Ashley Greene is Vivian's Cafe Cute

Ashley Greene is Vivian's Cafe Cute

Ashley Greene smiles towards the cameras as she heads to breakfast at Vivian’s Cafe on Saturday afternoon in Studio City, Calif.

The 22-year-old Eclipse actress, who is in town for the short holiday, was seen out and about earlier in the week at a casting office and heading to a photo shoot.

Ashley‘s other bloody flick, Summer’s Moon, will be released on DVD Tuesday, November 10.

20+ pics inside of Vivian’s Cafe luncher Ashley Greene

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Credit: Sam Sharma/ Nate Jones; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Ruby


    she is sooo pretty!!!!!!!!
    anyways i cant wait for new moon and summer moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IDK

    Before i start i no Im gonna get people telling me crap so if ur gonna tell me stuff then dont read the rest, but how come when her nude photos came out no one even said a WORD about it and acted like it was nothing but when vanessa hudgens came out they were calling her a slut and all that shit. no offence to ashley greene fans cuz im a fan of her too but i think some one should of told her something cuz it wasnt fair for vanessa to get all the heat!!!

  • georgia

    gah, i wish she was my best friend.
    i just wanna give her a hug.

  • demilovato1999

    Dang! Ashley looks amazing!
    I love her hair

  • trish.

    Because Ashley green..for her it was her first.
    for Vanessa Hudgens it was her 2nd time.

    and plus, VH..her fans are KIDS. kids tend to copy what they see.
    kids i mean 5-13ish.

    Ashley Green is much more talented anyways.
    and she looked good naked.

  • trish.

    Why does she have bruises? :( prob from filming?

  • taylor

    @IDK: Because Ashley isn’t a Disney star so nobody expects her to be a great role model like they do with Vanessa.

  • the fame

    @IDK: because twilight is like inmune, and vanessa is more famous so people care more about her

    lots of bruises, what up with that?

  • Chanel

    “Ashley Greene smiles towards the cameras as she heads to breakfast at Vivian’s Cafe on Saturday afternoon”

    Breakfast in the afternoon?

  • Chanel

    @trish.: She looks like she’s been crying too. Her nose and area under the sunglasses are red.

  • Chanel
  • Jordan

    You people are such a bunch of hypocrites. Vanessa and Ashley both did something stupid and have paid plenty for it. I know all of you are perfect and have never made a mistake but give it a rest. What are all you Twilight Junkies gonna say when Rob shows his package in his full monty gay love scene. Or how are you gonna explain away the fact that most of you have watched Channing Tatum’s video from his days as a stripper. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were all listening to a Chris Brown song while your throwing mud at Ashley and Vanessa. Vanessa proved herself a good actress when she made Thirteen and Ashley is by far the prettiest and most talented of the Twilight cast

    Vanessa was a teenager when she took those pictures and teenagers do some incredibly stupid things without realizing that there may be long term consequences.

    So unless your all sitting in your rooms wearing your JoBros Purity Rings and praying to pat robertson, secure in the knowledge that you have never made a mistake, you should just shut the he11 up.

  • celestina

    Why does she has those bruises??? She’s traying to cover them with the shirt…

  • Daisy

    @Jordan: i agree with you. seriously. no one can judge anyone else, you don’t know anyone else’s mind but your own. so maybe it made sense to them. vanessa was a teenager.

    but i do agree that it was pretty stupid. vanessa is so young, and it has happened to her before, so why should she take more of that? i can’t see why she would make the same mistake unless it’s to seek attention. as for ashley, well, she’s a grown up! why do people take their clothes off and take pictures, for crying out loud?!!

  • Jordan


    The time stamp on the pictures of Vanessa show they were taken before the first set. They were all stolen at the same time.

  • Jordan

    Those bruises look like a hand print. She probably got them filming New Moon.

  • IDK

    I agree with jordan they both made a mistake and they need to live up to the consequences that face them

  • Kay

    anyone else notice the short hair extensions? her hair wasnt this long a week ago

  • sammy

    @IDK i agree with u. no one said anything and these pictures are worse…..i used to like her…not anymore and she is making out with Chace Crawford as well…i thought she had a bf

  • Daisy

    by he way, ashley has the cutest face but an horrible body.

  • Briana

    WOW did you see the black and blue marks on her upper left arm!!!! must be all that vampire fight training

  • sweetness

    I think Ashley Greene is liking the paparrazzi attention because she is tired of living under the Kristen Stewart shadow.

  • bridget


    First off I agree with you that it’s wrong for people to pick on Ashley and Vanessa for their pics. However, have you actually seen thirteen? Because if you had you’d know that Vanessa was barely in that movie for 10 minutes, probably a lot less than that. If you’d seen that movie you’d also know that Ashley is not the most talented member of the Twilight cast. Nikki Reed who co-wrote that movie when she was just 13 did an amazing job writing that script and her acting in the movie was good as well. I wouldn’t say she’s the most talented member of the cast(mostly because I haven’t seen all of their work) but she’s definately a lot better than Ashley who’s only credits before Twilight were bit roles in a handful of movies.

    The only reason why people didn’t rag on Ashley the way they ragged on Vanessa is because everyone loves the character of Alice and like her because of it. It’s the same reason why people will whine about Nikki being a publicity whore but don’t say a word about the fact that Ashley gets photographed at least 2 or 3 times more than Nikki does on a weekly basis even though she’s less known. You can’t tell me it’s a coincidence that paps show to all these places where Ashley is. They’re not even pap magnet spots they’re just regular places. She calls them. I personally don’t care that she does it. A lot of celebs do it. It’s just aggravating when her fans deny it.

  • awurbii


    There was no second time. As Jordan already said they were taken before the first set were released.

  • Caitlyn

    can she PLEASE get a new shirt?

    in every fricken photo of her shes got the damn shirt!

  • Luz

    Don’t talk on behalf of Ashley fans. I know that I like her because she’s Ashley not because she’s portraying Alice. Ashley seems like the sweetest and most gracious to the fans out of all the twilight cast. If you watch her interviews you get this postive vibe about her, she just seems so down to earth not to forget all the charities and stuff she’s been involved in since her fame boosted. Plus, I don’t think people hate Nikki for anything related to her Rosalie. She just needs to get a hold of her tongue for me to like her. Plus, you get to start somewhere so I don’t really see what’s the problem of Ashley not having much before Twilight???????At least she got her role in the saga because she worked her butt off an auditioned 5 times not because her step mom is the director!

  • sophia

    I think you underestimate the papz a little bit, they track the Twilight cast like madmen because they know twistars are good money. And I really don’t think Ashley “calls” papz. Let’s get real for a second, “Hey I’m going to get breakfast, wanna’ follow me ?” I mean come on.

    Other than that, I hope those bruises heal fast. She said she’d be covered up in bruises by the end of Eclipse anyway but still, that’s got to hurt.

    And I agree with Luz, she’s always open and positive and sweet during itws or phone conversations. I like her the most out of all the twicast; but I don’t hate Nikki at all.

  • Danielle

    Thank God for your comment. Finally someone tell the truth. I agree, I DEFINITELY agree with your comment. Nikki is talented more than Ashley, she acts since Thirteen and she is called a ***** because of her roles. She doesn’t have so many candids as ashley does and she is still called *****. So please, stop. Ashley has her career only because of Alice and if she wasn’t Alice, you will never ever know her.
    And those naked photos, she DID and it’s her fault. So please stop saying she didn’t deserve it.
    Everyone loves her even she did those stupid things and if Nikki does something like it, I don’t want to see another stupid nickname she will have. So be quiet.

    And @Luz, no, she doesn’t seem the sweetest for her fans, Nikki does. Every fan story says Nikki is sweet to her fans, Ashley is only smiling to camera.
    And she didn’t get that role, Rosalie because of her “Step mother”, buy Director’s notebook and read why Catherine choosed her. And read what Nikki said, or look here

  • lINNEA

    if we are gonna give Vanessa credit because she was a teen when the pics were taken then lets please not forget that so was Ashley. Those were not recent photos.
    I like Ash and Vanessa, I was disappointed in both of them, but ya they were both young when it happened, lots of stars have done much worse, so lets get over it.

  • Mimi

    @ bridget finally some1 who knows the truth!

  • trish.


    still it was leaked.

    Yes, both of them should face the consequences BUT Ashley stopped it when she can and never spoke about it.

    what VH said ” you live and you learn” sounds like some shit you just say just because without really learning.

  • Scooby Lady

    How childish that some people make assumptions about Ashley and how she probably contacts the paps to photograph her where ever she goes. The paps probably follow her because Twilight is the “In” thing right now. I’m sure when the Twilight hype is over they will pretty much leave her alone. It is not her fault that the paps follow her, the paps are relentless and they follow both: not so famous actors and Very famous actors.

    Ashley is VERY nice to her fans, I heard numerous reports from fans who attended past Twilight conventions and they spoke of her with glowing colors. Nowhere did I read that Ashley is horrible to fans and it is rather childish and silly of people to assume she is mean when they haven’t even met her. As for her kissing Chace, it is said by close friends of theirs that they are pretty much SINGLE, even if they shared a kiss. It is said that they probably had a short fling, as she and Chace knew each other in the past and probably dated, though it has been claimed that they were never really serious about their relationship.

    Both Ashley and Chace are very busy people and probably don’t have much time to date each other or other people for that matter. I also noticed the bruises too, they are most likely from fight training during her time on the “Eclispe” movie set. I don’t know about her crying on the pics since I can’t really tell and it is really ridiculous to make assumptions that she is crying, though she could probably be sick for all we know. My eyes get red and watery when I catch a cold and my nose gets red too when my nose is congested. So, it is likely that she has a cold.

  • awurbii


    I am saying this with the most respect but I think you should reread your statement. There is no difference in the situations. Both of them did the exact same thing. If you are going to condemn one, it is ridiculous and hypocritical not to condemn the other. I don’t think that either of them deserve it. Unless someone is a saint and they can prove to me that they have done nothing wrong.

    Your comment does not flow or make sense. You are picking on the situation for the purpose of bashing without thinking about it. Vanessa obviously learned her lesson since she has not done anything like that since. A person holding onto your images and re-releasing more of them is not making doing the same thing again.

  • bridget


    First CH is not NR’s stepmom. While yes she did date Nikki’s dad, Nikki didn’t live with her dad growing up and she’s said they didn’t have the best relationship. It seems NR’s relationship didn’t get rolling until she wrote 13. Catherine said that Nikki was on winter break and she suggested that she write as a way to deal with her problems. She wrote 13. Catharine read it and then edited and then they went back together and revised it. It should be noted that prior to Thirteen Catharine’s resume consisted of no writing or directing credits. She worked in art direction. So really Catherine and Nikki owe each other, as well as the talented Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter, for their success. It wasn’t just that Catherine “put” her in her film.

    Second, how would you know that Nikki got the role of Rosalie solely because of Catherine? When producers were looking for directors they probably looked at Catherine’s previous films to get a feel for her. It just so happens that Nikki was in 2 of them. It doesn’t seem that much of a stretch to think they saw her in those roles and thought she was right for Rosalie, especially when you consider how great she was in Thirteen. It’s not all that uncommon for directors to work with the same actors multiple times. Just look at Woody Allen and Scarlett Johannsen, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, and Robert Deniro or Leonardo Decaprio and Martin Scorcesse. I’m not trying to compare them talent wise but I’m just showing that directors do sometimes choose to work with the same actor multiple times. If the director liked working with an actor from previous experience they might want to work with them again and if the producer also likes their work they might seek them out. It’s not uncommon at all.

    Also I wasn’t trying to insult Ashley by mentioning her short resume. I was just showing how ridiculous it is to call her the most talented member of the cast when I can think of one member of the cast off of the top of my head(Nikki) who’s actually given a very honest and raw portrayal in the past where as Ashley hasn’t. I haven’t watched many videos of Ashley off screen to know how she is as a person. I wasn’t trying to attack her as a person I just feel she’s an overrated actor. Who knows, she could give a great performance in the future but it’s premature to call her very talented at this point.

  • bridget

    @Scooby Lady:
    I don’t think it’s being childish. I think it’s being observant. Paps do not just follow unknown actors around every day of the week because they were apart of a hit movie. She basically has no presence in gossip mags. It would make no sense for them to follow her around every day when there are bigger celebs they could find, especially in LA. They would be wasting money following her MULTIPLE times a week. It’s a different case in Vancouver because the LA paps came there specifically for the cast. Due to the fact Rob and Kristen are basically in hiding it would make sense for the paps to get the rest of the cast because ouside of Zanessa there aren’t any big celebs there right now.

    However, there are plenty of stars in CA. I just can’t see them putting in the energy and time to chase this girl when more famous people are around for any other reason but her calling them. If this was just one time I week I might believe it but she’s been in town for less than a week and has been photographed on 3 or 4 days in different locations. It just seems odd to me.

  • trish.



    Vanessa Hudgens should have known that her fans are YOUNG KIDS.
    if you ask the kids if they know Ashley greene majority of them would say NO. Majority of them would say yes to VH. AND vh is from disney, she should have known better.

    They didnt expect that from VH.

  • Jordan

    @trish.: It was so nice of you to take a few minutes from your busy day to climb down off your cross to speak to us. It must be such a wonderful sin / mistake free life you lead. I will from now on hold you up as an example of perfection.

    Your right how dare a teenage Vanessa think something on her computer or phone were private. Damn her anyway. Maybe if there is room on the cross next to you we could put her up there to learn her lesson. Or better yet lets bring back burning at the stake

    Thank you again from condoning to speak to us mortals who often make mistakes in our lives.

    Now if your not ready to get back up on your cross maybe you could trot over to PerezHiltons site and draw penises on other people you don’t know

  • awurbii


    Vanessa obviously took those images with the assumption that they were not going to be stolen and that is completely justified. You wouldn’t be able to guess that the images would be leaked especially since she took them privately. She probably trusted whoever she gave the images to and assumed that they would not leak them. How much do you know when you are a teenager??

    You’ll probably say that she should have known that they would be leaked. But that was 2007 and it is because of this incident that most people know that now.

    SOME of Vanessa’s fans are young that is correct but being hateful because of that doesn’t make any sense. There are so many bad things in the world and it is up to parents to ensure that their children do what they deem necessary. Children are exposed to so much more trust me. Parents are the ultimate influence not Vanessa Hudgens. I have a younger sister who knows about those images but at no point did she feel that she needed to take images of herself? Why? Because she knows how my parents are and understands their standards. I’m sorry but blaming Vanessa Hudgens for that is ridiculous. Vanessa is from Disney but at what point did she promise to be a saint?

    The problem here is, is that people do not have capacity to differentiate between a movie character and an actual person. So they place these expectations and morals on a person based on that character with no confirmation to actually uphold these morals by the actual person. So when these ties are broken, for some strange reason people are in shock. Not only that but for some reason, people think that are saints and have never made a mistake in their lives, so they point the finger because they are perfect and can do no wrong.

    Twilight is a huge phenomenon. Everyone knows about and it is a large teenage fan base. Not very different from High School Musical is it?

    Let it go.

  • Jade( :

    @awurbii: i so totally agree way u. Jus cuz she is on disney doesnt mean she was guna be a saint like come on. And for the twits she jus human people bt i still dnt no how a pic of ashley greene startd a debate abt vanessa nd the pics. Some people are jus sadoss

  • meh

    Fame wh*re and wh*re period. She’s slept with like half of hollywood! Like talking those nekkid pictures were a publicity stunt as well as making out with Chace with the window open and pretty much everything she does! She’s not my Alice and she’s definitely not a role model GAG. She needs to disappear.

  • meh

    Also I agree that she is calling the paps herself. Jackson rathbone is way more liked and way more talented than her, with probably a great future ahead and the paps never know where he is. This chick goes to get a cup of coffee and everyone is there. lame and pathetic. She should just stick to dating guys that look like chicks, that’s the only thing she does right.

  • Gina

    To me she looks a lot like Kristen Stewart… O.o

  • Danielle

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with Bridget, she’s right and she is telling truth. You all who hate Nikki are ignorant.

  • georgia


  • mykamicks


    Hi there!

    I am so sorry to bring about Vanessa Hudgens on Ashley Greene’s thread. However, since her name was brought up again her,. I may say so.

    I Agree to your comment. For so long ” that has been an issue to Vanessa Hudgens and maybe same issues will be thrown to her in the future.’” Anyways, by regarding her by those kids as a role model during that time, today and in the future, I believe it is within the guiding light of the parents of ” THOSE KIDS” and not within the hand of Vanessa Hudgens and by emulating her images.

    I believed too, Vanessa Hudgens’s, kids fan base has almost grown up and been matured of accepting her. Like what we/i do.

    Vanessa Hudgens was not the only disney stars who’ve undergone in a worst situation. Look at Britney Spears now. She had fallen several times, But then able to come back and learned her lesson well. Triump in the end is within her.

    As you have pointed out your younger sister, mind you too- I have a 10 year old niece, She is studying in a Fellowship Baptist School. She able to like Vanessa Hudgens in all HSM movies. We even repeatedly watching it when we do get bored and sing & dance all day long. The internet exposures of Vanessa Hudgens did not influence badly or disliking the star. She asked me one day, Vanessa Hudgens is all over the net. I have explained to her well as to the real issue happend. She tried to understand it. And I admire my 10 year old niece wisdom. Until this date, she even love more Vanessa Hudgens as a person.

    On the other hand, I believed Ashley is not an attention seeker ot whatever, it so happend that this girl somehow has been already recognized because of twilight. Give this girl a break. It is not her fault if she’s been run up to by the paparazi’s.

  • Lia

    I think they mean «Summer’s blood» not summer’s moon….