New Moon Volturi Pics!

New Moon Volturi Pics!
  • Check out new Volturi pics!
  • Robert Pattinson is found on the Eclipse set
  • Get to know Jennifer Stone
  • Check out the new Twilight Beauty website!
  • Rihanna sends Taylor Swift flowers
  • One of Selena Gomez‘s super secret style tips: “I bought a V-neck tee in the maternity section for $12.99. Here’s my trick: get a small maternity top, so it’s a little blousy, and put a cute belt with it.”
  • Stephenie Meyer agrees with new Eclipse cast member BooBoo Stewart on making Breaking Dawn into two separate movies. She shared, “If they do all four – I really think they have to do five movies, cause I don’t think you can do Breaking Dawn in one movie, You have to split it up. You do it right, well you do it in two.”
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Photos: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment
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  • liz

    wooot can’t wait for new moon
    & yay about breaking dawn.
    there better not be a big gap in between!

  • Kathryn Russell

    The pictures look like what I already had in mind!
    Kathryn xoxox

  • Nikki

    Wow…copying Harry Potter much? I am sorry, but Breaking Dawn does not need two movies. It is no Deathly Hallows. Twilight people need to stop acting like these books are so elite and serious…they are sci-fi romance novels….hardly an innovation. The entire could be told in one movie. I am so over this whole thing.

  • jess

    amazing yes!! sweet alice

  • Maddie

    well then why do u even bother commenting on this if ur just gnna hate?

  • mayli k. sanchez

    i thnk dat dis movie is going 2 b so good.
    im so happy, bt i thnk dey need 2 put more action!!!!!

  • megann

    ohhh nikki. you are just so above such crappy sci fi romance novels, yet not above making a pointless comment on just jared junior?

    i loveeeeeed new moon and am so excited. ashley greene is the perfect alice.

  • lauren

    @Nikki: yes, sure…
    Because Harry Potter is the ONLY movie in the world right?

  • kamilah

    @megann: haha exactly! why did she need to make a comment in the first place.

  • LIZ

    omg!! I LOV the books twilight the movie was ok cant wait for new moon an declipse expecilly breaking daw!! i agree make it into 2 parts but dnt leave gaps!!thnxsXD

  • sammi

    i love caius he is so hot in real life, i also like Robert Patterson in the red robe

  • newport beach, 92660


    stop people, she has a point.
    harry potter’s deathley hallows has WAY WAY WAAAAY more action than breaking dawn.

    BK is like
    * wedding
    * honeymoon
    * bella pregnant/ jake dealing
    * bella vampire
    * volturi conforataion
    * happy ending

    deathley hallows….

    im not hating, i love both series very very much, but i think what nikkis trying to say is that BK doesnt need to broken down into two, since it doesnt have much action. unlike HP, which has way more, and quite frankly… a TAD bit better plot. i’m excited for both NewMoon AND Deathley Hallows, but we all know that the one that will get more box office hits and more people dressing up and whatnot… is HP, its just been around longer and its just… HP. haha, i dont wanna start a beef over these two very different series, since they are my favourtie. but stop harrasing nikki, we are all entitled to our own opinion.

    - audrey ♥

  • diorgirl


    um i believe she was commenting for the reason of stating her opinoin
    i do like the twilight series but i also find it way not necessary for breaking dawn to be put into two movies
    and seriously these books are not that great..the idea yes but the books..meh
    and ya..this is copying harry potter right now
    i’m sorry guys but twilight will not have the lasting impact of twilight

  • evalovex3

    i totally agree
    twilight really doesnt compare to harrypotter
    there is like not action in there; Stephenie Meyer is too afraid of killing off a character.
    the characters are a bit too much.
    i still like the books though; but seriously breaking dawn was really pathetic and doesnt deserve two movies.

  • mina1

    Volturi Pics! More details! More Pix! Please. All goodness. I want to be a Volturi for Halloween. lol!

    Also, for those wondering about Breaking Dawn split into 2 movies, I think studio released a statement the other day (coz of BooBoo’s statement) that they are working towards making BD movie happen (nothing set in stone yet) and that if the movie does get approval it will only be one movie not two… unless the studio released another statement I don’t know about.
    My personal opinion: HECK NO! NO BREAKING DAWN MOVEI(s)! Love books 1-3 but 4th (BD) umm, NO. If there will be a movie I call REWRITE!

  • guest

    Why are all the promos about the volturi? is it because its the only good part of the book?

  • Angela

    @Nikki: I AGREE 1000000000000%.

  • Audrey

    @Nikki: @newport beach, 92660: @evalovex3:

    I completely agree with everything you guys said. Breaking Dawn doesn’t have to be split into to movies because it’s too short and there’s not a lot of stuff going on. It”s repetitive. And being split into different character perspectives (Bella to Jacob to Bella) does NOT make a difference. Whereas Deathly Hallows, it has more action, more secrets, more revelations, more mysteries, and better plot.

    Goblet of Fire, which has a hell of a lot more pages (and plot) than Breaking Dawn wasn’t even split into two movies, so I really don’t think it’s necessary to bother the world with yet another Twilight movie.

    I also agree that this really is a rip off of what they did with Deathly Hallows. Seriously, have a little originality. And the idea of sparkling teeny bopper vampires is NOT originality.


    She’s not hating. She’s merely addressing you people with her own opinion. But apparently these days, you’re not allowed to state your opinion unless it has “Twilight rules” in it.

  • Aimee

    I love the New Moon Volturi pictures they’re so mint. Some of the poses are a bit werid though.
    Cameron Bright (Alec) = Major Frickin’ Hottie!
    Love him and his sexiness ^_^

  • Naomi

    Why you have to compare the twiligth saga with harry potter?
    those are completly different books!! there’s no need to do that.
    what a bunch of losers…

  • Sahina

    Breaking Dawn doesn’t need to be broken up into two films! not every single detail in the book is even important, unlike Harry Potter, which explains everything which went on in the previous books.
    its a bit pointless making it into two films. its unecessary!

  • nina1234

    @naomi, @Audrey,

    Twilight and Harry Potter are different books with different styles. So, comparing them is a little iffy. (cant exactly describe it)… Goblet of Fire was very long and yes, they didnt make it into two movies, though i wish they had put in a little more in the movie. same with Order of the Phoenix whixh in my opinion, lacked a lot of things. I love both series and yes, i like HP a little more than Twilight, but they’re both awesome.

    And the “twilight is ripping off deathly hallows” thing – a 700 page book is pretty difficult to squeeze into a 2hour movie. Its not necessary to make two movies but if they feel that it doesnt sum up the book, then why not make it into two?

    I cannot wait for both movies to come out. (though 8 months is quite a long time to wait for part 2 of deathly hallows….lol)

    All of this is just my opinion, remember. One more thing: bring on the movies of both series!

  • Ameliya

    Come on people really .. some people like HP better some like Twilight better.. is anyone really wrong in their opinions? However I find it childish that someone is going to post something about HP on a Twilight board to trash Twilight (and yes even those of you who said I love Twilight but HP is so much better you are guilty also) I am a fan of both but they not be compared to each other. HP is about Wizards and WItches and Twilight is about Vampires and Werewolves 2 totally different genere’s we are looking at… Yes everyone is entiteled to their opinion but why purposly post something just to piss people off. Grow Up and quit hating

  • ashley

    @Nikki: Ithink its a good idea…that way it isn’t as corny as twilight was. That way they can actually show the good parts of the book.

  • Ameliya

    @mina1: I think the 4th book is actually my favorite and most of my friends agree that regardless of all the bad publicity that book got it was great. Stephanie took a risk with the book by having Bella get pregnant.. and it worked.. only rewrite needed for Breaking Dawn is let us see Edward and Bella make love for the first time as everyone wants to see that other than that leave Breaking Dawn as is … if you dont like the book then u dont need to go see the movie

  • Cheyenne

    OMG (Screams) Can wait:) YAY!

>>>>>>> staging1