Selena Gomez Covers TV Guide Magazine

Selena Gomez Covers TV Guide Magazine

Selena Gomez conjours up a little magic as she graces this week’s cover of TV Guide Magazine.

The 17-year-old actress and her Wizardly costars David Henrie, Jake T. Austin and Jennifer Stone caught up with the mag recently to play a little cubicle confessions. Selena dished that there were, “some surprises with Harper” on the upcoming season of Wizards.

Jake even revealed the coolest prank he’s done so far. He shared, “I’m definitely the antagonist. [A crew member] had a really nice BMW parked outside in his spot. I got in his car somehow…it was unlocked and I sprayed cheese all under the seats.”

Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie airs TONIGHT @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel. Watch it!

Wizards of Waverly Place Cast – TV Guide Magazine Cubicle Confessions
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  • liz

    she looks gorgeous!
    it’s on tonight :D

  • mime

    aww, david is so quiet! he barely said anything!!

  • justjareding :)

    oh! i thought for a second it was nick beside selena! i suck x]

  • Paulina

    omg. so beautiful !!

  • kevin

    i saw the movie last night
    on demand. blahh it wasn’t as good as i thought
    or many “thought” it would have been. i give it 2/5.
    honestly i still think Hannah Montana the movie
    and Lizzie McGuire the movie are STILL the best disney
    channel movie adaptations. and DONT DISS EM people !
    lizzie mcguire pones wizard anyday !!!
    but wizard is still cool :)

  • stacy

    @kevin: OMG same here!!!!!!!! i saw it on tuesday at my cousines house becuz she has on demand tooo. i didnt think it was that good either. the ending was kind of sad. but the whole movie wasnt as good as i would have expeted it to be. oh well i STILL love selena. and i agree, hannah and lizzie are my favorite disney movies :D :D and another cinderella story!! if that counts :P

  • ks

    i am so excited !!! :D

  • Jordan

    If that had been my BMW ( No I don’t have one :( ) There would have only been three people doing this interview. Theres a difference between a prank and vandilism.

    But Selena is so cute..But I like her hair better long

  • selenafan26

    Jake grows up so handsome. And Selena is so cute. :))

  • Heather

    David is so gorgeous <3 He seemed really like… idk. shy? maybe just quiet. lol. bless him. ILthem all!

  • jessica

    Sel always wants to be the center of attention. Jake and David are more interesting. Why did wowp producers pick the ugliest sidekick for her. Miley and Demi have very pretty sidekicks in Emily and Tiff. Notice with the David Henrie GF vampire she is so pretty you forget about sel…and that is y stone got the harper role–no competition.

  • Amber

    Haha they’re so awesome. The Wizards novie is already on Demand but I still haven’t seen it. Waiting to see it with someone tonight when it premieres. I’m so excited to watch! Some comments are saying that it wasn’t that great. Whatever it probably wasn’t that great but I’ll watch it anyways.
    And yeah, if you look quicky, Jake could easily be mistaken for Nick Jonas! Wow he’s so grown up! But what he did to that BMW isn’t right. That’s not even funny to just ruin the inside of a car like that. Imean wtf?

  • Sarah

    A couple of days ago I read the same comment, but coming from another person.. be creative and make up you’re own comment!
    I also find it pretty funny, that the haters are the only ones saying the movie wasn’t good!
    And it’s also really funny that WOWP the movie (tv movie) was MUCH and MUCH better then HM the movie (which was released on big screen).
    It just proves how really talented the cast and crew is

  • CG

    “conjours”?? uh…

    Anyway the WOWP movie was incredible! It should have played in theaters, that’s how good it was.

  • mileycyrus is a loser

    she looks fabulous on the cover

  • angel

    selena looks so gorgeous on that cover.

  • angel

    oh, and i saw the wizards movie and it exceeded my expectations. best dcom, by far. even people that had never seen wizards really enjoyed it.

  • jessica


    That was MY comment lol. I can repeat myself thank you. Glad you notice my comments and find them noteworthy. BTW I’ve never seen the wizard movie and don’t plan to. My sidekick comment was based on the show and interviews and viewing Stone. Sarah, you don’t sound too bright and your lies are silly. HM was a major motion picture that broke Easter weekend records. Most ppl haven’t seen the wizard movie which is only on the disney channel.

  • tori


    i love how you state “jstone is ugly” as a FACT. it’s not, it’s an opinion. jennifer is beautiful, everyone is. but apparently you are acting like an ugly person inside. GTFO this post if you’re gonna be a bitch. she’s really good actress. also, when juliet was on, i didn’t “forget about selena cause juliet’s so pretty” there you go again with your “facts” and of course hm movie broken records, hm is targeted towards millions of little kids. that doesn’t make it good. it actually didn’t get a lot of praise from critics :)

  • disneyfied

    @kevin: @stacy: Why do I get the feeling that you two are the SAME person?

  • Sarah

    Actually I even remembered the person’s name and it sure wasn’t jessica. I also know you weren’t the one who wrote that comment cuz you’re using way other words. So actually you’re the one making up lies!
    And as tori said it’s been watched by millions of little kids and that doesn’t make a movie good.

  • BlaireB

    @Amber: You definitely have to be a very big fan of Wizards of Waverly Place in order to ENJOY the movie and understand more about the characters. People who said that it was “ok” are not very big fans of the show.

  • jessica

    Tori and Sarah why do I get the feeling you are the same person. lol You are really delusional. You believe Stone is beautiful inside and out. Ew, you have bad taste and birds of a feather flock together so you must look like a JenStone type. You keep lying on this post about stupid stuff so I must call you out for entertainment purposes. Name this “person” who wrote the comment and where is it, which post, so all can view it? Even if someone else may have also said Stone was an ugly sidekick and Miley/Demi were so pretty they were not threatened to have pretty sidekicks Emily/Tiff,,,,what is your point? That others share my view? Is that your point? lol You say HannahMontana Movie was a failure lol. Again, are we to believe your lies or unbiased box office reports? *Are u aware that Miley’s music knows no age boundaries…read Billboard to see adults, teens and kids lover her music. Love you :)

  • Kathi

    Some surprises with Harper?!?^^ I´m eager to see the new episodes =)

  • Sarah

    @ jessica
    I believe in beauty outside AND inside. Insulting people about their looks only proves how pathetic you are. Jennifer Stone is out there and she HAS acting skills. Who cares if she’s pretty or not. I haven’t said HM was a failure, I even said it’s watched by millions of kids. But why are you bringing Miley’s music in it?! Miley and Hannah aren’t the same person. I agree on adults like Miley but adults aren’t really into HM.
    And again stop with the crap about which sidekick’s prettier, cuz it’s just stupid.
    Btw, I read it on Oceanup.

  • mary

    @jessica: hahahaha you sound soo stupid. just shut up already no one cares.

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    sarah its funny how u make fun of the haters when u r 1 !!!! i realy didnt see the movie yet but i think its gonna be awesome ! good luck 2 all the cast of wowp !
    and selena looks realy pretty !!! and so does jstone !! everybody is beautiful no mater what people say ! every disney girl is beautiful !
    AND i think that jake is waaaaay hotter than nick !

  • #1mileycyrusfan4ever

    sarah its funny how u make fun of the haters when u r 1 !!!! i realy didnt see the movie yet but i think its gonna be awesome ! good luck 2 all the cast of wowp !
    and selena looks realy pretty !!! and so does justin !! everybody is beautiful no mater what people say ! every disney girl is beautiful !
    AND i think that justin is waaaaay hotter than nick !

  • zekemaster

    @kevin: Uh, we all know you are a Selena hater. Dumbass alert

  • Jon

    @jessica: Dumbass alert

  • Jon

    @jessica: dumass alert!

  • SAM

    @jessica: DUMBASS ALERT! (Lol, thanx to whoever started this catchphrase)

  • LOL

    @jessica: LOL dumbass alert. I love what you guys started here.

  • Nick#40

    @jessica: Dumba$$ alert

  • jason

    @jessica: Dumbass Alert. Stop calling Jennifer ugly. How beautiful are you?

  • kc

    @kevin: DUMBASS ALERT! I just saw the movie is it was EFFIN awesome! Definitely better than HM:The Movie. But Lizzie McGuire Movie is still better.

  • a.m./p.m.

    @jessica: um…dumbass alert? What does that even mean. But yeah, you are a dumbass

  • Lex

    @jessica: Dumbazz alert! :D

  • Jerry#1

    I Can’t Wait for the Movie!!!!!! I heard it was reallly REALLY gud.

  • Meagan

    @#1mileycyrusfan4ever: I agree! they ALL look really good. Selena looks beautiful as usual. ANd Jennifer acutally looks really pretty here. so stfu about her being ugly.

  • Zac F Ron

    @jessica: Dumbass alert! lmao xD

  • Sony

    BEAUTIFUL COVER! This girl just keeps on getting more and more amazing. And I can’t wait for the Wizards of Wverly Place: The Movie and the Falling Down music video. WoooooooO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @jessica: dumbass ALert! Hahahahahaha


    i love the cover. but still cant wait to see the movie tonight … my favorite part its when sel its crying…how cute great future ahead sel..wizards rock

  • sara

    selena looks so beautiful on that cover!! actually she looks gorgeous anywhere!

  • claire

    wow selena looks absolutely beautifulllll on that cover!!! i really really like her with long hair!!! so gorgeous!!! anyways..i thought the movie was really good!!- it was funny, sweet, and sad at times. i think wizards is the best and funniest kids show by far. and this wowp movie is definitely the best dcom ive seen

  • AGREE!

    @Sarah: I so agree with that. I just saw the movie right now. IT WAS AMAZING! I loved it! I went to see HM on big screen it was good too but Wizards is totally MUCH BETTER!!! Don’t hate only love!


  • Amber

    @BlaireB: I’m a big fan and I loved the movie, but it’s not necessarily true that you have to be big fan to enjoy it, since the person I watched it with never really watched Wizards before and they enjoyed it just as much as I did

  • mia

    look… jake he grows up so fast nad so cute….girls gonna like him

  • meg

    jake is growing up fast. but he is still a cute kid. i would love to meet him. its kind of a dream of mine.

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