V Factory Get Up at Six Flags

V Factory Get Up at Six Flags

V Factory shows off their signature moves as they perform their new single, “Get Up,” at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Calif., on Saturday afternoon (September 5).

The quintet featuring Asher Book, Jared Murillo, Wesley Quinn, Nicky T and Nathaniel Flatt were there to promote Asher‘s new flick, Fame and to take part in the Claim Your Fame National Talent Search.

Stunning the crowd and judges with their rendition of “Out Here On My Own” from the movie, singing duo Craig Lewis, who won at Six Flags Over Georgia, claimed victory as they were crowned the FAME National Talent Search winners!

Fame, starring Asher, Kay Panabaker, Paul McGill, Walter Perez, Naturi Naughton, Kristy Flores, Kherington Payne, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle and Paul Iacono, hits theaters on September 25!

V Factory – Get Up

V Factory – Love Struck

V Factory – “Fade”

V Factory – “Lights, Camera, Action”

“Fame” Cast
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  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw..Jared sings the chorus to ‘Get Up’. He’s such a cutie !!! …OMG, Nathaniel shaved his head !? …Why…? He was sexy with his hair. ..Oh well, he’s still sexy. :D

  • Emily

    Six Flags isn’t in Anaheim, Jared.

  • joey

    asher <3…..i love him, he should go solo. this bands weighing him down. go asher!

  • shani

    they are the best! like seriously
    i love Get Up and like all of their songs. lets just say im a huge fan! especially a HUGE fan of asher . haha.

  • laura

    Six Flags’ is in VALENCIA, CA not Anaheim :) Disneyland is in Anaheim haha

  • ashley

    thank you jareddd= )..i love love love v factorrry<333

  • Carrie

    So cool!!! I love them!!

  • Carrie

    I keep playing this song over and over!

  • Taylar

    OMG. they are all so hott!



  • mimi

    I love VFactory I wish i was there..

  • http://www.alisonsyoung.com ally

    fantastic show!

  • stacee

    dont get it. dont know why they keep saying boyband when guys in group are like 28, 29 – makes no sence plus all I see is them promoting asher

  • makaiomadness

    well everyone else calls them a boyband, they are a manband ha and wesley is a teenager so they aren’t 28-29. more like 19-w.e ha. I love this show I love these boys! asher is in a movie and while he’s promoting that he ALWAYS mentions vf so its not just him that’s being promoted if so vf wouldn’t even be teaming up with fame. haha.

  • lissa

    agree. I DONT like them at all. I prefer WOW or Jonas

  • http://twitter.com/babyz Amber

    I was there. I was the loudest girl there. lol REAL TALK
    Asher sang to me when he sang “Fade” at 1:18.
    And in Love Struck When Nathaniel said he liked my shirt :)

  • justdance91

    i was there i love kristy i saw her and asher and collins at the kiis fm listening party i cant wait to see it!!!

  • niki

    I love them!!!!

  • cierra

    Actually they aren’t 28-29! Only Nathaniel is that old.

    Jared’s 21, his birthday is August 6th, 1988.
    Asher’s 21 also, his birthday is September 18th, 1988.
    Wesley’s 19, his birthday is January 16th, 1990.
    Nicky’s 26, his birthday is July 22nd, 1983.
    Nathaniel’s 28, his birthday is September 18th, 1981.

    But i agree, they’re an AMAZING band.
    i love Asher,<3
    But yeah, they’re a great band and should stick with what they do! <3 :D

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