Nathan Kress Dishes on Kisses

Nathan Kress Dishes on Kisses

Nathan Kress recently caught up with WZAP Radio host Zach Sang and revealed his first kiss story.

The 16-year-old iCarly actor dished, “I was like five years old and me and my neighbor had our first kiss together. We were a little too young to realize what we were doing. That was my first kiss—out there in the backyard, with dad sweepin’ up the leaves. Great setting.”

Nathan also talked about his new project: Kiss-And-Test. He explains, “Relationship status-wise, I’ve decided to set this trend—and I’m wondering if other actors will start to follow. When doing interviews for magazines or websites or radio, I’m gonna see what happens if I keep relationship status sort of private. So even if something does change, there’s not all kinds of news coverage about it—Oh, the gossip dish! So-and-so broke up with so-and-so!”

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  • gah

    Ilove Nathan! he is so cute

  • xNaminamoox

    Awe! Nathan is *so* cute! Haha, and I luv how his first kiss was… :) I find it freakin’ adorable! hehe.

    Nathan Kress <333

  • SJS

    He’s a cute kid, but the relationship status comment was naive. What does he think the Jonas Brothers, Demi, Selena, Miley, etc have been doing? If not commenting on your relationship could save you from media rumors & speculation then JB would be good as gold. Haha. Not so much kid.

  • whitney

    Nobody would care who he broke up with unless he was dating someone hugely famous, but he’s dating some no name girl and he’s not that famous so their break-up wouldn’t make it into any magazines. He’s horrible, just get him off my screen. He’s not even cute anymore.

  • whitney

    I just listened to the interview. He’s an even bigger douche than I thought. He is the first actor to ever decide not to comment on his personal life? And he is berating people for asking about what he said in the Popstar video? Maybe he didn’t say iCarly was “canceled” because that would suggest Nickelodeon wanted to stop making it and that’s doubtful, but it seems as though the cast and crew has decided not to make any new episodes and just air these for the next year and then it’s over. He can’t deny he said something like that.
    And he’s wrong, his character is less likable than he was last year. He’s a smarmy crybaby now and just a bouncing board for whatever Sam is currently throwing at him. He used to at least be cute and sweet, but the show has lost the heart it used to have so I don’t care much if they are going to make any new ones.
    This kid is overrated and adolescence has not been kind to him. He will probably wind up working behind the scenes or as a computer programmer or something.

  • Someone

    He’s overrated?? Have you seen his face in a giant poster around you?No?Then no, he’s not overrated. Just because a web has news about him, he’s overrated?
    Why do you even bother listening to his interview? You don’t even like him, but you spent your time listening and commenting on him. Why? yea, I agree with you on how he commented about the personal live thing. He took the wrong step on that. You’re making a big deal of this… You say he’s a dougebag, I say you’re a b****. And “get him off my screen”? How did he get on your screen actually?

  • Kiana Blakely

    Haha thats so funny! My first kiss was at 5 years old too, Me and my best friend kissed at the school swings, we didn’t know what we were doing either

  • Kiana Blakely

    And i know what you mean about the news getting overdramatic about celeb relationships..when i turn on the news, i wanna hear news, not “oh this person and this other person were seen holding hands~”

  • kristina louise

    oh minee nathan you are so cutee :) so anyhow, how is life? heyy honest question, would youu ever date a fan or someone who has a soon to be nickelodeon casting calll:)?? well anyways you seem like a total sweetheart and just because you don’brag about you makes you smart and strong NOT a douche like these unknown peole. ha. byee studdd :)

  • julissa hernandez

    oh my gosh nathan ur so cute i wish u were single i would so go out wit u and 4 all those haters out there give him a break u just like him cuz he’s famous i no that if he wasnt famous then u wouldnt go out wit him but celebritys have to disquise them self sumtimes they want to be normal i no i have expierence im not a celebrity but i have been to thousands of concerts and talent shows so just back off oh love you nathan have a good life god bless u keep it up :)

    julissa ann hernandez age: 11

  • Jessica Utrecht

    I think Nathan Kress aka Freddie Benson is adorable.

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