Miley Cyrus: It's Part Of The Formula

Miley Cyrus: It's Part Of The Formula

Miley Cyrus pulls her jacket close as she arrives back at her NYC hotel on Friday afternoon (August 28).

Earlier this morning, the 16-year-old starlet blew the crowd away on The Today Show‘s Summer Concert Series. She performed her new hit single, “Party In The USA,” as well as the popular “The Climb.”

Miley dished to the hosts about her upcoming EP, Time of Our Lives, “This album was a step towards my next album. I want to be able to step out and maybe take a break for a while and write music that inspires me. I think there’s always a formula … I think the best way to do that is put it out of the way and do something new.”

Time of Our Lives is out exclusively at Walmart stores now and will hit stores everywhere on Monday, August 31.

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Photos: CWNY/Fame Pictures
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  • team tizz

    Beautiful as always
    Love Miley

  • liz

    that would be funny if she was staying at the same hotel as the jonas brothers.
    who would get the bigger room? :o

  • DemiFan

    Gee, there’s like Miley all over the place lately.

  • lexy

    miley and nick are both in new york! i wonder if they saw each other…

  • jo

    Shes one of the smartest young business”women” i’ve ever seen.

    She knows how to catch someones attention and hold onto it.

  • Jewels

    which hotel is she staying at lol =x

  • ashpha

    I think Miley compared to other young female celebs she is not the naturally beautiful. But her Personality & Mass appeal is very strong and always makes the world Rock! Like the ripped jeans!

  • Bailey


  • sarah



  • Gossipgirl obsessed

    @ashpha: I know what you mean she’s not like wow looking but she is beautiful nontheless

  • omg!!!!

    her music is AMAZING !! did u guys buy her ep ! its amazing and she looks realy beautiful in here !! and very hot ! miley is just the best! i think she is back !

  • sophie cyrus

    Princess Pet AKA Celebrity Dog Breeder
    Home Of Miley Cyrus Dog SOFIE CYRUS NAVY Family!

  • melody

    miley is busy these days

  • sophie cyrus

    What part did everyone like the best this morning on the TODAY show? We liked when she let out that high pitch scream at the start and around 2-3 more times during “Kicking & Screaming” Miley is the best female rocker out there right now and you know she’s just gonna get better and better at ROCKIN our WORLD! She’s got one very powerful talented voice! I wonder what special songs she has made just for her dog SOFIE RAY?
    Let’s talk more on TWITTER @SOFIECYRUS

  • flashmob

    @SOFIE CYRUS – Yes, “that high pitch scream” was every bit as awesome as you remind us it was, each time she went there. I still can’t get over what a great job she did

  • Alaezel

    Miley is so beautiful. The Jonas Brothers are in NYC too. Pls follow me at twitter, heres the url, and heres the username NileyCraziness If you follow me ill follw you back.!

  • ELI

    Nick and Miley in the same hotel??

  • kevin

    do you guys know what i love bout miley so much ?
    that shes not a promowhore. that word means, someone who
    constantly promotes there album on there website, twitter, fanclub, or
    just simply keeps saying “BUY IT” or “my album comes out this monday!”
    constanly, and over and over and over again for several months. it gets really annoying ! like to be honest, im a HUGE fan of JB and demi, and i have all there albums, but THEY indeed are promowhores. they just keep talking bout there album over and over, and on twitter they make such a big deal. don’t get me wrong, that’s ther job right ! but miley has the same job, if so her job is even bigger ! but she keeps the promoting at a great level, where she doesnt keep saying when it comes out, or buy it ! or doesn’t even put “The Time Of Our Lives is availble at walmart august 31!!” on the about me section on her twitter!

    thats what i love bout miley !
    shes not pushy. nor anoying !

    disclaimer: i do not hate demi or jb. i have all there albums. that was just my opinion. no hatred is needed.

  • =)=)=)

    miley looks amazing these days !!! what am i saying she always does ! luv u miley and im soooooo gonna buy the ep the songs r just amazing ! thanx miley 4 being in the music world !! luv u !

  • britneyspearsluver

    MiLeY cYrUs Is ThE bEsT dIsNeY sTaR eVeR !!! LoVe HeR aNd ShE lOoKs GrEaT iN hErE vErEy bEaUtIfUl !! AnD hEr NeW sOnGs ArE jUsT aMaZiNg !!! LoVe YoU MiLeY cYrUs FoReVeR !!

  • Gossipgirl obsessed

    @kevin: I know what you mean. She barely mentions her work :)

  • Vic2763

    Yeah, I went and bought Miley’s EP this evening, and I rattled the windows on the drive home. My car has a great sound sys. Love it. It took me two tries tho. The So. Philly Store didnt have it, BUT the N.E. Philly Wal-Mart had a separate display for Miley’s E.P.

    Miley’s def moving toward a more rocking sound. Her voice is getting really powerful. Especially on the ballads, When I look At You and Obsessed.

    And, Miley’s performance on the Today show was really great. She killed Kicking & Screaming, and The Climb. It makes me so excited with anticipation to see her live. And I will. Oh Yeah, Nov 4 bb =]

  • =)=)=)

    i know ‘ WHEN I LOOK AT YOU ” & ” OBSESSED ” r the best !

  • carly

    @kevin: i agree. i love jonas brothers and demi. but miley hardly mentions her work like 90% of musicians always do. it’s anoying, thats why mileys like my #1 favorite musician. she has chops and believes in her fans :)

  • Lisa

    Anyone know where her blazer’s from??

  • sean84

    well didunt now miley nd the jonuss broffers r in the same town lol she shood follow them in montreal saterday lol

  • delsy

    She is great agreed with the “promowhores” thing

  • amanda

    @kevin: Yes, agreed. Like the Jonas Brothers would make videos promoting their book or cd or anything! Same with Demi and Selena… like constantly on their twitter “My album comes out….blah blah” and like miley hardly mentions her work!

  • mileyfan

    miley rocks(:

  • Coni

    Beautiful as always shes the best

  • omg!!!!

    MILEY CYRUS IS AWESOME !! shes my #1 disney star if u ask me ! she works hard 4 her fans and i agree with kevin !! she looks gr8 ! luv u mley !!

  • hiii every body