Miley Cyrus Takes On Today

Miley Cyrus Takes On Today

Miley Cyrus belts her heart out as she performs live on The Today Show‘s Summer Concert Series at NYC’s Rockefeller Center on Friday morning (August 28).

The 16-year-old actress/singer arrived in the city last night and she and lil bro Braison, lil sis Noah and mom Tish caught a bite at Koi before calling it a night.

Miley tweeted about her performance this morning, saying, “Had such a fun time on the today show! If you were there today I just want to say I love you.”

20+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus – “Party In The USA” – 08/28

Miley Cyrus – “The Climb” – 08/28

Miley Cyrus – “See You Again” – 08/28
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Photos: CWNY/Fame Pictures, PNP/WENN
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  • nothin’

    wow. she is one lucky girl.

  • Lauren

    Omg she’s wearing JEANS? Finally something that covers her

  • Heather

    She’s amazing ♥

  • sierra

    miley did absolutely wonderful! (: i love her!!
    ^please look at the site i made for her^

  • Nelly

    love her so much

  • miley fan

    she is AMAZING :)

  • jessica

    That ladies and gentlemen is what you call an artist. Modest and never bragging about all her Billboard hits and record breaking career. Miley is awesome and real. Haters can say what they want out of jealously BUT none of their words can erase the fact that millions upon millions of people love the talented Miss Miley! She is widening her fan base to older teens and adults.

  • mrsefron.

    I was thereee!!!! She was goood. Now I’m going to
    Wait in line to meet Ryan sheckler at jc penny thanks jjj

  • jessica


    Lauren, love yourself you are beautiful in God’s eyes. Rid yourself of the hatred and jealousy which consumes you.

  • Heather

    you could tell her throat was hurting her…poor thing!!

  • lucy

    she was good her outfit is far better than at the TCAs because she was wearing she sings good live now she’s gotten better

  • Jannii

    She’s awful ^^
    And.. she CANT sing.. ^^

  • whatthe?

    she did so good. i loved her performance of kicking and screaming

  • lucy

    she sounded better than her album

  • Carol

    i can’t see it : (

  • allison

    Sadly, i saw that.

  • nicci

    i live in new york but i had to go to new jeresy yesterday. right now i am in new jeresy and iam very mad at my mom, because could have been there. i love this song.

  • Amber

    I think Miley did pretty good while singin in the rain. I live in NY but I didn’t go to NYC because I just heard she was performing there this mornin… lol I wouldn’t have gone anyway. I’m not a big enough fan to sit in the back of a giant crowd in the street in the rain. BUT I think I like Miley again. She’s not that bad. All of her performances were good, but I think she should leave the loud ‘yow’s (Kicking and Screaming) to Demi Lovato. She can’t pull em off.

  • Amber

    Nevermind, Miley’s kinda good and the screaming thing

  • Charlie JohnSon

    Wow could she be any fatter? And now she’s always walking around with food.

  • j

    she really did a amazing job at Today show. I love u and always support u Mlilez. I dont care what haters say. Just be yourself.

  • Jez

    I thought that was pretty good :)
    I thought she was gonna dance on that pole again though! lol
    She’s really good live. Well done Miley. :)

  • Delsy

    @Charlie JohnSon: SHE IS NOT FAT idoit

  • Delsy

    She did great in the Climb and Kicking and Screaming but party in the usa was bit off sometimes and See you again was good

  • j

    oh and I really like that Kicking and screaming live at Today. I think it is better than the album..haha!! always ROCK!!!!

  • mandy

    hahahaha and you call her a real singer??? my gosh she cant sing, always sucks when shes sings live, her voice is terrible and is just funny that all stupid fans always says she sound so good, what? are you kidding me???? this is just FATAL!!!!! she can´t hould her breath, and always runs out of air and just with a song? hahahaha this performance was awfulll ewwwwwwww

  • Mcfan

    She’s amazing and she’s soooo cute :)
    she very skinny >
    I lonr her so much >3333

  • jo

    Looks amazing on her. Spunky yet sofisticated.She likes to mix it up and i like that.

    She sounds really good. Tired but good.

  • 3b6

    people stop sayining she ‘s fat and if shes what sooooo ???? whats your point whats new about u haters

    great job miley u did great

  • Meg

    The performance was rough in the beginning but once she got her vocals warmed up she really did good :) I remember this morning I sounded like crap even talking because my allergies were cting up (they only bother me when it rains =/)

  • amy


    Amen, you said it sister!

  • Toya

    Miley is so amazing Keep up the good work girl.
    God bless you.

  • amy

    @Charlie JohnSon: i don’t even like miley but that was extremely rude. she’s at a completely healthy weight.

  • Kathryn Russell

    She really didn’t seem very bothered that people had waited for her.
    Im just annoied that there are people out there that are:
    Better singers, would appriciate it more and that DIDN’T get everything they ever wanted because of their daddy Cyrus.

  • Meg

    @Kathryn Russell: Why would you be BOTHERED that people love you so much that they would wait for you?!?!?!? I personally would be ecstatic and over-joyed! And did you not hear miley talking about how she always gets nervous and how she’s so surprised that her fans love her and would even COME to the show let alone WAIT for it! Some haters are so dumb, you feel the need to nit-pick at everything. Next thing you know someone’s gonna say she’s showing too much skin with ripped jeans on! Goodness!

  • Meg

    @Charlie JohnSon: I’m sure she could get fatter. She might get so fat she’ll be a size 7 in regular juniors clothes! She could also become someone in plus sizes. Please STFU, you are in dire need of glasses if you think she’s fat! She’s like a size 3 or 5 which is really the ideal size because it means you have hips and a butt, but not too much!

  • niki

    i love the Michael’s part in a Party in the USA *.*

  • Sweetmalakrock♥

    miley have a great voice ! ♥
    plz follow me on twitter ♥

  • dz

    i love the michael part too love this song too !!!!

  • Ariana

    man i freakin love her outfit i definatley want that outfit!

  • =)=)=)

    me 3 i love the michael part !!!!! and i luv miley ! did u notice that she was the only one that showted out mj name at the teen choice awards !! i love her 4 that ! go miley and she was awesome out there ! her songs r just sooooooooo amzing i wish she sang “when i look at you ” ! AND YES ! she can get fatter ! so shut it ! she looks gr8 and is a very beautiful girl ! luv u miley !

  • cry no more

    she looks realy gr8 ! rockin outfit ! not much makeup ! realy beautiful girl and she looked realy beautiful in these pics ! and she did a realy good job ! miley is gettin better and better every day ! she is so not fat !
    luv umiley 4 ever your the best disney star !!

  • cry no more

    “obsessed” , ” when i look at you ” , ” the climb ” r my top three !!! love all of your songs miley your the best ! i feel that your back !

  • annie

    she looked like she didnt want to be there..she didnt have as much fun with her performance as usual

  • Lucy

    WOW she sounded AMAZING!!! Love that song!!! x

  • sophie cyrus

    MILEY did Amazing!
    Everyone let’s talk more about it on TWITTER @SOFIECYRUS
    Princess Pet AKA Celebrity Dog Breeder
    Home of Miley Cyrus Dog SOFIE CYRUS

  • sophie cyrus

    The part we LOVED THE BEST during Miley’s performance was during the song “Kicking & Screaming” at the begining of the song she let out a high pitch scream then about 3 more times during the song she did the very high pitch scream again. She has never done that before and it sounded GRRRREAT! When she started singing the Climb even though it’s a little bit older she still has it cause I got goosebumps. The song “OBSESSED” is really good. But I think the best part was when she let out that super high pitch scream this morning during “Kicking & Screaming”!
    Her Body looked great she is gorgeous with or without makeup or with styled hair or wet flat hair still beautiful! Think about it for a girl who is almost 17 and in the spot light all the time she does really well. Let’s talk about it more on TWITTER @SOFIECYRUS
    Princess Pet AKA Celebrity Dog Breeder
    Home of Miley Cyrus Dog SOFIE CYRUS NAVY Family!

  • janice

    ew i hate her

  • flashmob

    Miley’s singing on the Today Show, was splendid in the rain, with her band and dancers, as always, invincible. As audience is flip-side to performance, the “largest ever” crowd waited for hours and braved the rain. Photos on JJJ of Miley’s decorous performance show the muscle memory in Miley’s expressions and postures as she found the notes. (In JJJ’s posted video of Wed, 26 August 2009: Selena Gomez Jams To Miley Cyrus , we see the mirror neurons at work as Selena Gomez rocks out to Miley’s epic TCA performance of Party in the USA.) Lip-syncing doesn’t produce that, and that’s why simple lip-synced performances by artists rarely look real. Miley’s audience on the Today Show, clearly demonstrated mirror neurons at work as they responded enthusiastically to Miley’s compelling live summer concert music and dance.

    Miley’s interview was even better than that from just days earlier on The View, in that Miley sucessfully limited her use of the word “like”, to barely noticeable. Her enunciation was clear, not soft this time, and her rich textured voice, was charismatic.

    The Today Show seems to have somewhat rehabilitated their corporate image, from that after the recent unmitigated, ruthless, brutal, undeserved and sadistically savage trashing of Miley’s TCA performance, committed by “Morning Joe” Scarborough, from their sister MSNBC. The Today Show interview discussed Miley’s movies and new EP and Wal-Mart’s Miley exclusives, including her accessibly-priced designer-clothing-line partnership with Max Azria.

    Comments abound here and elsewhere about Miley’s looks, her weight, her various modes of dress and undress, how her clothes fit, etc., to the degree that it is clear-as-a-bell, that we are obsessed with Miley’s anatomy.

    Miley’s wardrobe today for her performance, didn’t disappoint. We saw a bit of lace on top. And oh, she was poured into her jeans. The high point of her interview had to be her vivid story-telling about fitting into her jeans, and the process of her lying down on the bed and working her way into them. She described the incorporation of “special music” to assist in the task. Miley tells her stories in such a manner that they consistently vividly come to life. They conjure up to the mind’s eye, with utter precision and clarity, exactly what she describes to us. It makes us marvel even more now at her astonishing wardrobe changes during many of her venues.

    If anyone looks better in distressed denim than Miley Cyrus, it would come as a surprise. Those bare cotton threads drag the eye like a laser beam, they just seize our gaze, and tease us.

  • Luísa

    Miley certainly is talented, although I don’t like this song very much that was a good performance (:

    Does anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance? One of the dancers was on Season #2, her name is Ashley (: she’s wearing black and pink and has curly hair, she’s right at the beginning!
    I was so excited to see her there! YAY! haha