Nat & Alex Wolff: Fillmore Show This Weekend!

Nat & Alex Wolff: Fillmore Show This Weekend!

Nat and Alex Wolff rock out on stage as they perform at Penn’s Landing Sunoco Welcome America! event earlier this month in Philadelphia, Penn.

The Wolff brothers will be hitting up the Fillmore at NYC’s Irving Plaza in Union Square TOMORROW (August 29). Nat and Alex recently caught up with to dish on their summer road trip tour, inspirations and their small screen guilty pleasures. Check it:

JJJ: How does it feel to be back on tour?

Nat Wolff: It’s great, we’re much tighter and more experienced as a band. This tour is going to be a lot more cities, a lot more craziness. We’re on a tour bus for most of it!

JJJ: Will you be spending most nights on a bus or in a hotel?

NW: All in the tour bus, all in the night while driving.

Alex Wolff: There are like 12 bunks in the back which are really cool.

NW: I chose the top one, Alex is the middle. The bus has little DVD players and in the front of the bus, there’s a big TV that controls all the little TVs, so you can have whatever everyone is watching on the big TV on the little TV in your bed. We TiVo’d all the Family Guy and Entourage episodes.

AW: It’s awful when they’re watching like Sex in the City because I can’t watch it.

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JJJ: What inspires you to write all of your songs?

NW: It excites me to write songs, and I get inspired by titles and ideas. They always comes from a feeling, to preserve and finish a song you spend hours and hours on. I always have inspiration but I really have to work hard to craft it into a good song.

JJJ: You guys are big fans of the Beatles, what is your favorite song from them?

NW: Ah, I don’t think I have a favorite song from them. I think “Rubber Soul” is my favorite, and I love the White album. I think if you were on a desert island and you could only take one Beatles album it would be the White album probably because it has the most songs. I don’t know why that was necessary.

AW: Revolver is my favorite album.

JJJ: Which songs will your fans hear on your tour?

NW: A lot of them are from our I Don’t Wanna Go To School album, a couple are from our first album (the self-titled Naked Brothers).

AW: Probably a lot of our new stuff, and our set is probably going to get longer because we’re not going to eliminate as much as we’re going to add. I think we’re going to add like five or six songs in between that area, and subtract one or two.

JJJ: Are you working on another album?

NW: Yeah we’re working on an album, finishing it right now. It will probably come out in September. It’s not ready yet, so we’ve been working on it during the tour. I’ve recorded all my songs and finished lead vocals. Exciting.

JJJ: Which city on your tour are you most excited to play?

NW: Irving Plaza in New York. That’s where all the 70′s guys like Crosby Stills, Nash, Jimmy Hendrix and everybody would perform. It seems like a great venue, legendary.

AW: I’m excited to play at the Fillmore.That’s where the Grateful Dead started out, it was like their home turf.

JJJ: Both of you have worked with George Lopez in Mr. Troop Mom. How was it working with him?

NW: I’ve known him all my life. He’s a really good friend, and we’ve worked with him twice on our show. We got to go to Canada for a weekend while we were shooting the show, all the kids were really nice. What did we do there? Alex had a couple of accidents on the set, he kept falling everywhere.

AW: We’ve worked with him three times. We played “If You Can Make It Through The Rain” and played a concert there, and in the movie there are like three of our songs.

JJJ: You wrote the song “Firefighters” when you were very young. What was the story behind that?

NW: It was when 9/11 happened, we lived in New York and everyone was shocked and scared. I wrote a song called Firefighters and we did this benefit. I was 7 or 8, and we did a concert to raise money for the firefighters. We ended up raising like $40,000. For the [NBB] movie, I changed the lyrics to be about a girl named Rosalina, but it still has the same melody and lyrics.

JJJ: Is there going to be a new season of Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon?

AW: No.

NW: We just finished doing the third season of the show last summer, and this summer we’re focusing on the tour and not doing any filming.

JJJ: Besides the Beatles who else inspires you musically?

AW: Led Zeppelin.

NW: Green Day, Nirvana, James Taylor, Jeff Buckley, Bach.

JJJ: Have any favorite TV shows?

NW: I like Entourage. I can’t watch anything with doctors or blood.

AW: House is one of my favorite shows. Nat watches Royal Pains.

NW: I watched one episode!

AW: It’s the same thing, just a little more dramatic. House is like a mystery.

NW: Royal Pains is like a comedy.

AW: So is House, but it’s like a mystery. (laughs)

JJJ: You guys are big fans of the L.A. Lakers. Were you excited when they won the NBA Championship?

AW: So excited! We threw a party! My dad threw champagne over us. (laughs)

NW: We watched the game at home, and we raced home to get there because we were watching The Hangover before the game. We missed the first quarter. And it was Gatorade that he poured on us!


Remember, Nat and Alex will be at the Fillmore at NYC’s Irving Plaza in Union Square TOMORROW (August 29). The show starts @ 2PM ET/PT so be sure to get there early!

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