Keke Palmer's Super Sweet 16 -- EXCLUSIVE Pics!

Keke Palmer's Super Sweet 16 -- EXCLUSIVE Pics!

Kyle Massey gives a rose to buddy Dylan Sprouse in this exclusive image from Keke Palmer‘s sweet 16 party.

The now 16-year-old starlet had the best birthday bash ever — from partying with BFFs Ashley Argota and Elijah Kelley, she also got a new car!

Keke blogged on her official site, “I don’t think I have slept that much in the past 48 hours! My party was FABULOUS! I had such a good time and just want to thank my parents and Nickelodeon for organizing such an AMAZING NIGHT!!! YES I GOT MY CAR!! Ford Escape Hybrid White outside w/ tan leather seats on inside!”

She continued, “Thanks to all the fans for wishing me a Happy B-Day, very much appreciated, and thanks to all my street teams, especially my Nigerian Team, they feel left out , I am so sorry my mom is trying to think of ways we can include you guys more, just know that I appreciate all that you do on my behalf and you are not forgotten in my heart.”

Check out some exclusive party pics from the T-Mobile Sidekick LX photo booth and videos below!

Keke Palmer – Entrance to Sweet 16

Keke Palmer Serenaded by Elijah Kelley

Keke Palmer Dances With Dad
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  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    i love keke happy birthday yes 1st

  • yourmomsuckaa

    nicee love keke !

  • yourmomsuckaa

    but i want ZANESSA PICS !

  • caroline

    It looks like fun :) I love Cole’s face in that picture with the rose ! :D <3

  • ashytisdalefan

    it does look like fun
    and they look like prom pictures :P


  • amy

    omg, in the pick with dylan and cole and kyle.. it looks like dylands peed his pants! HAHA
    no affence to him though. i do love the twins :D

  • Liane

    love keke!
    girl is gorgeous!

  • Chanel

    I can’t wait till I can afford a car.

  • Kiki

    keke is really so beautiful!

  • Chris

    COLE LOOKS SOOOOO HOT OMH haha Now they llok like 17th year old guyzs cuz before they aparented 15 hahaha i love them!!:)

  • Streetteam Nigeria

    Keke Rocks! I’m sooooo glad dat she recognizes our efforts!

  • laura

    Hahaha Dylan and Cole Aweeeeeeeeeeeesome!!! XD

  • Barb

    I love Dylan and Cole! Dyl looks so gorgeous! I wish I could’ve been there. It looks like Keke had a great time!

  • Jasmine P.

    Aww! I hope (and know; just look at how she spent it) she had an awesome birhtday! :) And LOL at Dylan, Cole, and Kyle!!

  • zuhura

    I really have fun! The best wish u all!!!!!!!!

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