Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa: More Wedding Details Revealed!

Kevin Jonas & Danielle Deleasa: More Wedding Details Revealed!

Kevin Jonas has finally decided on a best man — Nick AND Joe!

In an interview with Kenny B from Ottawa, Canada’s The New Hot 89.9FM Radio, Kevin shared a few more details about his upcoming nuptials to fiancee Danielle Deleasa. He shared, “They both are [my best man]. It works out really well because there are two bridesmaid and maid of honor and two best men.”

Kevin and Danielle were most recently spotted lunching at Cafe Nervosa in Toronto earlier in the week.

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  • rachel

    they also said that on much music in toronto.
    but im glad that both of them are his best men :)

  • lacey

    awww so happy for them!
    just jared, you’ll be discussing Nick & I’s wedding plans in a couple of years!
    hahahaa LOVE YOU JO BROS! :D
    cya in the UK in november! :) :)

  • Demi_Jonas

    I Love The Jonas Brothers so much! <3
    I wish kevin was not getting married unless it wazs to me lol! Well any of them i wouldd marry esp JOE! :)
    Im so glad they are best mans they are all awesome and i cannot wait for there concert in Novemeber at Wembley :) Wohooo! xx
    I Love you kevin,joe and nick x
    Marry me Joe? x

  • liz

    i’m so happy for him (:

  • mrsefron.

    I knew it! Congrats kevvv

  • amy

    Aww good for them :)

  • cathee

    a little bit jealous, but ok HAHAHAHA
    and the choise … it was obvious hm ? joe and nick ♥

  • l_ireystwigh

    what were they eating :))?

  • l_ireystwigh

    nick and joe 4ever, follow me:

  • Yvonne


    Can you be even more a beotch? Way to leave Kevin out!

    I am so happy for Kevin and Danielle and wish them all the happiness. I am still very jeaous of her though

  • Lucy

    nick makes me laugh! wenerver i see videos of him, he’s always drinking fizzy drinks! i think it’s great that they’re both going to be best men! hopefully mine and nick’s wedding will be just as great as kevin and danielle’s (jk!) xx

  • ashleytfan

    I think thats a great idea :)
    congrats kevin&danielle!

  • Courtney

    I’m SOOO happy for Kevin and Danielle!


  • L Jonas

    it was obvious, i imagened it from the very beggining and i’m very proud of all of them. hope everything goes right :)

  • Raquel

    you gotta love Nick with his sugarfree red bull :)

  • Raquel

    follow me on twitter

  • Zoey

    Congratz Kevin! I’m very happy he picked both his little brothers


    Yay! Two best men. :]
    Kevin and Danielle’s wedding is most deff going to rock.
    Not that I would know though.
    My wedding with Joe is going to be better though. ;] haha jk
    I’m so excited for them!


    maid of honor selena gomez????? i love you guys kisses “Danielle Deleasa” looks so cute

  • blair

    poor frankie:(

  • sophie

    how about frankie?! maybe he’ll be the usher? :)
    but i hope they have a lovely wedding, i wanna see the joe and nick best man speech hahaha.
    can’t wait to see them in november in london!! (L)

  • shaye

    joe and nick should hook up with one of the bridesmaid. that would be quite interesting!!

    i still love em though!!! good luck kevin!!!!!!

  • awsome-o


    No ones going to follow you if you just ask like that. Why can’t your type of ppl be banned.
    i’m jealous :l Well atleast theres nick & joe left :)

  • michelle

    please dont get married kev do it for your favorite fan i love you kev you are so awsome michelle

  • michelle
  • michelle

    kev please dont get married i will be sad and i will be mad if you do get married i want you single i love you too much so please dont do it michelle

  • EMily


  • Kraah!

    Now, hes married since 19th Dec. But im still in l°ve wìth hìm.