Joe Jonas is Hoodie Hidden

Joe Jonas is Hoodie Hidden

Joe Jonas hides under a warm gray hoodie as he picks up a cool drink from Starbucks in Yorkville, Toronto, Canada on Saturday afternoon (September 5).

The 20-year-old musician is currently in town with his brothers Nick and Kevin as well as BFF Demi Lovato filming Camp Rock 2.

Tune in tonight for a new JONAS episode titled “Karaoke Surprise.” In the ep, Kevin, Joe and Nick enlist Macy (Nicole Anderson) to help plan a party to celebrate their ten-year Friend-A-Versary with Stella (Chelsea Staub).

Stick around after the episode too! The JoBros will premiere their new video for “Keep It Real!”

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Photos: I.Kavanaugh/WENN
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  • Whitney

    Nice disguise (:

  • listen to mayday parade

    Why are they staying in Yorkville (Toronto) when they are filming 3 hours north from there… Someone needs a Hilton to stay in I guess lol but I personally would stay anywhere that avoided me having a 3 hour ride to work every morning!

    Joe is so hot though <3

  • Karina

    ohhh. he’s too cuutee.

    love him

  • jb ftw

    he’s SO fit !!! i love him and btw i totally drooled over my keyboard when i saw the third picture :)

  • Jess

    he’s so hot!

  • the fame

    nice to see him alone and not with a girlfriend ..hihi

  • youknowyouloveme

    honestly how can you tell me he’s not the best jonas brother
    the only down to earth one without a doubt :)
    love him

  • mia

    hey joe, your dream girl “emma watson” has moved to the states, you might be in with a chance now

  • helen

    such a cutie!!! and btw i luv kevins LAUGH and nicks gorgus face!!

  • Courtney



  • mamamamamamamam

    Woo hoo. Hotttaaayyyy :D

  • c

    joe jonas is the hottest boy ever<3
    hes all mine miine miiineee[[:♥

  • J4zmin J0ker

    There’s my future husband looking cute like always. Haha jk.
    For some reason, his hoodie & shades remind me of rappers. x]

  • Mcfan

    I agree with you :)

  • listen to mayday parade

    @mia: I guess he had to change his dream girl since his last one dumped him… but really emma watson? i guess shes pretty and real down to earth

  • Mizz.Heartz.joe

    ahhh he iz soooo hot man!!!! e lukz well fit in dat hoddie! e has da most beautiful smile evr man xxxx luv u lots joe!!!1

  • hey

    lmao, nice disguise, but its REALLY hot here in Toronto and ppl tend to look @ ppl who are wearing hoods and sweaters…in summer.

  • Sonia


    I have to agree, Joe is the BEST jobro. He is perfection in my mind

    love him to pieces and so cute!

  • dee

    i love you joe jonas

    he is the hottest man alive!

  • listen to mayday parade

    sucks that he has to have 4 big guys walk with him (back side side front)

  • Hannah

    such a cutieee<3

  • Pizza girl loves cheesy

    Yeah, nice desguise (;

    I love guys in hoodies, something about them; makes them look hot.

    Joe made it even hotter [;

  • yea

    love him

  • emily

    omg gosh now i want starbucks!:)

  • audrey

    @yomama he does not look like a pedophile
    he is so adorable :D

  • joe jonas lover

    holy crap hes hot!! omg he has a moustache xD hes sooo adorable tho. i love him!! GO JOEEE! HES MINE LADIES

  • Aww

    He’s definitely the best JoBro!!! :D

  • rachel

    lol why are you wearing a sweater joe jonas!!??!!??
    its soo hot here in toronto.

  • cath

    he can pull off any sunglasses! that face does no wrong!!!

  • Stacy

    WOW, hes so handsome! But sorry Joe, we can still tell it’s you. I think I’d notice you anywhere no matter how you disguise yourself, baby.

  • sh0ut!

    so he’s gonna kiss demi with a goatee?

  • sasha

    joe, i called a bajillion times on the saynow tonight….you didn’t pick look amazing here though

  • aje

    nice hoodie guys, i love gray

  • nwl

    he look so cute in that hoodie i love hoodies and can anyone tell what he’s drinking i wanna know ?

  • alisa

    He’s sooooo hot!!!!!!!!

  • Love Joe jonas

    Joe Jonas is drop-dead GORGEOUS!

  • grace

    oh boyyy, cute even when you can’t see half his face !!!

  • Peter

    @nwl: Looks like a caramel frap. from Starbucks w/ no whip cream.

  • anonymous

    ohmygosh! he’s like sooooooo hawwt :D<3

    love you joe..

    but i was wondering what he’s drinking? lmao

  • emily

    @grace: its cuz his body i hott also :)

  • Irene

    OMJ he’s sooo hoot <3

  • Joe’s lady

    Sweet Joe-nas he is a sexy beast if I ever saw one before :)

  • mia

    @listen to mayday parade:

    he said it before while he was dateing taylor swift, in one of the magazine and twice on utube, that he has the biggest crush on emma watson. type it in on utube, and see him say it x

  • liz

    kevin isnt in toronto hes in new jersey with his fiance danielle

  • Debarati

    Wow,the pics are HOT XD

  • http://- adrii

    i love you Joe Jonas(L)

  • Anne

    @mia: Emma has a boyfriend.

  • Pauki


  • me

    LMAO i love his little swagger when he walks.

  • Monica

    i gonna marry joe jonas and cafe vanilla frappachino’s(light) are my abosolute favorite thing to get a t starbuck…they arnt even on the menu so he and i are soulmates!!!