Selena Gomez: Gone To Ghana!

Selena Gomez: Gone To Ghana!

Selena Gomez gives her grandfather a kiss as they get a little breakfast in them before heading off to Ghana, Africa early Thursday morning (September 3).

The 17-year-old tweeted, “Tried to fall asleep, too much on my mind. So Papa made me cereal and told me about how met Nana. I’m going to be in Africa for a week. Hope you guys have a great week, I can’t wait to tell you all about the trip! Love you!”

Selena will be doing some field work in the African country for UNICEF.

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  • RYAN

    I thought a hacker posted that she was going to Africa. Oh,well can’t wait for the album!

  • ali

    aw well hurry up and get back . :) that’s really cool.

  • delsy

    arrg i hate how when she does any charity work she tells the whole fricking world it just proves she wants… Another teen star has their own charity but no one knowns about this biggest she doesn’t stuff it in people faces and tells everyone how much of a goody goody they are. She did they same thing with that dog thing in Porta Rico(spelling?) She told the world that she got an award why??? oh yh

  • angelie

    Selena is the youngest UNICEF Ambassador in the United States… That’s awesome! Go Sel! Anyways, Have a good time at Africa. :)

  • Jena

    @delsy: Thats cause she’s proud of it. Don’t get jealous cause someone you hate is doing good. She’s a part of UNICEF, so i don’t think it should be a secret. Anyway, I too am proud of her……and i hope she’ll have a great time.

  • chloe

    @carie you´re so stupid and the only whos realli inmatures is you, is so obvious that her account was hacked, just think about it, and old laday doing that things, i mean c´mon…..

  • rachel

    @carie: immature? i think you’re the immature person here, believing what you see on gossip sites without FULL proof.

  • Kandy

    @delsy: jealous much? why are u so angry that someone is doing something good to the world.

  • Lucy

    ^^^^^^^^^^i didn’t mean that to be replied to Jena, it was supposed to be replied to Delsy :D

  • Just Jill

    Again, death threats are not permitted on this site. Ever. Some comments on this post were already deleted

  • Sarah

    The reason why she tells everyone she does charity work for different charities is because she’s hired to do that. And since when is it a bad thing to tell everyone you’re doing charity work?! I think it’s amazing, cause this way more children will get help!
    And her grandma’s twitter was actually hacked, before those quizzes were taken I saw a twitterpicture of someone who showed he/she hacked sunshinesnana’s twitter.
    Just sayin’…

  • sue

    @delsy: ok, let’s get this straight… First of all, she’s telling us all that because we (her twitter followers and fans) love to know what she’s doing, and if she comment about a nomination or an award she got, is because she is actually thanking us for voting! Second, She never said she was going for charity work, that’s on the JJJ post… and if she had said it anyway we wouldn’t mind at all!… She’s one of the nicest people in show business and I don’t get why some people treat her that bad… :/

  • assyhole

    I think its great that she’s giving back and helping charity. Selena is the most loyal, caring n’ sweet person!

  • delsy

    @Jena: Who said i am jealous i NEVER said i hate her but hate the fact that when she does charity work she never just makes a lil fuss about it. It is fine to let people know about but when they don’t need do. Selena was only PAID(i hope you relise why i put that in capitals) for the UNICEF thing i HATE to bring miley in to this but when she rescued a stray she did post it over youtube say this but it was recognized(she got an award by PETA). I am just saying i am jealous of her because of her money( i am jealous of everyother celeb because of that) but her personal qualities no. I would hate to be pressured to be oerfect all the time plus i hate the media i am far from perfect i think they would rip me apart fainally i thing selena is ok i think she is nice but it seems a fishy and i love her new song falling down it is one of my fav song right now!!

  • angelie

    Selena use her voice in a good causes. She’s helping children, and people from Africa who need help.

  • x

    @delsy: you are weirrrrrd.

  • Serena

    Aw, that picture’s so cute :) Her grandpa is kinda young. Honestly, she’s a sincere kid, and it’s good that she’s doing charity work. And not pole-dancing. God.

  • Jena

    @delsy: I doubt Selena only did that cause she was Paid. She WANTED to be a part of UNICEF. She’s proud of it thats why she’s posting it. Wouldn’t you want to tell ur friends and family that u did something good. In the Same way, Selena wants to use her voice to tell people she’s doing something good. And anyway, Selena just told she was going to Ghana, she didn’t say why. I thought she was going there with her WOWP cast to shoot a scene. hee hee

  • =)=)=)

    #17-serena FUKC U BI*CH !!! when r u people gonna stop with the pole-dancing thing ? she didnt even do it !! u people have problems with letting go and moving on ! grow up people and why cant u like both or three girls ? why do u chose only 1 ? dont compare people 2 eachother and stop the hating u people say 2 selena haters that haters r stupid and have no life blah blah blah and u 2 hate miley or demi or any 2 else ! selena is a good girl so i think she doesnt want u 2 hate her friends and costars so STOP IT !!! dont bring any stars into this please cuz your not better than anyone or not even better than what u losers call pole-dancing star thats not her name u know its miley cyrus cant u spell right !

    ps miley does alot of charity work got that stupid ! and selena is gr8 and so is everyone else so STOP THIS CRAZYNESS !!!

  • delsy

    @Jena: She didn’t say why?? haha lol your funny . Did you know Miley made a charity in 2007 called the Pappy Cyrus Foundation?? no you didn’t. Because she didn’t tell the whole frinking world about it @Jena: don’t worry honey when your 8 you might now what real pole dancing is

  • sellythebest!!

    gosh im so proud of her, shes the nicest person i ever met!!! the most talented, gorgeous and so downt to earth!!!! go selly, definitely you rocks!!!

  • Lucy

    haha, these comments are funny. what type of charity work does she actuall do? i thought she helped dogs in mexico or something…

  • Jena

    @delsy: your really nutty. i didn’t even open my mouth about miley’s freakin’ dance and suddenly, you act like your so tough when your asking your aunt to type because you can’t spell. But you can’t expect an 8 year old girl to type, can you?

  • Rachel

    @Lucy: ur pretty dumb, aren’t you?

  • Gary

    @delsy: half of your comments don’t make sense

  • Gary

    @delsy: if she didn’t say the whole world about it, hw come u know? cause your up her face every single time. At least Selena lets her fans know where she is.

  • gold baybay

    I hate the fact that everybody thinks Africa is poor, like all through out. I’m not saying Selena thinks so but…. Like in SS this year, my teacher was just talking about the poor places in Africa. How about you talk about the richer places? Cape Town is beautiful, Durban has the biggest mall in South Africa, and alot of people live in big houses, with pools. Also here is a fact: Africa also has…WHITE PEOPLE, and ASIANS, MEXICANS you name it.

  • gold baybay

    Also, my parents are travelers… thats how I know. Also Johannesburg, beautiful hotels, homes and etc. Just stay out of the Soweto.

  • Carol

    @gold baybay: Yeah, but think about the poor people? They must be really happy when people come and help them. What if people just ignored the helpless people in Africa cause they all thought it was a rich and healthy country. Yeah, maybe its rich, but parts aren’t. Like when you see videos of them, its soo sad. Anyway, I don’t like the people here who are bashing Selena just cause she’s helping these people. Secret or no secret, she’s helping them.

  • Faith

    Go Sel!!!! Hope you have fun in Africa!

  • kara

    first off she broadcasted about the dogs in porto rico so people would know its going on and that they can help she didnt do it to look like a goody goody plus practically every celebrity does that becuz they know ppl will watch and there could be a chance that ppl will help with the cause. not trying to be rude just wanted to say that.

  • awurbii

    @gold baybay:

    I definitely agree and I have no disrespect for Selena because what she is doing is great. My entire family and including I am from Ghana. My parents grew up there and I am full-blooded Ghanaian. I wasn’t born there and I have lived overseas my entire life ( I live in Australia). People in Ghana aren’t all living in huts and shacks, with no water and no education . My parents are completely educated and had the same upbringing that we have all had. Of course there are poor areas but people are living well and Ghana is a great country. I just wanted to let everyone know.

  • Akua

    Oh my she is going to Ghana. I love my country.

  • zebruhhz

    @delsy: your spelling is very good and you don’t get PAID for UNICEF its volunteering -.-

  • cam

    I don’t get it – Selena is doing something good & all your read here from some are horrible comments. Selena is sweet, sincere, talented and giving back. Unicef is a good organization that has been around for at least 45 to 50 years or so & helps children around the world. Good for Selena – it is always refreshong to see teens using their celebrity to do good.

    I would encourage Selena by the old saying “You can’t please all the people all the time”. So continue to do good & in time you will reap the rewards of your labor.

  • ceehl♥

    Africa isnt a country it’s a continent !

  • Sarah

    Grandfather.? That guy looks a little bit over the age of my dad, and my dad is almost 40. :/ Her parents must have been young when they had her.


    selena looks so cute, she’s not trying to tell the whole world “I am doing this.” love me…..wrong wrong selena Definitely so sweet she is a good role model..we love you sel

  • Lucy

    @Rachel: ur the one who’s dumb, did u read the rest of my comment were i was asking a question u stupid cow

  • Fernanda

    She’s the most wonderful people, loving, cute and kind, I’ve ever seen in my life! I love you Selena, you’re my life!

  • Yuval

    Yay shes coming to my Country!! :D my friends saw her its so cool!

  • delsy hater

    @delsy: your comments arent making any sense about anything. next time, just dont comment online at all.

  • Angela

    now people are arguing about miley’s pole dancing? lol you guys are funny, that is so last month and this isn’t about miley either.

    i love how selena use her voice for good, she only mentioned that she was going to africa once, n now while she’s in africa, she’s posting some pictures to show us what is going on in Africa. so please stop with the argument. I AM PROUD TO HAVE HER AS MY ROLE MODEL.

  • pearce

    I don’t care if you hate selena. all I know is she’s already in my motherland sweet ghana. we love you selena here in ghana we watch you on disney channel every now and then.

  • Jen

    @angelie: Africa isn’t all villages and starving kids, you know. Sure, we have our own share of problems, but seriously. Stop stereotyping.

  • Genevieve

    OMG!!! U wer in ghana!!!! wow…………u are really a great actress and i really love watching Wizards!!! would have loved to meet you…………..come back soon and good luck in ur music career!!!!!!!!!!
    xoxoxo…..much love!!!!

  • kwabena

    @angelie: oh hey girl,im sorry 2 tell u tht u r a big dumb a** frm the country shes goin 2 and we aint get ur facts right dumby

  • sushil

    only one girl is beutifull in world

  • da penguin 1

    @delsy. you’re such an idiot!! selena is the most considerate person in show business. and it’s a charity, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1