Robert Pattinson: How To Be on DVD November 17

Robert Pattinson: How To Be on DVD November 17

Robert Pattinson strums a guitar on the box art of his indie flick, How To Be.

The 23-year-old British actor plays Art in the dramedy, an aspiring musician and supermarket worker who is stuck in a rut. He’s just been dumped by his girlfriend and is forced to move back home to live with his emotionally distant parents. Art is hopeless and depressed until he discovers the best-selling self-help book “It’s Not Your Fault” and spends his inheritance money to hire the book’s oddball author, Dr. Levi Ellington (Powell Jones), as his live-in life coach to get him through his “quarter-life crisis” and help him be “more normal.”

The How To Be DVD, with an exclusive interview with Robert, never-before-seen footage, and a 50-minute making-of featurette hits stores on Tuesday, November 17!

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  • =)=)=)

    LOL is all i can say !

  • Dianaaa

    Seems like everything will come out in November: New Moon, How to be and i’m wondering what else! I gotta watch this!

  • Jordan

    I have a feeling Rob would rather this on wouldn’t come out LOL

  • nicci

    he look weird.

  • sunnydee

    LOL he does not look cutee!

  • katie

    @Jordan: Why? He loved doing this movie, I doubt he cares if his fans don’t think he looks hot that’s not why des movies and shouldn’t be why his fans watch them…
    This has been out in the UK for a while ;D

  • jess

    I finished to see little ashes… wow fantastic good actors spanish!!! so romantic, insane…. sin límites. great ooh Rob kissed a man!! hehe amazing!! now I want see how to be. I didnt see yet.

  • Zoe

    his face… wat happened to his face. THAT STUPID HAIRDO! wtf!

  • kstewandmirandacrockx

    this movie is amazing. and the haircut may look weird to you know but when you watch the movie, he looks really hot in it..atleast he was to me! he plays guitar and sings songs in this movie and he just looks so cute! plus, the movie has a good plot and his friend is hot, and there is humor. how to be is a must watch. :)

  • mary

    on that movie he was too young but inst that movie where hes seen kising another guy ? totally eww , but i still love him :)

  • sheila

    did this movie ever make it into theatres in north america or was it limited to film festivals? its a shame. all the schlock that does make it into theatres and these little gems never do. oh well, i will just have to wait until november.

  • Lisa

    He’s in this business to be an actor and not to be hearthrob.. I saw some clips from How to Be and he really did a good job. He’s funny and talented and he would be a character actor if he was not so damned good looking.

  • mel

    this movie is sooooo god… they had it exclusively on demand a couple of months ago and i ordered it and trust me those 6 dollars were worth it

  • melody

    a part of weird ……

  • agus


  • Yay!!!!

    He’s so beautiful!!
    can’t wait for New Moon!!

  • sarah

    haha he looks like my uncle :)

  • mina1

    As far as I know, no it never made it into local theaters. I saw this movie at a festival. He was even nice enough to show up in person to support it. Also, Little Ashes is a gem. That one had wider release.

  • leele

    awwwww He’s so cute.. <3

  • Jayckson Lucy


  • Sophie

    I loved this film! It’s been out the UK for a while now and is so good! It shows a completely different side of Rob to what you see in Twilight. It’s deffinetely worth watching!

  • alycia

    this movie has made e a true rob fan he needs to stick to indie flicks he does so well in them

  • guest

    movie sounds lame

  • lola

    oh yeah i got this. its a bit pointless and boring to watch, but whatever. the character ends up in the same situation as he was in when the movie started. it’s just kinda boring.

  • 1# Zanessa’s Biggest fan

    Robert Pattinson is so Hot ♥ .
    But what happened here?
    Not liking the hair at all!
    Still Love him Though <3
    Probably still gonna watch the Movie!


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