Selena Gomez Does Good in Ghana

Selena Gomez Does Good in Ghana

Selena Gomez and her step-dad Brian take a group shot as they continue to do charity work for UNICEF in Ghana, Africa.

The 17-year-old ambassador tweeted some pics of her visit and shared, “[I] got a lesson in how to dance, then we flew to Tamale, Ghana to visit kids who told us about how UNICEF is helping them. I also went to visit a tribe where the women gifted me with an outfit they hand made. Then I got to hold a new born baby.”

Selena finished off with a short, sweet message, saying, “More photos soon guys! Just wanted to check in. I’m having such a wonderful time helping and learning about this culture and life! Love you!”

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Photos: Selena Gomez Twitter
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  • osama

    i luv tisdale!!!

  • nico

    thats nice but i still dont like her… and how about when hilary duff went to colombia and did the same thing she wasnt on the news plus she got the key to the city thats major lol

  • alirokai

    Tha’s so cool of her. To take time and go to africa learn about the culture and help the kids via uni-cef. She’s the first disney star to do something like this. She dosn’t only think of herself like some of the others do!

  • hannadevonne

    why r people so mean to her look shes a great role model for any1 doing this helping the lost dogs! why do people hate her
    shes lovely
    get to no her in person before seeing her as a image or a scene


  • LoveLeeR

    Good. Great actually !

  • Whitney

    I don’t know how you guys managed to get the idea that this was a Tisdale or Duff post..but whatever. Selena is doing SUCH a great thing, and is setting such a good example for everyone. I think she has a huge heart (:

  • dundies

    @ nico
    if hilary wasn’t on the news or some form of media outlet then how do you know of it

  • erin

    awe, this is why i love her!

    p.s. this is a selena post.

  • Lucy

    I Think That This Is Awesome What Selenas Doing Other Celebs Should Follow Her.. I Love You Selena (:

  • it’s so nice of her…

  • chiary

    A great person like her doesn’t absolutley deserve all this stupid hate…

  • wewantdemibackinargentina

    She is the most amazing rolemodel :)
    Argentina loves you Sel!

  • Daisy

    i get that people love or hate a lot of celebrities, it’s a matter of taste, i get that. but i really don’t get how a person like selena deserves the hate.
    to be honest, i HATED her. but it was sort of hypocritical because i’d never see her as selena, just as her wizards of weverly place character alex. i assumed she was like that, and turned out she was a totally different person. i fell on my face. she’s the sweetest and REALLY doesn’t deserve the hate. i wish people’d stop judgin before knowing.

  • Sarah

    At least she’s taking time out of her busy music rehearsel shedule to go to Ghana. Not a lot of people would do that…

  • nico

    @dundies: her twitter! and it was on the Colombian news i am Colombian thats how i know…

  • Yenny

    goshhh i saw this pictUres in her twitter, i’m really proud of being a selena fan, she is the best girl in this world, i loved the picture with the baby it’s so cute
    and stop haters if you hate her don’t see the pictures oks

  • Naomi

    At least Selena is doing something nice. Stop judging her. She way different from any other Disney star. Miley should take a few pointers from this girl. This is good thing that she’s doing for them. This makes her a good role model and a good inspiration to young girls.

  • Lauren

    she is so cute…its great that people such as selena with their fame are doing something that contributes to the world to make it better

  • Jena

    @lalle: wow. you hate someone for doing something like this?

  • rachel

    @nico: i’ve seen hilary lots on the news. come on, you can’t seriously be saying that. hilary does good. so does selena. its no contest. you can’t be angry just cause you didn’t see hilary on the news. it doesn’t really matter that if your on the news, then we all know you did something good.

  • angelie

    Some of you may not like Selena because of her character “Alex” from Wizards Of Waverly Place…. remember Selena is playing as Alex which is acting. If she doesn’t play Alex, she is totally different person comparing to Alex. Selena is sweetest person and taking her break time to talk and hang out with her family, friends and of course fans.

    Yes, I agree with Daisy what she said about her comment.

    Selena REALLY doesn’t deserve the hate.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    thats so cute form her :)…she´s a very good girl! <3

  • Aylin

    selena has such a great heart

  • Carol

    I love Selena : )

  • mochi

    SELENA IS AMAZING!!! she does have a huge heart, and she also doesn’t deserve the hate! why hate a person when they’re doing something inspiring. Well i guess Selena can’t please everyone and im guessing she knows that and that she doesn’t focus on haters she focuses on something more important that that. thats what makes Selena a great ROLE MODEL/ HERO! ;)

  • angelie

    She is really charitable… Selena does have big heart and I love the fact that she took care of those who need help. She using her fame to influence people is what more celebrities should be doing. She’s a great down to earth person. Overall, she’s just awesome. I love her.

  • rachel

    selena is amazingg!! she is amazing with everyone, probably selena is the best role model someone could have!! i dotn knwo why people hate her so much, even is they dont know here.. she is the best and will always be the best!! love u selena

  • anonymousk

    Selena, is taking time out of her busy life, to help those that can’t help themselves. She has always been the sweetest person, you could ever want to know.
    The hate will be there because some don’t know any other way. The fans are what keep Selena going though.

    Anyone, who can not see that Selena is honest and caring is blinded by whatever they hold against her, for what ever reason.
    As a fan, I am soooo proud of all that she does.

    People have said they see Selena as Alex, when you think about it though, Alex is the chance for Selena to be that snarky teen with angst and selfishness. This allows her the best of both worlds. In real life Selena is the girl that Alex becomes, when she realizes that she messed up. She is the girl with the heart of gold that made so many tear up in the movie.

    I cannot love this girl more for what she does for so many everyday, Respect, love and admiration for such an amazing role model, that inspires so many. Selena Gomez is Inspiration personified.

  • franzi

    everyone should have a big heart like her (:
    shes great !

  • Vhudsupporter

    I can’t believe people hate on her for doing this! How the hell can people think that shes a brat ! She is so humble! I really don’t get some people! Jeez it pisses me of! She is helping others for crying out loud! How can you hate a person for doing that!?

  • leah
  • Vhudsupporter

    How is she fake? Just asking?

  • Vhudsupporter

    How is she fake? I’m just asking… I don’t think there is anything fake about her at all..

  • Jade( :

    jade above how cud dat be fake?? Please explain becuz she is helpin people nd makin a difference to them people unlike others. Nd too the haters how can you hate her wen you dnt even no her, grow up like. No one relly cares if you hate her and they put pictures on so we can look nd ecourage dem bt ino you have ur own opinion bt if you havnt nothing nice too say dnt say nd stop wastin ur tym. Like how stupid is that wastn it life sayn u hate some one that u dnt even no. I bet if have of u did u wud it wd change the way you think abt her.

  • mathild


  • mary

    @sarah: how the hell is she a brat???????? you’re a brat for calling someone that, who you DON’T EVEN KNOW.

  • Phoenix

    @jade gosh!! how do you know if she’s a fake?? you barely know the person,, you only know her because she’s an actress!! gosh i can’t believe you people,, one’s saying she hate Selena and she loves Miley forever, what’s wrong with you?! they are TWO DIFFERENT persons!! so you can’t stand seeing celebrities that supports charity or do something good for other people, we wouldn’t know if it’s just for publicity or something, the important thing is the fact that they are really helping many people and maybe, just maybe some fans would also want to follow what their “idols” do and help other people too.. that’s what you call “INSPIRING OTHER PEOPLE!!” do the math people!! gosh, you are so immature!!

  • lalle

    i’m not hate selena for that but for other things…i don’t know why but she irrity me…

  • Vhudsupporter

    @mathild: I agree!

  • Christian

    @nico and what Charity Work have you done?

  • Jade( :

    @mathild:i was stickn up for her nd no is perfect bt she is a great role model. Go selena ( :

  • happyface13

    i think shes the greastest and she is awsome its so great that some people really think shes great and nice cause she is and all yall haters just mind your own buisness if yall hate her so much then like i dont remember who said this but just dont post or look at her pics k

  • mary

    It’s funny that people are willing to write hateful comments about celebrities, but would you do it about regular people that you know? Celebs are real people too so gossiping and insulting them here is just as bad as gossiping about or insulting someone you know. I think it can be tempting to write mean comments about celebs because we are jealous of their fame and attention and we don’t think they will ever see these comments anyway, and also because it’s fun to make fans of that celeb angry. That’s not what the comments space is intended for, though so how about we just reserve this space for positive comments only.
    It’s great that people like Selena are willing to travel to other countries and help out those who are less fortunate.

  • Anonymous

    i love selena!!!!!!(:(:(:(:

  • kris

    guys help us make #ProudOfSelenaG a trend topic!

    and follow me

  • Stupid haters

    hey, 2 the haters keep ur comments to urself and no hurting people so shut up ur big mouth! Selena is doing a really good job! she’s a really good role model!

  • Jon

    @sarah: DUMBASS ALERT!

  • kc

    SHE SO AMAZING! Nothing like that famewh*ore Demi Lovato

  • Patty

    WOw, she’s seriously becoming a A-list celeb. I almost respect her as much as Angelina Jolie now. She s has now set herself apart from the other young and useless Disney starlets.

  • Sony

    You people are just despicable! You criticize this girl for doing wonderful charity work while Miley is busy flaunting her “ass”ets and Demi Lovato is hungry for fame??? Mindless cold-hearted dumbasses

>>>>>>> staging1