Miley Cyrus Makes A Milkshake

Miley Cyrus Makes A Milkshake

Miley Cyrus and big sis Brandi shows off her newly made milkshake at the Millions of Milkshakes shop in West Hollywood on Friday night (August 28).

After taking on The Today Show in NYC earlier in the morning, the 16-year-old “Party In The USA” singer treated herself to making her own milkshake. Wonder if she made The Miley Milkshake?

Be sure to pick up Miley‘s new EP, Time Of Our Lives, available at Walmarts nationwide and online now!

40+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus making a milkshake…

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miley cyrus makes milkshake 01
miley cyrus makes milkshake 02
miley cyrus makes milkshake 03
miley cyrus makes milkshake 04
miley cyrus makes milkshake 05
miley cyrus makes milkshake 06
miley cyrus makes milkshake 07
miley cyrus makes milkshake 08
miley cyrus makes milkshake 09
miley cyrus makes milkshake 10
miley cyrus makes milkshake 11
miley cyrus makes milkshake 12
miley cyrus makes milkshake 13
miley cyrus makes milkshake 14
miley cyrus makes milkshake 15
miley cyrus makes milkshake 16
miley cyrus makes milkshake 17
miley cyrus makes milkshake 18
miley cyrus makes milkshake 19
miley cyrus makes milkshake 20
miley cyrus makes milkshake 21
miley cyrus makes milkshake 22
miley cyrus makes milkshake 23
miley cyrus makes milkshake 24
miley cyrus makes milkshake 25
miley cyrus makes milkshake 26
miley cyrus makes milkshake 27
miley cyrus makes milkshake 28
miley cyrus makes milkshake 29
miley cyrus makes milkshake 30
miley cyrus makes milkshake 31
miley cyrus makes milkshake 32
miley cyrus makes milkshake 33
miley cyrus makes milkshake 34
miley cyrus makes milkshake 35
miley cyrus makes milkshake 36
miley cyrus makes milkshake 37
miley cyrus makes milkshake 38
miley cyrus makes milkshake 39
miley cyrus makes milkshake 40

Photos: The Media Circuit/Fame Pictures/WENN
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  • liz

    she left NY so fast!
    i want to go there, bring it to the east coast please!

  • Samantha

    Happy birthday Michael Jackson! It’s his birthday. if he were still alive it would be his 51st birthday. Also That milkshake Miley is drinking looks so good. I wonder if she can make good milkshakes. if she can I would want her to make one for me! HEHEHE

  • lina

    miley is so cute

  • lucy

    what is with short shorts Miley is obsessed with them I know it gets hot in LA but they also make shorts that aren’t that short if it’s so hot why is she wearing Frye boots she could wear flip flops?

  • k

    the milkshake looks yummy… miley looks okay, i guess.

  • Vanessa

    keep wearin short shorts ya lil S K A N K!!! cuz every one of ur lil fan girls is gonna do that now thanks to u! my sister got grounded cuz she was watchin her performance on the TCA’s and she tried to dance like miley and my dad grounded her for 2 weeks! and my sis is 14!!!! thats F ed up!!! THANK YOU MILEY CYRUS!!! XP

  • 21057876989

    she looks like crap. is that the style now?

  • Missy

    Love her outfits ;]

  • dkhf

    wew awesome!

  • pretty :)
    love her

  • ritii

    she looks so beautifull
    I can’t wait to get her album, it’s amazing ;D
    ans stop complaning about the shorts, jesus!

  • brooke

    haha no offense bt does it look (on the 11th pic where she is puttin the apron) like she didn shave her armpits? lol noticed randomly

  • Laura

    @Vanessa^^ you talk absolute BULLSHIT! that seriously a load of crap that you just wrote up there, lmao so funny.

  • sophie cyrus

    She looks great!

  • heather

    ahhhhh miley wore short shorts!!!!!. stop the presses!!

    seriousy people, chill. it’s not a big deal.

  • sophie cyrus

    Her hair looks a little darker than before > very pretty!
    Princess Pet AKA Celebrity Dog Breeder
    Home of Miley Cyrus dog SOFIE Navy Family!

  • shannon

    when does her whole album come out??? anyone know?

  • http://00 eleana

    are you crazy is miley cyrus just pretty i think she i think she is stunning!!

  • http://00 eleana

    miley is stunning and she even amazes my beautiful mum!!

  • sarah



  • sarah

    she looks really cute here…don’t like the shorts but who cares? it’s not my body…

  • jamie linn


  • sarah

    whose that girl with the black hair that is standing next to brandy? she looks really pretty =O beautiful actually…

  • daniella

    Miley Cyrus get some class please. I don’t get whats her obsession with short shorts and cowboy boots… are you trying to look more of a $lutty mess? It’s working. Look at other Disney stars like Demi and Selena… they don’t walk around in boots and booty shorts. God I can’t stand her.

  • flashmob

    Shoot for the moon.

  • Jasmine

    what about all the people who wear jeans on a daily basis? Are they obsessed with jeans?

  • Charlie Johnson

    The last thing she needs is more food. Come on Miley, stop being so fat

  • sarah

    she is not fat. she has a good amount of meat on her. do you have issues with your weight?

  • mandy

    shes just soo disgusting… always look so nasty and trashy ewww, her face are huge and greasy ewwww, shes so fat, gosh looks extremly nasty with thos shor shorts…..

  • flashmob

    Miley deserves to reward herself big time after her phenomenal Today Show concert. An artists cravings are going to tell them what they need to fuel their creative process. Miley should indulge herself in her cravings – she is a genius at work.

    Sugar is considered by some to be brain fuel.

    Miley gives us huge clues about the music she is contemplating during her creative process. Her musical taste is wonderful.

    @brooke Her armpits look smooth as a baby’s bottom. Are ppl just trolling to antagonize? Please don’t nag her to cover up. Summer will be over soon enough. 40+ pics of Miley indulging herself is a treasure trove of delight.

  • DemiFan

    You guys do know that the more your trash her post, the more popular she gets right? Just a thought. Unless you really want Miley to go away, my suggestion to you is STOP GOOGLING THE DAMN GIRL!

  • lauren

    @Vanessa: ha, that’s so funny! come on’ my sister have 9yr old, a cousin that hate her (she’s 15yr old) show my sister the TCA performance and my sister was just singing the song she really don’t care about that she HOLD the pole, my mom saw it, too. And she didn’t grounded my sister. Your parents are so strange. Sorry but it’s the truth, no offence :)

  • Sam

    @mandy: Oh, and so you wear jeans all the time? and she isn’t look nasty, it’s hot in LA if you use jeans in that place you’re oficially declared sunburnt but whatever, im wondering if the haters are going to mature someday.

  • omg!!!!

    #8-Vanessa realy girl i dont know what 2 say 2 u ! and no offence but maybe your parents should get grounded ! and im 14 and im a huge miley fan why didnt i do that ?? and lil girls e not gonna wear short shorts only if there parents buy them the short cuz there not the 1s who r gonna drive 2 the mall and get them the shorts so its not gonna be b/c of mileys but there parents !

    #12-brook look at pic #3 !!!!

    #21-daniella its funny how u ask miley 2 get some class when u have none ! so daneilla get some class please. and i dont get whats your problem with miley wearing short shorts and cowbot boots …. r u trying 2 make a fool out of your self ? its working ! and if miley doesnt dress up the way u like her 2 dress up or the way Demi and selena or the other disney stars dress it makes her a ” $LUTY MESS ” she can dress up the way SHE wants SHE not u or any other person in this earth ! its her body let her do whatever he wants its a free country ! and if u want 2 compare her with demi and selena … atleast she eating not starving herself and not look like just bones !

    people look at pic #2 she is soooooooooo NOT FAT ! she looks gr8 and realy healthy ! she is the best star disney has ! so no matter what u stupid people say she is still #1 !! go miley !

    ps buy her ep its gr8 !!!!

  • lauren

    @omg!!!!: I’m so agree with you!

  • Ashlee

    shes gaining some weight,
    she should lay off the milkshakes

  • omg!!!!

    Ya shes gaining some weight and wearing shorts CALL THE COPS !!!!!!

  • :)

    BEAUTIFUL GIRL :). HA! love her !

  • mary

    i LOLd at this, only coz its so true. :) people “nagging” abt short shorts should come to australia, evry1 wears them all the time- evn in winter (with tights). and here in queensland people friggin wear bikinis with shorts and go 2 the mall. Woopdidoo.

    anyway she’s an amazing artist

  • Sarah

    Look, its a famous person who actually keeps her head out of the toilet after food is put into her body. Oh My. :o:o:o:o

  • cry no more

    سلم عليكم انا حصه من الكويت انا احبج وانتي تمثيلج هلو انتي احلى ممثل انجلزيه

  • Gina

    When Brandi starts looking cuter (and younger) than Miley, you know there’s a problem…

  • cry no more

    that was my little sister so she didnt know how 2 write in english so im gonna do that if u dont understand ok!

    she says hi im hessa and im from kuwait and i love u and i love your acting and love your songs and your the most beautiful actress iv ever seen. ya she loves her very much

    anyway vanessa your so funny ! and she is so not fat and looks gr8 ! luv u miley !

  • rachel

    @Vanessa: thats mean.

  • flashmob

    Hahahaha! Miley Photoshop’d her legs on Twitter and they STILL look like a million dollars.

  • Coco ch.

    The girl with black hair is so ugly….she ruins the photos…

  • Emi

    i like only party in the USA from the album so i downloaded for free…

    Miley has much more money than I do so Im sure she doesnt mind :)

  • sean84

    miley didunt gained any weigh at all ur an idoit lol nd well shes so beautifull bye the way i wanna merry her lol

  • emma


  • mc=dabest

    miley looks awesome !! luv her !! hope hm wins the emmy !!!! goodluck miley !