Ashley Tisdale: Cavities Are Painful!

Ashley Tisdale: Cavities Are Painful!

Ashley Tisdale keeps her head down as she heads out of Equinox Gym in West Hollywood on Friday afternoon (September 4).

The 24-year-old “Crank It Up” singer had a relaxing day today but yesterday was another story. She had to have a cavity filled at the dentist! Ashley tweeted, “Getting a cavity done :( aaahhh. I haven’t had one of these since high school! I hate the drilling part! Just got done….I’m not gonna lie, it was painful!”

Ash was also nominated for an MTV Latin America Video Music Award for Best New International Artist. Be sure to vote for her!

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    She stay going to the gym and she’s already a stick

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw, her ‘Faith’ hat and aviator sunglasses. Love it. Oh, tough luck, cavities are the worst !!

  • team tizz

    Beautiful as Always!
    God, I hate cavities . hope ash is fine:)
    Vote ashley!!!!!

  • taylor

    She always wears the strangest socks…
    She looks beautiful though :)

  • Jordan

    Ashley is looking hot as always. I still cant get over how much I love her look with dark hair

  • Cami

    im so proud of her and the nomination!!!!

  • lucia

    soo cute

  • LG

    I think I would have liked the outfit better if the socks weren’t like that.

  • gold baybay

    Why’s she constantly working out? She weighs like, 100 pounds or something!

  • justme

    can this hasbeen just go away already?

  • Solange

    #9: She’s constantly working out because she cares for her health and her fit.

    #10: Are you talking about you? Yeah, you’re a hasbeen!

  • Caro

    she live in the gym ._. gym-home home-gym :S

  • Megan

    ugh… she’s amazing! buttt….. she’s always wearing baggy white shirts with black tights going into long tube socks with strange shoes and baseball hats. I mean…. it’s okay once in a while… a lil strange but that’s all the pics we see of her up here! And she’s always going to the gym!!!! It’s getting quite annoying! [ :

  • taylor

    @Megan: Most people wear basically the same thing every time they work out. They’re just going to get gross and sweaty, why should they put a lot of effort into what they wear? And if you’re getting tired of seeing her at the gym, stop looking at the pictures.

  • stephanie

    I think that she looks great! I don’t know why everybody is fussing about what she’s wearing.. People don’t dress up when they go to the gym..stop making it such a big deal!!

  • dany

    amazing !! I love her !

  • Mara

    I LOVE HER <333

  • iliana

    keep voting for ashley for her and people dont put such of idiot comments i mean common .vote for premios mtv 2009.

  • iliana

    ashley new contest masquerade.more information go to.

  • Jannii

    Pics of the Sugar Shoot =)

    Keep voting for Ash:

  • may


  • amiel

    @may: shut up!! this is ashley tisdale’s post get lost!!

  • iliana

    may you have nothing to do in this page so the best for you is that you go in other page.and i have a you so your self first?.ashley rock i love overated .keep voting for her.

  • Ashley

    How did she get nominated for best new artist on her second album?

  • iliana

    how do you mean?

  • iliana

    ashley is now number one on musiqtone .com for best video.plis keep help me vote for her. and remember vote for her too in

  • justme

    trashy fake tan.


    i love her soooooooo much!!!!!!! :D she looks sooooooo beautiful!!
    @justme: what tan you idiot?? she hasn’t done anything like that since more than a month! .. u’re so stupid!


    @ROBERTH: not everyone goes to the gym to lose weight! ppl go the gym to stay in good health and to stay fit!!

  • ZJ207

    she looks great! i love what she’s wearing, especially the cap and the sneakers :P

    and ppl should chill… and remember this is Ashley’s post. You wanna bash her? go to Ashley’s haters posts… wherever they are!

  • ZJ207

    and keep voting for Ashleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D:D
    i can’t to find out if she wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jane

    oh my gosh! she’s so pretty! hot’s more like it, but yeah.. anyways.. :)

  • jane

    im loving the cap! wish i had one! :(

  • bep

    she looks great! :) can’t wait for the release of her 2nd single!

  • TIZZ

    omg she’s amazing..i love her style…so beautiful i love her! i’m so proud of her nomination! vote 4 her everyday!!! ash i love youuuu!

  • amiel

    @justme: boastful!!

  • aira :)

    cavity hahahahah that’s normal!

  • Renata

    she’s so gorgeous, i want that cap!
    she’s always wearing the best :DD

>>>>>>> staging1