Emma Watson & Jay Barrymore: Brown Buddies

Emma Watson & Jay Barrymore: Brown Buddies

New Brown University student Emma Watson and her boyfriend Jay Barrymore chill out on the steps at the Ivy League college on Friday afternoon (September 4) in Providence, Rhode Island.

The 19-year-old British actress was seen out and about during the day, going through the obligatory freshman orientation before hanging out with her family around the capital city.

Emma recently dished to Teen Vogue on what she would like her college experience to be like. She shared, “I really want anonymity. I want to do [the college experience] properly, like everyone else. As long as I don’t walk in and see, like, Harry Potter posters everywhere, I’ll be fine.”

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  • http://www.fotolog.com.br/tres_estrelas Camiila

    Why is she going to Brown?
    She has money to go Harvard or Yale.

  • http://twitter.com/lizzziee liz

    I’m happy that she likes it.
    the paparazzi should leave her alone :/

    Brown is an ivy league school too. just because you hear harvard & yale more often doesn’t mean that it’s the best school for everyone.

  • saudia

    Love Emma.. she looks great, even casual

  • Kim

    They look so cute! She seems so happy. Brown is very laid back so it’s a good fit for her.

  • Jayckson Lucy

    She looks great. But, honestly, I just dont know what she sees in that Jay Barrymore. But well, it´s non of my business, and if she´s happy, i´m too. I wish her a very good and nice time there! You´re awesome, Emma!

  • Kim

    He must have a really great…personality! She seems happy with him so that’s what counts.

  • Sarah

    Is that her boyfriend?! You’re kiddin’ me right..
    No offence or anything but he’s ugly..
    Ah well, if she’s happy with him

  • me

    They’re so CUTE together!!!
    Does anyone else think he looks like Tom Felton? :D

  • me

    I think her BF is HAWT!

  • Lilly

    NO WAY. He doesnt look like Tom.
    That Jay is the ugliest person I’ve ever seen.
    I really dont know what Emma sees in him too!

  • demii

    OMG these guys are so dry ass they don’t look good together and he is 2 ugly for her she can do way better he is like a trap and by the looks of it she is starting to turn into one 2 like grow a back bone she is 2 smart for him and she needs to find her self a nice guy who can look after them selves xx sorry Emma take this as a complement please and please please please take my advice :) you are really pretty but not with him he is changing you x :/

  • laurenxo

    eww that guy looks like his parents were brother and sister

  • mia

    maybe fate will bring emma watson and joe jonas together lol. i love to see them together, just to see what it would be like. the smart pretty british actress with the handsome funny american pop/rock star

  • G.G.

    its good that shes going to brown! she will do fine!

  • cc27

    UGH.. that bf of her is ew.. he is 29 or 30+ yrs old. anyone knew that? lol !

  • hititquitit

    wow uh i really never liked her boyfriend he just isn’t all that…but who knows maybe he’s an amazing person….
    but i’m glad she’s having fun and such

  • Kayla

    She so does not look happy with him

    he is all smiles and she is not..
    she can find someone better then that…

  • gold baybay


    What’s wrong with Brown? It’s an Ivy League as well… She wants to go to Brown so she’s going there, Get your head out of your a**, Havard or Yale aren’t the best choices for everyone.

  • lovesgosling182

    @Camiila: Maybe she wasn’t good enough. Even though there both ivy league, Yale and Harvard are two of the best schools in the world. But what’s wrong with Brown???? It’s still an amazing school I’ll probably never get into lol.

  • lovesgosling182

    @me: That’s what i said!!!!! He does look like Tom!!!!! Great minds think alike LOL!!!!!!! I agree he is hot.

  • Leah


    He’s 26.


    Umm, seeing as she got straight As and A*s, I bet she could have gotten into Harvard or Yale if she wanted.


    NO! Ok, I see the similarity, but I don’t think he looks LIKE him.

  • me


    They have very similar facial features. When I first saw a pic of Jay Barrymore (love his name)….I thought he might be one of Tom’s older brothers, but I guess not. He also kind of looks like Prince William in some of his pictures. They still make a cute couple. She doesn’t have to date a supermodel just because she’s famous. ;)

  • me


    And I also agree about the Harvard, Yale comment. Emma actually DID tour those campuses too and I’m pretty sure she got accepted into more than one Ivy League school. She just chose Brown. I think Brown is the perfect fit for her. It’s a small campus and it’s in New England so she has a better chance of her having her normal college experience there than she would if she went to Harvard or Yale.

  • Jane

    Gah, I honestly do not care what Jay looks like, but what really concerns me is 1) he is nearly 30 years old and Emma’s only 19 and 2) he NEVER seems to be working, he’s ALWAYS with Emma (he was even watching Emma do HBP interviews….can we have a little separation guys?)…I mean, sure, he may be vacationing right now, but who has time to fly all the way from London to RI and just hang out with your girlfriend? In the NYC HBP press conference Emma said she was dating her stalker, and now I see why, lol. He just creeps me out and I really feel like he’s just with her for her money. I may be totally grasping at jaws, but from a distance that’s surely what it looks like…plus, like someone said, he always looks So happy, but Emma just looks kinda sad, unhappy, never smiling. She’s rarely like that when she’s with Dan Rad and Rupert….hopefully this Jay guy will back off a little and Emma will have the space she wanted in coming to the states and, you know, maybe strike up a romance with Dan Rad, who coincidentally has an apartment in NYC….:D. Dan Rad + Emma=Love. I know it!

  • http://www.yahoo.com aspha

    She is admirable. Rare to a famous celebrity like her giving importance to an education despite of the height of her career. Giving priority to go to college is something that she will treasure for the rest of her life. Humble girl, despite of fame & intelligence she remains & prefer to be in Ivy League.

    Education is a privilege. Its not the school that brings you to fame nor be a certified or a dignified person. But its how you learned & earned your education and apply and rule yourself with confidence, knowledge & wisdom. She is so lucky. And very determined enough to have a degree in her hands.

  • Sassy

    Brown is actually Ivy League. And it’s private and i heard that Brown is happiest school in the world.
    And Brown’s students are vary fashionable

  • Angela

    Emma looks better with Dan… don’t hate me. :)

  • gabby


    Actually he’s about 26 or 27 years old. I think it makes perfect sense for Emma to date an older guy. She’s pretty mature for her age. DanRad has said he likes to date older women too. The HP actors had to grow up pretty fast because they had full time jobs when they only 9 and 10 years old so they had to be really responsible. And Emma is too intelligent to care about looks. I think he’s very cute!

  • gabby


    They’re just friends. Considering the guys she dated in the past…I don’t think Dan is her type.

  • http://twitter.com/luckydii Diana

    hooray for emma !!!

  • Jane

    @Angela: I totally agree! She and Dan look AMAZING together even though she’s taller…there’s just something about them “together” that’s just right….to be honest, I really think they could end up together after HP filming.
    @gabby: Why do you say Dan’s not her type? I’ve known her with Tom Ducker and Jay (both of which don’t look like Dan), but we have no idea what their personalities are like do we? I’ve just known that Emma loves someone who can make her laugh, and she’s said that Dan is definitely the stand-up comedian type, one to make you laugh…also, Emma’s called Dan gorgeous (dreamier than Ed Cullen, ;) ), so she obviously doesn’t think he’s not good-looking (though I don’t think someone’s looks should determine if you want to date them necessarily). What were you talking about I guess is what I’m asking? Lol. :D
    Like Angela said, don’t hate, but I still am in love with the idea of “demma”….it’s gonna happen, mark my word!

  • g

    @Jayckson Lucy: shes so hot,and she going with that nerd.!!!


    In one word she is “Awesome”.I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world,because my mom ranked first and she beat her..may be i’ll suit for u better than jay barrymore.I know ur a good girl.I know u act with a limit even if u act hottt…please save my promises to my friends which i had done….bye…see uuu….sweet dreams…………..

  • stef

    hes like the ugly version of tom imo