they want to see how well recieved she will be with her audience, as far as music goes. The song does have a lot of synth in it but that’s very normal, and is the actual sound she is going for. If you listen to other things she sings, on youtube videos and such, her voice is very pretty. She doesn’t once claim to be a Demi (who screams when she sings live, never fails, but its getting better) or a Jordan Sparks. Yes, she does sound like a more girl version of Ashlee Simpson, and I think that’s great. More of the band would be nice to see.

    Good job to Selena for following your heart and dreams. My question towards all of this, is as follows: What is this song about? What inspired the lyrics and emotion?

    Here is to hoping that no one is this hard on their friends and family.

  • fernanda

    i hope she come to brazil this year or next year! i can’t wait. we need her. ♥

  • Soph

    Wasn’t too sure for the song but after a while I like it, it seems like she isnt trying too hard like other Disney stars, and the vid is good!

  • luck

    Seriously, Falling Down is much better than on charts and will much that Ignorance. #fact

  • Julie

    didn’t really like this.. sorry!

  • Bella

    Okay this video sucks! She is just singing into a camera the whole time and it looks like she doesn’t know what to do. I DO LIKE SELENA, but she doesn’t have that energy required to make music videos. It seemed like she wasn’t into the song or showing emotion. Look at Demi and Miley’s videos. They look like they truly are into their songs and not just singing along.

  • heyy

    i love the song
    but i love her acting better.
    i think shell be a more successful actress

  • Sarah

    She doesn’t expect a huge selling album, or lots of positive reviews from critics. The only thing she wants is for her fans to like this album and if she made her fans happy, she’s happy. IF she thought her album would be a best-selling album she obviously would’ve picked out a new date to release the album. So no need for all the haters to criticize the album cuz she obvious doesn’t care if you’ll buy her album or not!
    But I do have to say it’s not a good music video. It’s the same (crap…) as Demi’s ‘Get Back’ music video. But I do LOVE the colours!

  • macey


    lmfao i agree. yea that was just bad. i tried to give her a chance but she’s just not very good.

  • Emilyyh


  • patty

    @Bella: Demi’s music videos SUCK! Miley’s are ok. This vid from Selena is ok too.

  • SOnya

    She doesn’t have a good voice…. I have no clue how she got a record deal. At least, Demi and Miley have GOOD voices talent!

  • Jordan

    I’ll never understand paople that feel the need to trash others. Thats just so sad. :( Seems all the bashing comes from people who haven’t done anything and never will.

  • Jerry#1


  • Just Jill

    @Jayda: Actually, we don’t.

  • Shiks

    OMG I HATED IT. she ould have done much, much better.

  • chuchi

    @Sarah: i agree with chu good job.! ahha oh well if u don’t like the song then why bother watching the vid if all ur gonna do is bash on it?! guys she just wants to make her fans see the other side of her so pls to all the people out there get a life and stop hating! i right now have nothing better to do since im so bored but i love the song i love the vid i love sel and i hope she’ll be succesful whether or not in singing or acting. my opinions., byee XD

    xoxo chuchi (:

    p.s she’s pretty and i love her hair., argh im a jelly person right now (:

    p.s.s? jelly = jealous.

  • Minime

    @prettypie: I´m soooo agree. Selena and the video rock, but the song really hurts. What were they thinking when they made it…? I can´t stand the song at all. It´s so sad that they are wasting money and such a great talent.