Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana Audition

Miley Cyrus: Hannah Montana Audition
  • Miley Cyrus auditioned for Hannah Montana
  • Mitchel Musso goes to Downtown Disney
  • Naturi Naughton is featured in Paper Magazine
  • Get a tour of the Gossip Girl set in NYC
  • Claire’s launches Fame Accessories
  • Listen to 30 second clips of Honor Society‘s new album, Fashionably Late, on iTunes!
  • Miranda Cosgrove, Keke Palmer, Jerry Trainor, Nat Wolff and Victoria Justice will guest on Nickelodeon’s new game show BrainSurge! Kids will go through three levels of visual, memory and mental challenges for various prizes, but the best one of all is a winner’s victory sliming! It all starts on Monday, September 28 at 4:30PM ET/PT.
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  • Lipi Katiha


  • yo mama

    HAHAHA jamie lynn pwned miley’s ass! HAHAHA!

    spears sisters forever <33

  • carol donato


  • louise; x

    miley as zoey brooks! |:

  • melissa.*

    lol, that would have been SO weirdd.
    Imagineee? Chase & Miley. xD Jamie was better for the role.

  • delsy

    I bet miley better that they turnt her down. hannah gets better ratings, more popular and she making more money. Plus Jamie was good as Zoey(well not that good) but yh

  • Fernanda

    I hope miley not will be Zoe!

  • ashley

    she wasnt auditioning for zoey 101, hannah montanas real name was originally zoey.

  • elisabeth


    ya, they changed the name to miley after she got it because her name was unique anyways

  • sarah

    She should of got that part so we don’t have to see her ugly ass everywhere, cause how the concept of HM got big.

  • N

    wow something new about miley good 4 u jj ! i luv that girl & her and vanessa have the same shirt !! luv them both gd friends ! ! if miley got that part it wouldve been better and i would watch the show but its good that she did hm its way better ! any way thanku 4 putting something about miley and put more please !


    miley rocks !

  • N

    and jamie only got the part b/c she was britneys’ sister !

  • =)=)=)

    so what didnt get 1 part but then got a bunch and shes getting more parts ! SO HAPPY 4 HER AND CANT WAIT 4 THE MOVIES SHES GONNA MAKE ! and hm is better than zoey brooks ! and ya she only got the part because she was bitney spears little sister ! miley = best !

  • =)=)=)

    so what didnt get 1 part but then got a bunch and shes getting more parts ! SO HAPPY 4 HER AND CANT WAIT 4 THE MOVIES SHES GONNA MAKE ! and hm is better than zoey brooks ! and ya she only got the part because she was bitney spears little sister ! miley = best !

  • tan

    sad she didnt get the part but so happy jj put something about her ! miley<333

  • lalalalala

    The character on Hannah Montana’s original name was Zoey! She didn’t auditon of Zoey 101. They changed the name to Miley because there were too many names to remember

  • liz

    maybe miley would be the pregnant one right now.

  • liz

    opps i mean* the one with the baby now *

  • Kristina

    She never auditioned for Zoey 101. Miley Stewart was originally suppose to be named Zoey until they changed it for Miley.

  • daniela

    glad they chose jamie! gosh i miss that show!!!

  • Angie

    HELL NO! she should stick to being hannah montana. Zoey 101 was a great show and Jamie was the perfect Zoey. as i watched it. I always thought Jamie was the perfect Zoey. She fits the charactor. Miley should keep to staying hillbilly who doesn’t no how to act.

  • sean84

    its werd 2 see my gf at 12 yrs old lol butt well yeah she did so well i wood hav given her the roll righ away lol

  • Chelsea

    She DID NOT audition for Zoey 101. It was just because at the time, the original name of of the main character was Zoe Stewart. It was then changed to Miley when Miley Cyrus got the part. Hence in the video when she says she’s auditioning for the role of Zoe, she says lines used in an episode of Hannah Montana and not Zoey 101. :)

  • Alexis

    What to do research, JustJaredJr.

    Miley NEVER auditioned for Zoey 101.

    It says in the video that she’s auditioning for HANNAH MONTANA. Plus, her auditions matches parts in the first episode of Hannah Montana

    Also, just to clarify, the Miley/Hannah character was originally named Zoe, (not Zoey,) then they changed it to Chloe because of Zoey 101. Then, when Miley got the part, they just changed the character’s name to Miley.

    What ever happened to research?

  • Vic2763

    Zoey Stewart ftw =] Yeah, I to love watching Miley’s audition tape. She was so cute and funny.

  • S

    If you listen to the “Hannah Montana” audition they call her Zoey Stewart. Wasn’t it supposed to be Zoey in Hannah Montana but they changed it to Miley when she got the part?

  • ashley


    no need to be rude.

  • Lipi Katiha

    wasnt it Miley could have been Zoey????
    why is it changed?

  • billythekid

    It amazes me something so old as that audition, which has been part of a Hannah cd for least a couple of years could possibly be whored around by media such as JJJ as something new. JJJ is pathetic as usual, and doesn’t do any of it’s own work, but replies on other sources for ALL it’s info. And if she ever did audition for that Zoey role – which of course she didn’t – I would be pleased as heck that she didnt get it because Hannah has been way better and a 100 times more successful. Anyone who happens to think otherwise really needs a reality check.


    I only got one word for you my dear, ASSHOLE.

  • Paula gomes

    is crazy !!!!
    miranda’s love nat wolff
    demonstration in the film “opperation mojo” naked brothers band
    eu sou brasileira, então não ligue para os erros.plis!!!
    nat, I love you

  • Miley Fan!


    haha yes!

  • Therese

    It’s actually a good thing that she got the role Hannah Montana rather than Zoey.

    & she became wayy bigger than Jamie lynn Spears.

  • mileyfan

    i luv hannah montana better ! its fun 2 watch and realy funny ! and miley is awesome luv her !! btw u guys should buy her ep its gr8 ! and speaking about songs hm has the best songs ever !

  • mc=dabest

    hannah montana is waaaaaaaay better ! and miley is waaaaaay better than her ! hm is amazing and her songs oh her the best ! i luv mileys voice and all her songs i wish they never end it ! i watch it all the time !

  • ilovemileyandselena!!

    i love her and hm is way better ! i love miley did i say that !

  • ilovemileyandselena!!

    and jjj can u please put something new about miley cyrus i miss her =( tears )=

  • brook

    hannah montana please come to australia and do some conserts in brisbane please i realy want to see you and miley perfome before you retire please please pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love you so much i want your autoghragh and everything im your biggest fan please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i will realy csy if you don’t and im crying right now just writing this im begging you please.

>>>>>>> staging1