Nicole Anderson: Confidence Is More Attractive Than Beauty

Nicole Anderson: Confidence Is More Attractive Than Beauty

Nicole Anderson lets her own confidence shine in the September issue of H Magazine.

The 19-year-old actress, who just finished up drama Accused at Seventeen, chatted about future projects, her love for vintage jewelry and Reese Witherspoon. Check it:

On the next step in her career: “The next step in my future is to hopefully continue working. I’d love to eventually break into film. It’s a whole different process from television in the way you develop your character and the story.”

On her shopping addiction: “I love shopping! I am hands-down a shopaholic. I think fashion is such a fun and creative way to express myself. My favorite things are accessories…I love huge rings, vintage jewelry, headbands and handbags.”

On the power of inner beauty: “I’m not too concerned with looks (on the outside) because they are only skin-deep and fade with time. I find the confidence, depth and wisdom of mature women much more attractive than anything youthful beauty has to offer.”

On modeling a career after Reese Witherspoon: “I really admire Reese Witherspoon’s career, because she has done everything from drama to comedy and that’s something I aspire to do. I just want to constantly challenge myself as an actor and to really explode different sides of myself through the characters I portray.”

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Photos: Joey Shaw
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  • mariana

    she has her bra showing in one of the pics.
    let the critics start…

  • sophia

    she’s gorgeous.

  • liz

    i love her (:

  • S.A.M.

    omg i love her so much.she’ss my fav actress and she is so hot.

  • jj

    she is soooooo pretty!!!

  • marilina

    nice pics!!!!she looks gorgeous!!!!

  • marie

    wow i love her output in beauty.

    she’s beautiful :)

  • Lou

    @mariana: so what she’s 19 and i love her. she’s not miley who shows her bra in front of millions of people hahah

  • mel

    she is sooo pretty…

  • kristine

    she’s gorgeous!!

  • Lucy

    she is so beautiful! and she’s an amazing actress- she played a mean gymnast and plays a sweet natured girl in JONAS. She’s just amazing. I think she’s more talented and prettier than Miley and Selena put together! xx

  • sarah

    She is very beautiful.

  • michelle

    who cares if her bra is showing ?
    shes 19 !
    it not like shes 16 like miley cyrus, now thats innapropriate

  • linaaa♥

    wow! shes so gorgeous!! i so agree with the person who said shes more talented than miley. :P

  • mariana

    yeah i know but miley obcessed fans love to bash other teen celebrities that show their bras. she does look beautiful.

  • Caligurl25

    wow really pretty

  • Bobthebuilder

    she is really pretty, but what is with that strand of hair just hanging on front of her face?!
    its really annoying me haha!

  • caroline

    hahah… it’s funny cause she says that she doesn’t care about her looks but she’s a shop-aholic. how is it possible?

    but indeed she is pretty.

  • jamie linn

    @lucy lets not bing selnea into this selnea is a great actress and this 1 is a new 1 so lets not be going ahead of our self’s here ! x erm yh I suppose she is alright .. x erm @marie do u no this girl called Nakyta ?? coz i no her :)

  • amanda

    @mariana: That isn’t true. Nicole Anderson is stunning and so is Miley. I think teens like you are the ones who constantly stir up arguments by starting stuff like that, like comparing people.

  • Whitney

    Wow, she is GORGEOUS.

  • kimmy

    She’s 19 years old and what if she bra is showing a little, at least she got CLOTHES ON. She’s stunningly beautiful and she’s not doing on purpose to “flaunt it” or be some “slutty” person. Give her a break. You go, Nicole!


  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    This is a girl that everyone should look up to. She gives good advice and she doesn’t care too much of her outer beauty. Which she shouldn’t cause she is down right gorgeous.

  • MaiChi

    She’s pretty but her acting is horrible.

  • Deea&Gabrielle

    She’s truly amazingly talented and stunning! We love you Nicole!!!

  • Meg

    @Lou: Uhmmm…. you know, whether its in person or not, people DO read maazienes so “millions” would still see it. You’re comment was completely pointless. And also, why bring Miley into this??? Haters are pathetic. You guys can take some totally irrelevant post and turn into something about Miley! You’re worse than the fans! The haters are just as much, if not MORE obsessed with Miley then the FANS are! Why do you feel the need to instigate a fight (you know what you said will piss fans off!) and stir up drama? Are you really that bored with your life? Can’t we just have one stinkin’ post where people can ACTUALLY talk about, gee… I dunno… WHAT THE POST IS ABOUT!?

  • Meg

    @Lucy: What does this post have to do with Miley OR Selena??? Why do you people feel the need to constantly bring other people into posts. You don’t realize it, but just by bringing up Miley or Selena you’re going to instigate other comments about them (mostly to you like, “OMG NO WAY! Miley and Selena are 384589 times better than her!” blah blah blah…) This post is about Nicole, was it really NECESSARY to compare her to Miley or Selena, or anyone else for that matter?

  • emilie

    shes cute AND hot
    i like her

  • carlyn


    You go Kimmy!
    Love your sites btw :)

  • DemiFan

    Wow, if Miley dose something it’s slutty and if another Disney star dose it it’s suddenly okay? You people seriously need a reality check cause there are girls the same age as Miley who do MUCH WORSE THINGS and SO WHAT IF SHE SHOWS HER BRA aint like you all don’t have ONE gosh, I wonder how many teenies of you will wine when PUBERTY cause you guys have obviously never herd of it.

    On the other hand, Nicole looks MAD PRETTY I hope she gets far with acting! She’s already doing projects outside of Disney and she’s just getting started!

  • arra

    it doesnt even matter if shes nineteen and her bra is showing! she is modeling and she didnt choose to show it to everyone unlike miley ! who grabbed her shirt down and showed her bra ! but anyway nicole is soo pretty !

  • mhay

    Goog luck to her.
    shes pretty.

  • Maddie

    This annoys me. Sure it’s all fine to say “confidence is more appealing” or whatever. That she’s “not too concerned with her looks”. That’s fine. But, it’s kind of silly when you’re absolutely gorgeous! Kinda makes everyone whose not like her think… of course you’re not concerned. Everyone thinks you’re beautiful. For us mere mortals… it’s not as easy as ‘just being confident’.

  • mia


    that’s exactly what i was going to say.

  • Jess

    great model,
    bad actress..

  • jean

    @Maddie: you bring up a valid point but if we look at the flip side, and let’s say Nicole wasn’t pretty and she said that, then people can also just say “oh well she doesn’t have beauty so *of course* she has to rely on self confidence”

    i think it brings a bit more power to her statement when she actually has the beauty but *chooses* to disregard it

  • mary

    @mariana: no we dont, well not all of us :) some of us r actually nice. and i agree with u nicole looks gorgeous!

  • Nadeeya

    she looks so different

  • Cassie


  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!
  • justme

    she’s one of the hottest disney girls besides Vanessa,Miley and Demi.

  • Caitlyn

    … she les?
    she sed she finds confidence attractive in women….doesnt she mean men?

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Anybody else remember that she played as the snobby girl who told Carly about on the “iCarly” episode “iNevel?” Nothing like Macy Misa.

  • Faith

    @mariana: She has her bra showing in more then one

  • kara

    She loves shopping and so cares about her outside but then she says that she doesn’t care of the outside… blah aha

  • Marylynn

    She does look gorgeous, but i dont get the whole let your bra hang out thing… i think it looks kinda trashy at any age and on any person. Whether under age or above age. But besides that she is GORGEOUS!!!

  • Lucy

    @Meg: luk, i totally understand y ur offended by my comment, but it’s just my opinion. and the reason i sed it is becoz i think people need 2 realise that there are better talents than those 2. but hey, gud on ya 4 standin up 4 wat u believe in, just lyk i am! :D

  • jackie

    why would they she is 19 not 16 a girl at that age wants to be sexy…

  • davidhenrieLUVER

    I love her as maicy, she’s so funny, and she’s really pretty, she should be as recognized as miley and selena.. GO NIKKY ;D

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