Zac Efron Loves Little League

Zac Efron Loves Little League

Check out Zac Efron‘s colorful signed little league baseball that’s up for auction!

The 21-year-old Me & Orson Welles actor is one of several celebrities — including Drew Barrymore and Billy Crystal — teaming up with Subway and the Little League World Series to bring awareness to the 1st Annual Baseball Design Across America Tour, a one of a kind program designed to bring awareness to the sport of baseball through high profile players, celebrities and fans.

Fans can log onto, input key words “Baseball Design Across America” in the search window and find a host of signed baseballs. All proceeds from the online auction will go to Little League Baseball.

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  • MaiChi


  • MaiChi

    First time being first on a Zac Efron archive.


  • may

    second !!! :D

  • kate

    i dont care what number i am but … whats wrong with his hair?! please someone has to tell him hes not looking cute as always with that hairdo

  • nicci

    I WANT THAT BASEBALL NOW! I WANT IT ! I WANT iT !, You may think i sound like a spoile bratt but you have to understand. I WANT THAT BASEBALL RIGHT NOW. I JUST WANT IT NOW.

  • nikki

    @kate: DUDE calm down he is sexy with that hair! ITS IS FOR HIS NEW MOVIE!!!!


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Damn..a lot of people would want that baseball. I WANT IT !! I WANT IT !! I WANT IT.

    @kate: Your kidding right ? He is absolutely SEXY with that hair my friend. He’s beautiful. :D

  • nicci

    @nikki: i totally agree with you nikki zac look very sexy with that hair.

    i love you ZAC EFRON.

  • b

    ahhh <3 this boy can do no wrong.

  • Trina


    Are you STUPID?!?!?! Zac is doing a movie. He is playing the character Charlie St. Cloud. That is what Charlie looks like. It’s you addle brained little girls that don’t have a clue that Zac is an actor. When he plays a role he is not going to look like Zac. Grow up!!!!

    Were you one of the nuts cases screaming for him to “take that wig off” when we got on set pics of him in 17 Again? You little kids need to learn how to differentiate a movie from reality.

  • JOhanna
  • nikki

    @nicci: I KNOWWW HE IS SSOO SEXYY with that airr!!!! SOO SEX-ABLE!!!

  • brad

    l i WANT it i want it i want it! i want it! i want it! i want it!!!!!!!!!!

  • daniel

    awesome¡ jjj please V news

  • MaiChi

    I think he looks adorably hot. :)





  • MaiChi

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love vanessa

    I WANT IT!!!!!!
    who eles is like totally in love with the out takes of the Matt Jones photo shoot???
    I just LOVE all of them so much !!

  • MaiChi

    @I love vanessa:
    I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?!

    I just feel like slamming Zashley lovers/Zanessa haters faces in it. :]
    I love Vanessa’s single pics as well, it’s cute and natural.

  • tasie123

    @MaiChi: i know!! i read it just cause she is in it and its amazing!! also the death and life of charlie st. cloud is a book and i read that 4 zac and its amazing too!!! EVERYONE SHOULD READ THEM!!!!!

  • vanessa lover

    look at zanessa photo woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow its sooo amazing

  • MaiChi

    Let’s keep posting.
    I enjoy having Vanessa and Zac top celebs.

  • ZanessaLuvr


  • brad

    @I love vanessa: OMG i am sssssooooooo IN LOVE with those photos!

  • Jordan

    I want that baseball so bad. But unless it sells for under 39 cents I can’t afford it :( Zac is soooooooo damned hot :)

  • mykamicks

    Glad that Zac in his little own way, he always has the heart of involving in a humanitarian deeds .

  • http://gOOGLE barbara

    Vanessa has a great figure and beautiful legs and Zac has said several times Vanessa is a very very sexy women. It shows in these pictures and you can tell they love each other very much. They have been dating for four years that says alot they are soul mates. I Dated my husband for six years ,we were highschool swearthearts, then we got married he was my best friend and soul mate. I beleve that Zac and Vanessa, are best friends and are truely one person. that’s why Zac and Vanessa are so connected too each other. Vanessa said once that Zac, and her finish each other sentences that tells you how connected they are.

  • kami

    zac is a good person.

  • MaiChi

    But it’s SOOOO weird because they’re supposed to be 16 and Vanessa is supposed to be a red-head, have freckles, and nasty teeth.

  • mrsefron.

    I BID !!!! OMGGGGGG!


  • rissa


    hahaha! thank you so much for that link. those pics are incredibly sexy. =) i love it.

  • yets

    Zac is so nice!!!!

  • lai

    i love you ZAC.
    so awesome guy.

  • anne

    love him sooo.

  • nicci

    i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh zacccccccccccc.

  • athena

    @I love vanessa: I love the outtake
    photos too…check out my video and seehow I’ve included the outtakes

    I have more than one of the videos posted…so, check them out and give them a rating…thanks.

  • athena

    Hi All,

    If you all get a chance, go over to you tube and check out my new video of Zaness…I’ll admit, there are many older images and new images plus some juicy outtakes from a previous photo shoot. Enjoy the video, please leave comments and rate it as well. THANKS ALL!

  • athena

    @kate: I so agree with you here!!! And I’ll be utterly pissed if he leaves his hair like this for the Charlie character as he gets older..

  • athena


    I don’t think that style complements his true beautiful structure…no, it doesn’t work for me…it’s too controlled looking, and if he keeps this style for his new character role, the director/producer/Zac are losing the perspective on what Charlies’ character image might look like.

  • athena

    @Trina: OH PLEASE!!! Give me a break….yeah, you like his hair shorter, yeah , Zac’s an actor….and… Wasn’t it the kiddies such as yourself screaming you like his hair shorter…If you read and observe in your mind what Zac’s character may look like, I doubt that you would visualize him looking like a coiffed caretaker….His character has experienced a near death experience, the death of his brother, suffered the distance from his mother, and is seen as the local outcast. These experiences leaves a person numb for a period of time…is his character going to spend time in the mirror fixing his do? ….To see that he would upkeep his look to have a coiffed hairstyle just doesn’t look correct….His hair looks too styled and not like the Charlie character in his older years….I think you and everyone else who’s drooling over this new hairstyle is reading or seeing the character completely wrong. I myself don’t care for Zac’s new style, acting or not. I just hope it’s his earlier years they’re filming at the moment…but from reading the book and seeing occasional images from filming…..I think they’re off track and feel they’re portraying his look wrong!

  • kate

    @Trina: hey! there is no reason for being so dramatic! calm down girl :)

  • kate

    @athena: hahah well thanks :)! i like you and your good taste in zac efron’s looks

  • hmm

    @athena: I do like Zac’s shorter hair but I agree with you on this. The thought has crossed my mind several times when seeing photos taken on set that he seemed too well kept for the character I remember from the book. However, not knowing the changes from book to script I guess we just have to trust the director’s vision and assume we’ll understand when we see the final project why having a perfectly coiffed and shaven Zac works for the story.

  • gold baybay

    Oh Zac, what the hell happened to you? You use to be fine as f*ck but now you only have a hot body and a butter face.

>>>>>>> staging1