Check Out The Summer Set!

Check Out The Summer Set!

Have you heard the new song written for Chelsea Staub by The Summer Set? JJJ has and we’re in love with it!

The Summer Set band is made up of five friends from Scottsdale, Arizona — Brian Dales, Stephen Gomez, Josh Montgomery, John Gomez and Jess Bowen — and their first full-length album, Love Like This, is due out in stores on October 13!

The story behind the lead single off of the record is “Chelsea” goes like this: lead singer Brian was introduced to Miss Staub by guitarist Josh and it was practically love at first sight!

Brian penned the song about his new crush and played it for her and many of the band’s fans last October at the Troubador in L.A. “My advice to anybody is: When in doubt, write a song,” Brian shared. He and Chelsea are still dating!

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The Summer Set – “Chelsea”
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  • very

    chelsea is my favorite of them.

  • Bella

    that’s defintiely an awesome song & a cute story to tell :D

  • diane n.

    aww that so cute and sweet. (:
    love the song.

  • steph

    love them

  • leila

    i met brian and the rest of the band plus chelsea in july. hes really nice and theyre so cute together :D

  • Rachel

    I love Summer Set!! =]

  • hititquitit

    that’s cute! and i love this song totally a fan now (:

  • jessica

    i’ve been a fan of the summer set for almost 2 years now
    it’s great to see their names getting out there
    and becoming more famous :)

    everyone check them out and buy their new cd october 13!!!

  • nessa

    love the summer set!
    i saw them live this summer :)

  • a.

    brian is mine !

  • Lauren

    i dont really know them but hearing that story of brian and chelsea is really sweet

  • Eika

    aww, so sweet! & i love Chelsea Staub

  • MoJo

    Love the song!! I definately wanna hear more of them! xoxo : )

  • Miranda

    I’m obsessed with TSS, I already ordered their package deal with everything it offers. And chelsea staub has been my favorite actor for quite a while, so when I found out they were dating a while back, I flipped out.

  • brooke

    omg brian is so cute!
    i met him last summer..

    chelsea is so lucky shes dating brian..
    shes my favorite actress.
    and shes so pretty
    those two deff make a good couple.

>>>>>>> staging1