Jonas Brothers: Road Dogs Ready For 2010!

Jonas Brothers: Road Dogs Ready For 2010!

Nick, Joe and Kevin are eager to share their thanks with their amazing fans for the first leg of their world tour.

The JoBros shared on their MySpace, “So it was a whirlwind of a summer, seeing our fans all across the US, Canada and Mexico. We couldn’t have asked for a better reception. It was unforgettable and our favorite tour yet. To think of the new friends we’ve made, Jordin Sparks (and her band), Wonder Girls and Honor Society we can’t wait to see you guys again soon.”

They continued, “It’s been a bit of an adjustment waking up with no schedule, flight or amazing fans outside the venue to welcome us to a new city. We also want to thank our incredible crew and support team for the hard work during the summer. We couldn’t have done it with out you
guys and will always remember all the fun we had. And last but not least…. To all the Road Dogs fans…’WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!!!!’ Keep your hopes up for a great 2010 season.”

Remember to check out the Jonas Brothers‘ new music video, “Keep It Real,” premiering THIS Sunday, September 6 @ 8:55PM ET/PT.

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  • mel

    lovelovelove <3

  • mel

    woo i was first!

  • jonasfan

    firsttt :). sooo waiting for CR2!

  • shaye

    they need to come to jamaica. i don’t think alot of ppl would go to their show but i know i would and for the reason 12 year old girls go but because i admire them because of their writing skills. i still can’t believe they write their own music!!! i love SORRY. the interpretation is great and it has a taylor swift-ish feel to it. I’d so love to do a song with them but not now, probably later when i can read and write music and play an instrument. write now all i can do is talk. think i’m gonna stop now

  • Deen

    I love theeem so muuuuuuuuuuch, comeback to Argentina please!!! We miss you so bad, Joe you are the perfect guy in the world, please be mine!
    Jonas Brothers (L)

  • ally

    Jonas Brothers you are the greatest legends ever! I love you guys sooo much, you are the best. I will see you at your World Tour!

  • sophie

    love you guys, especially joe (look at his muscles in that pic, how could anybody not like that!) can’t wait to see you in london in november (L)

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to see the Road Dogs next year!

  • Courtney

    The Jonas Brothers are more than amazing!
    I love JB!



  • Daisy

    that’s one unflattering picture of joe. seriously. he’s cute, but not that cute. he’s growing older and uglier, it seems

  • Mandy

    They are getting uglier =(
    The older they get the uglier they are =(

  • Luis F. Gomez

    I want so bad a Road Dog T-Shirt but I live in Guatemala, I think it would be kind of hard to find one of those here hahaha however Im going to find out if I can have one…

    JJJ You rock!!
    Greets from Guatemala!!

    Luis F. Gomez

  • shaye

    Daisy @ 5:18 pm on 09/03/2009

    that’s one unflattering picture of joe. seriously. he’s cute, but not that cute. he’s growing older and uglier, it seems

    Read more:

    Guess so but i still like him

  • tan

    nick and joe r getting uglier by the day kevin still the same in a kinda bad way ! i loved them only when they went on tour with miley cyrus but now not so much realy sorry guys last time u were hot now your not ! again sorry !

  • Courtney K :D

    I absolutely love the jonas brothers! they are amazing people and amazing musicians! to daisy and mandy, they are not getting uglier, they are at the end of puberty, they are growing up! i think that they look more handsome and amazing now than they ever have before! if you guys are only willing to post about their looks, you guys must not be real fans, even if you are fans! I love the boys so much and i would absolutely love love love to play softball with them any day of the week. except tuesdays… i have high school softball on tuesdays :D lol any ways, i really wish that i could meet them some day.

    Paul Kevin Jonas II, you are an amazing guitarist!
    Joseph Adam Jonas, you play a mean tamborine! :D
    Nicholas Jerry Jonas, you are a huge inspiration in my life!

    Nothing is ever gonna slow me down. I’m living like i’m at the bottom, even though i am at the top :D

    Keep writing amazing music!

    Peace and Love
    Courtney K <3

  • shaye

    @Mandy: true but i still like them

  • mathild

    They are getting uglier =(
    The older they get the uglier they are =(

    Are u kiddin me ? Nick as never look so hot …
    But whatever its your opinion :)

  • maite

    i Dont care if they are ugly or not i still love them!

  • Lauren

    THEY R NOT UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    love theeeeeeem :D

  • Joni_marie

    who cares about what they look like. they’re music has always been great. love u guys ;)

  • Lesly

    They have muscles which is good, but they are too short…..They will start looking weird soon…They won’t grow anymore…probably a little bit…not much though…

    So they are going to be huge with muscles but short and that doesn’t look good…

    I like their songs though :)

  • Kezza

    ha ha joe looks funny

  • Lucy

    @Daisy: getting uglier? that’s not very nice! i don’t think any of them are uglier. nick is getting hotter everytime i see him! he’s is maturing so much. i think im in lurve ;D xx

  • reow.

    its just not the best photo of them.
    I LOOOOVE JB! :)

  • demii

    Hey guys you are amazing they great team to support I love them x x
    And I love your new song well not new but kinda new :D fly with me <3 x x
    Keep on rocking you guys :P x x x x x x x

  • demii

    Ooh and @LUCY you are so right I mean not everyone has to be perfect right x Daisy you should be ashamed of yourself :)

  • georgia

    damn, look at joes package.
    its a shame they’re pure.
    i reckon those packages could be put to some insanely good use.

  • Cathy

    if u think they’re getting uglier well that’s ur problem, and u shouldnt like them only because they are cute, or hot. They have talent, that’s why you should love them. And if they get ugly (hope not!) I personally will still like them because of their music you can relate too. PS: Only my opinion! btw Nick is getting HOTTER everyday!! =D Jobros ROCK!

  • Sash

    in fact, they get hotter by the day..
    and it’s not based on their looks, if you were a true fan you would like their music and be amazed by how talented they are.
    i love them so so so so so so much, it’s incredible!
    they’re better than amazing, they’re ahh theres no word to describe how amazing and awesome they are!
    i hope one day i can meet them :$
    they’re my inspiration.. everytime i’m sad i listen to them and they make me happy again, just by looking at them, knowing they exist i’m happy!
    Paul Kevin Jr. II, Joseph Adam Jonas and Nicholas Jerry Jonas i love all three of you guys so much and i will never stop!
    ps. i hate when people say they’re just another boy band and they’re just a phase because they’re far from it
    1st of all they don’t break down into a stupid dance routine during a chorus of a song, like backstreet boys or Nsync did
    2nd of all not one boy band has reached it THIS BIG, they usually broke up by now.. i mean it’s only the first part of jb world tour and 1 million people have already seen their shows! (im one of them :p) and they still have so many more stops.
    3rd and final no other boy bands were brothers!
    as you can see, i love jb and i will forever.
    so once again, don’t base it all on their looks;)

  • taty

    los jonas m encantan yo soi de argentina y aca siguen teniendo muy buenas fans son la mejor banda del mundo mas alla de todo ojala q sea asi x100pre si no es asi viviran en nuestros corazones

  • Marylovesjb!

    I think the JB are the most amazing persons! they are talented, they are gentelmans, they are cute, they have great heart! I can stay here for ever telling u guys great thing about them cuz they are just perfect! And they are NOT getting uglier! Its not about if they are ”cue” or ”hot” (wich they are) its about that they are great guys with great hearts and talented! So stop saying they are geeting uglier cuz they are not! :D
    Love and Peace!

  • Kaylee

    I think they are all handsome young man, but I love them for their music and for who they are as people. I don’t think they are getting uglier its just they look more mature thats all. Bottom Line: three of my FAVORITE guys in this universe <3

  • tiffany

    but hey, loved your “when you look me in the eyes tour” & secret concert in connecticut in october! :D

    cannot wait for 2010 world tour, come on back to Boston, guys!
    i love you three, you are truly amazing!
    xoxo always,
    your biggest fan in Boston.

  • bekka97


  • Andrea Emal

    they are not getting uglier they are hot!!! what do you guys think of joe now? i mean he cut his hair so is he even uglier? no he’s still hot! I can’t wait for the Road Dogs Season 2010 and world tour 2010


    aaaahhh i love the jonas brothers sooooo much
    they are amazing people and amazing musicians
    i loovvee thier they ROCK!!!!

  • http://jou noelia

    te amo nik

  • vanessa

    bueno pues solo te keria desir ke amo a los jonas son los mejores del mundo no se ke boy a aser si se acaba la banda para siempre
    y espero ke a nick le balla muuuy bien con su hira

  • bobbitta

    yea wat evs2 u! they canceled the show that wuz gonna b my birthday present in ATL so they could go 2 Latin America! i gave up a cell phone 4 that and now my dreams r crushed!

  • http://Crankdajonasboy jessicaIshbel

    LETS GO ROAD DOGS. Love you Jonas Brothers <3

  • http://81562336 Jamile


  • http://website pooooooooooooopy

    I looooove yooooooooooooooooooou jooooooooooooonas brooooooooooothers ! I am the bigest fan of yours plece write back plece . O this is not my real name my real name is ashley castillo.

  • http://website pooooooooooooopy

    no i likes the jonas brothers. p.s. your name is ugly don’t write back to me plece okk .