Justin Bieber: Nintendo & NYC!!!

Justin Bieber: Nintendo & NYC!!!

Justin Bieber snuggles into a stuffed panda bear as he visits the Nintendo World Store in NYC on Tuesday afternoon (September 1).

The 15-year-old musician performed an acoustic mini-concert at the store before hitting up the ever popular Wii games available. Justin tweeted, “Thanks to everyone who came out to Rockefeller Plaza in NYC! Special thanks to everyone at Nintendo too! Got a new DSi! Time to eat!”

Justin‘s new album, My World, is now available for pre-order and will hit stores on Tuesday, November 17. are you excited to hear more of Justin‘s music?

25+ pics inside of Justin Bieber at the Nintendo Store…

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Photos: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images, Sara Jaye Weiss/StartraksPhoto
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  • brittany

    i’ve never heard of this kid before, lol.
    is he with disney? or something else?
    i shall youtube him later, he’s adoreable.


  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    HE IS SUCH A CUTIIE !! ♥ His voice is so amazing, and yes, I am VERY excited for more of his songs. :D

  • http://twitter.com/luckydii Diana

    omg hes sooo cutee i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee justin!!

  • maariya

    AAHHHH I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! post more of him jared!!! thank you! lol

  • diane n.

    he is a cutie pa-tootie! (:

  • http://invisiblechildren.com steph

    I love him so much! lol

  • Zanessafanx13!!!

    I love Justin!!! He has a great voice!! And he is just so cute!!!<33

    Go Zanessa!!!!<3333333

  • zanessa fan!!!

    I wish I was that stuffed panda bear!!! lol. He is such a cutie!!!

    Zanessa rox!!!<333

  • Anna

    I was there!! I waited in line for like, 5 hours but i didn’t meet him :\ it was totally worth it though, cause i saw him <3 he’s so cute

  • Tcjz

    Remember kids,
    Flush the toilet!

  • tatii

    ahhh he is sooo ahdorable
    i love him :)

    how old is he?

  • jamie

    i was there!
    it was sooo full!
    yay! justin Bieber!
    i’m gonna get his album :)

  • MaiChi

    Eeek. :]
    I love him.

  • Virginia

    I was there too Anna I waited 5 hours too and didn’t get to see him but I saw him through the window and he is so cute!! Totally worth it! He blew kisses, peaced at us, and did a heart sign too! :)))

  • http://www.nostankyou.com Gracynn

    Such a cutie. COME BACK TO SEATTLE Pleaseee

  • Hannah

    OMGOMG, he’s such a cutie<3

  • mochakiss8503

    15!!! I thought this little boy was 12 LMAO!!!! He sounds ok but this “faux street” vibe I’m getting from him is lame. Just be yourself kid.

  • Ellen

    october 13th? wow. he keeps changing the date…
    but im not complaining cuz i thought it was november(:
    thanks just jared for posting about justin bieber now(:
    i’ve been waiting for this to happen. hahah.
    i’m anticipating the day that i get to meet him<3

  • bieberfan

    omg his album comes out on my birthday…i am so going to get it! he sings incredible. luv jb <3

  • Emi

    I sooo looooove him!!!
    He is amazing!!!
    I waited for 9 hours and it was all worth it!!
    He is so sweet and cuter in person!!!

  • gold baybay

    “One Time” was overplayed so much. I didn’t mind it, but now when I hear it, I either shout or turn off the radio/tv. Release something new JustinB, or you’ll be tomorrow’s new.

  • Sarah

    @gold baybay: You can listen to other songs by Justin Bieber like “Lonely Girl”, “Bigger” and “Favorite Girl”

    They are all great songs!

    I luuuv Justin!!!!! <3333333

  • lmao/

    hes like obsessed with purple sweaters, lmao (:

  • i ♥ justin bieber

  • smiley

    aww he is such a cutie! i love him!
    his song ‘one time’ is so sweet
    i listen to it all the time :)
    can’t wait to see him perform on Alexa Chung tomorrow
    i wish him much success with his album <3

  • Sanna =)

    AWWW he looks so young ! but OHH SOO FINE ! Lol he’s a cutie ! =) =)

  • brad

    dude i tought he was 11!!!!!! haha! i geuss only kids under 13 must like him?? he hasnt even hit puberty HAHAHAHAA
    wen he hits puberty maayybbeee his voice will SUCK even more!!
    wow get lost kid!

  • kevin

    wow he’s 15, LOLOL.
    looks like someone hasn’t hit puberty yet …

  • g

    He’s cute and all, but he looks like he’s 12

  • g

    He also sounds like a girl when he sings

  • Mary

    OMG!!! I love Justin Bieber!!!!
    He is so cute!
    AAAWWW thank you Jared for posting stuff about him :)
    I never get tired of listening to his songs…he is so sweet!

  • http://itsadream.forumcommunity.net/ silvia

    in Italy we say “che bono!” for cute boys like him awww :]

  • Mandy

    Yay! Justin Bieber!
    Luv him!

  • duhstyerose

    @brittany: No he isnt with disney thank god usher signed him!!!

  • Missy

    Boy with amazing voice ;)

  • http://justinbiebercentral.blogspot.com Nicolette

    Justin is adorable. He is signed to Island Def Jam Records to those who asked. Everyone who likes Justin check out my website at justinbiebercentral.blogspot.com for all the Justin news!!!

  • olivia

    lol, my friend was in his kindergarten class

  • newport beach, 92660

    what a cutie,
    lol, isnt he from canada?

    - audrey

  • erikaaaa

    omggg. i <3 justin bieber! hes such a good singer and hes so hot!

  • rachel

    JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3
    just so cute and adorable.
    and has an incredible voice to top it alll!

  • isabella bieber

    omfg !! :D
    i freaking LOVEE justin bieber
    thank you for posting about him just jared (:
    i want him to perform in so cal so i can see him and meet him lol (:
    yay JUSTINNN !!! :D

  • amelia

    isnt it funny how that boy is one year younger than nick jonas, and he looks his age, but nick jonas tries to be older beyond his years?

  • mackenzie m

    on his latest vid from the nintendo store it said the album was coming out november 17, 2009(:♥ i just want it out as soon as possible. he is like LIIIIIIFE

  • aSHLEY


  • Amiraah

    @brittany: @brittany:

    no, he’s nt with disney. he’s recently got signed by usher. he’s a singer. go check out his utube vids.

  • http://dona_niti95@live.com


  • Memory

    OMG…his album “My World”comes out 5 days before my birthday!!!! IM SO HAPPY YAY!!!!

  • Memory

    @olivia: NO HE WASNT

  • Ammy

    OMG Justin is so cute and he short to witch makes him even cuterthen most stars.LOV U JUSTIN

  • Tamirys

    LiindOouh ♥

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