Nick Jonas is New York Nice

Nick Jonas is New York Nice

Nick Jonas is all too happy to snap a pic with a fan outside of his hotel in NYC on Friday evening (August 28).

The 16-year-old musician looks to be much better since last night’s concert in Cleveland, Ohio. Nick skipped out on the meet and greet to get some rest and nurse a minor illness.

Nick and bros Joe and Kevin will rock out NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom tonight before heading to Montreal, Quebec for a concert on Saturday night.

10+ pics inside of New York nice Nick Jonas

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Photos: CWNY/Fame Pictures
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  • DemiFan


  • newport beach, 92660


    wouldnt be talking,
    ur a fan of some dumb Miley Cyrus wannabe.

  • liz

    i hope he’s feeling better!
    & were they are the trump hotel again? :D
    i was gonna try to go to the concert.
    but yeah.

  • cathee

    SO SEXY *-* LOVE HIM ♥

  • Courtney

    Nick is amazing!


  • Jewels

    i met them today !!! at hammerstein ! woooo

  • huge nick jay fan

    What was the point of this?

  • Anabel

    @newport beach, 92660: Demi is not a Miley wannabe. At all. Where the heck did you get that idea? But then again the “E UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make this KID GO AWAY” comment was unnecessary. Hmm.

  • DemiFan

    @newport beach, 92660: and you’re a fan of someone who dose nothing but talk sh!t about his diabetes at least that wanna be can sing and dose not sound like some one on a TOILET wit DIARRHEA

  • mcf

    my mom doesnt like them at all everytime they come on tv she has 2 says ” when r those boys ever gonna wash there hair ” or ” i feel there is something inside there hair change it what else is on ” the only time she said something good about them is when they came 2 the oscars she said ” finaly they washed there hair ” my sister and i always laugh at my mom if we want 2 bug our mom we just put on the jonas bros they always get the job done !

  • omg!!!!

    #8 ok LOL that was funny but kinda mean ! and miley and demi r both gr8 girls so shut it !

  • Kiera

    Im A Miley, Demi, jb Etc. Fan..
    But You guys need to grow up and stop Talking about miley and demi because you dont know them and will never. And if you wanna talk about miley or demi go on a post about them..
    Anyways.. Im glad nicks feeling better, I kind of ffeel bad for the people who didnt see nick at there first and only meet and greet yesterday. But YAY Im glad Nicks feeling better

  • justsome1

    i dont get it, y do haters say they hate JB and then check out their articles, personally i thing JB are amazing! but seriously, haters… get a hobby or get a life or do something, because it’s pathetic how u waste ur time reading about some1 u hate! just sayin…
    ps if ur a demi fan ud like JB, if ur Miley fan ud like Demi and if ur a JB fan ud like Miley, basically what im sayin is that theyr all friends, so if u hate on 1, ur hating on ur idol’s friend, which is not cool…


    @DemiFan: shut the hell up! he speaks honestly about his diabetes and it’s not stupid!it’s serious! what if u had it and u were trying to make a difference huh? +their music rocks! ur really,REALLY stupid!



  • Bailey

    does anyone know if this was at the trump hotel?

  • Cals

    YES it was totally at the Trump Hotel!! I can tell by the gold ceiling thats outside of the hotel. If I would have know he was gonna be there I soooo would have gone!!!!!! :,(

  • jesse


  • katie

    he grew up to be such a handsome boy. it’s insane.

  • Deen

    omg! he is totally cute and beautiful, i am in love with him!!

  • harmonygrace

    Glad he’s feeling better!!!
    Is it just me or does his hair look super dark in these pictures? Like almost black…… it could just be the lighting.
    But it doesn’t matter, he always looks great. :)

  • ELI

    Nick and Miley in the same hotel??

  • nickjlover

    Omj, i hope he is feeling better!!
    he’s soo cute! =)

  • Chris

    I’m happy that it was nothing serious. And thanks for the great pics.

  • nikki

    my friend was forced to go to the ohio concert HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • omg!!!!

    is it just me or jjj r puting so much about nick and 4got joe and kevin ? im just saying there r alot about nick and not much about the other bros !

    and just jared please put more about jesse mccartney !

  • jb lover

    awww hes so handsome!! and finally theyre taking a pic with fan girl that’s actually pretty! hahah i feel like theyre always taking pics with girls who dont care about hygeine, but thts just me.

  • Lucy

    omg, wat was wrong with him? i hope he’s ok bless him! and to all u haters, wat’s ur problem with him and his brothers? they’re good kids who are doing stuff they love, so leave them alone! xx

  • Lawrence


    What are you doing in this thread then?, just to bitch and complain?. Heres a simply formula even haters can follow;

    See threads about Nick Jonas and his brothers, avoid!.

  • jonas’sister 4ever

    vote for the jonas brothers now on this link against the tokio hotel:
    …because the jobros are much better! thx…=)

  • Jess

    aww he’s so sweet!

  • nakyta

    nick is my boyfriend i love him soo much and i love him did i already say that ? hmm nick

  • katherine Jonas

    HOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously love hiim!

    SO perfect

    so beautiful

    SO nick Jonas


    U’ & Me 4ever*

  • katherine Jonas

    HOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! obviously love hiim!

    SO perfect

    so beautiful

    SO nick Jonas


    U’ & Me 4ever*

  • nicole

    just a thought….wasn’t MILEY in NYC on friday as well? ;)

  • carol

    OMG He’s so cute! :D

  • Ashley

    I was @ the cleveland concert and you could tell he was sick. I was very surprised that he even preformed but it was the last US show and he pulled it out. I t was still an amazing show. His brothers stalled for him several times probably so he could check his insulin. Im so glad he feels better and that it was nothing serious I love them to pieces!!!

  • katie

    i heard he was sick when he came here! everyone was saying he missed soundcheck and i was like i have no idea. =P but i guess it was the meet and greet. but he seemed fine at the concert. =)

  • Nicole turner

    LMAOOOOO, in the picture where you can only see the fans, I see myself. Hahha, That was the first time I ever met him, and I swear from that point on I wouldn’t cry when I met him again.. Hahhaha greatest and most embarassing moment of my life
    Now that I’ve gotten it out of my system ( the whole Teenie freakout) I can be chill when I meet him again.