Kellan Lutz is North Hollywood Hot

Kellan Lutz is North Hollywood Hot

Kellan Lutz cools off by shedding his shirt as he pokes his head out of his home in North Hollywood on a hot Saturday afternoon (September 5).

In the same city, Kellan‘s BFF costar Ashley Greene was seen picking up a cold Jamba Juice smoothie while chatting on her cell phone this afternoon (September 7).

The duo look to be having a great Labor Day weekend. Ash and Kellan should be heading back to Vancouver soon to continue filming on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with the rest of the cast.

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  • jean

    don’t get me wrong, ashley greene is still thin and healthy, but it looks like she put on a bit of weight since the last movie. just saying.

  • daniel


  • nathalia

    ashley is soooooooo pretty and omg kellan is really HOT haha (:

  • Lawrence

    I wouldn’t mind giving Kellan’s chest the benefit of my tongue*lol*.

  • Mrs. Emmett Cullen

    Kellan is hot!!! He can come over to my place anyday when my parents are out…I’ll give him room if your getting what Im saying! LMFAO!

  • Ashlyn

    She’s gorgeous. Anyone know What all those things on her arm are??

  • difi

    i guess its bruises from all the fight scenes they’ve been doin for eclipse…

  • ooi

    these things in ashley’s arm are bruises ! that’s because of eclipse

  • Leah

    Ugh. Would you stop calling people “BFF”s when they’re obviously not?

  • Mellahh

    BFF means Best friends forever.. not Boyfriend…
    and so what about her weight? she is healthy and kicking ass!
    i <3 them both!

  • Mariana

    Dirty, really dirt thoughts about Kellan

  • Korrah

    What’s wrong with her skin?! She’s got bruises on her arms and legs. And in the picture when she’s sitting down you can see like indent/hole like things on her legs!

  • amy

    He never has clothes on, seriously!?! Tthe only two people i like from the whole twilight thing! :)

  • diana

    ashley has bruises on her arms because the cast has been “fight training” for eclipse.

  • ashley

    @Korrah on her arms are bruises from the eclipse workouts and the indents on her legs look like chicken pox scars to me

    oh & kellan is a gorgeous man&ashley is sooo prettty!

  • nm

    Kellan is hot.

    Ashley has bruises on her arm…

  • Jess

    aahaha Kellaaaaan

  • chantel


    id say that would have something to do with her and the rest of the eclipse putting on weight and muscle for the fighting scenes in the movie! =)