Miranda Cosgrove: Raining Sunshine Music Video!

Miranda Cosgrove: Raining Sunshine Music Video!

Miranda Cosgrove and BFF Haley Ramm surround a laptop in the official music video for “Raining Sunshine.”

The song will be featured in the ending credits of the upcoming animated feature, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, starring Anna Faris and Bill Hader. The flick hits theaters on Friday, September 18.

Miranda is featured in the October issue of Teen Vogue as a part of their Young Hollywood 2009 feature. She shared about the Disney vs. Nickelodeon rivalry: “There’s no, like, rivalry. Everyone hangs out.”

Miranda Cosgrove – “Raining Sunshine” Official Music Video
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  • ciara

    I don’t like ;(

  • anna

    bleh :/


    she shouldnt sing really

  • Bethany

    oooh those are the haileys that were in her sleepover videos. one was in an episode of icarly and the other is on the youg and the restless. how cute that she uses her friendss!

  • iris

    I think Miranda is a great singer and actress.
    I love her songs!

  • Sarah

    the happy face shirt is from forever21..

  • Heather

    i love iCarly, but i am not a fan of her singing. and im really tired of all these Disney and Nick stars thinking that they can sing just cause they act. seriously, why is Jennette McCurdy singing all of a sudden??

  • eric

    I love her! iCarly is amazing! Shes the best young comedian and I think shes one of the few that really has a good voice.

  • amy

    Shes really really pretty! I love her show and this video is awesome!

  • teri

    She’s one of the best young performers! All my friends love her and I think this song is cute and fun. Cant wait for her album!

  • harper

    @hANNA: she shouldnt sing really


    If she is so bad, why was she chosen to sing this song over all the other teen talents?

  • jesse

    I love the new video I just saw it on youtube. Miranda rocks!

  • gold baybay


    Because she’s famous, idiot.

  • Hannah

    @gold baybay:


    Because she’s famous, idiot.


    Guess again, moron!!!

    It’s because she was the best choice. Hello…most talented!!!

  • http://twitter.com/luckydii diana

    i really like miranda and more than the disney stars. and jennette mcCurdy can actually sing! atleast better than selena gomez!

  • tan

    that poor girl realy thinks she can sing ! that was trash !

  • http://www.now.comm fedy track( | am portuguese)

    I am portuguese and I love you miranda I love you music nice

  • lyssababy

    i love Miranda as an actress,
    but this is just ridiculouss.

  • Kaitlyn

    I love this video Miranda your so rockin.

  • angeliz

    shes great !!!!

  • http://carly allison.pfeifer

    you are so so so so the bust sing too

    i love your show ok

    call me at 499/ 07/12


  • http://justjarredjr.com ashton

    it was ok…. i mean…….well……it wasnt bad…..the theme rocked and so did the name her singing is like…….ok..i sing better than her! ha!

  • http://vanessa hunter

    you are awsome because you look great in the music video. If you can i know you just came back to America from Australia for the kids choice awards but maybe you could come to Australia and meet me i live Perth. I can’t tell you where i live. but try to visit me love u see you bye

  • pennrandy

    This is one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard. It is the perfect meeting of the right artist and the right song. I have played this video many times it always lifts my spirit and makes me smile. Miranda Cosgrove truly rains sunshine and is a gift to the world. I hope we enjoy her career for many years.

  • pennrandy

    @diana: WHOA! Jennette McCurdy sings better than Selena Gomez?!?!? This is just crazy talk. Selena is a rising superstar and Miranda is following in her footsteps. If Jennette McCurdy makes her mark in country music, more power to her, but tearing down Selena in favor of Jennette is uncalled for. I hope Jennette makes it on her own and I wish her the best of luck, but leave Selena out of this, There is room for Selena, Jennette, Miranda, Miley and Demi and more in the music world. It is a big world and they can all have their share of success. Girl Power!!

  • http://www.mirandaissweet.com Adam J

    jennette and miranda both sing better then selena

>>>>>>> staging1